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On a High, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

On a High

A travel blog entry by byrnedm

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· Lauterbrunnen, Jungfrau, Switzerland · GMT +1:00 hour Anyone who has not seen the scenery which surrounds Interlaken does not know Switzerland - Felix Mendelssohn Efficiency Personified So we headed, bags on back, to Bern train station where ...

Birthday Special, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Birthday Special

A travel blog entry by peteandmandy

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... . Mandy had done this same ride back in 1996 when she did a Contiki tour of Europe. Our trip started from Lauterbrunnen station and started climbing steeply straight away up the sides of the valley walls through tunnels zigzagging past Wengen and stopping ...

Too much of a good thing, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Too much of a good thing

A travel blog entry by scootergal

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... public transport as long as they are traveling with you. This includes the Jungfraubahn. We rocked up to the Jungfraubahn at Lauterbrunnen station and were pleasantly surprised that the BOSS's travel card allowed her to go free of charge and that my ...

I have died and gone to heaven, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

I have died and gone to heaven

A travel blog entry by scootergal

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So not only have I finally picked up the scooter - I have ridden into some of the most spectacular countryside on this earth. Outback Australia is very cool - and Lauterbrunnen could not be more of a contrast - and I LOVE them both ...

Dear Mum... my new address is..., Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Dear Mum... my new address is...

A travel blog entry by scootergal

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... well sign posted, well maintained, with good crash barriers and good surfaces. Grindelwald is much bigger and far more touristy than Lauterbrunnen so we drove straight through it and up the mountain to see how far we could get. About 20kms up the valley ...

Switzing It Up, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Switzing It Up

A travel blog entry by mallorybecker

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... I heard the music of waterfalls and cow/sheep bells.  The area has 72 waterfalls.  After coming back to Lauterbrunnen, I visited the Staubbachfall, which is the largest freefalling waterfall in Europe and it inspired a famous poem by ...

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, Lauterbrunnen, Schweiz travel blog

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

A travel blog entry by kaylatravels


As we embarked on a 9 hour journey towards the snowy peaks of Switzerland, we were introduced to something more commonly known as "the wake up song" on the these tours. So as we travel around on the bus all day, there is a requirement for a 15 minute stop ...

Skys the limit, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Skys the limit

A travel blog entry by ashnbrieurope


... airports and the famous Sherlock holmes waterfall (massive castle not included) and then wound our way to a sleepy little town called Lauterbrunnen. The bus pulls up and we go to check in and at check in they dish out complimentary Swiss chocolates to ...

Schilthorn and North face walk, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Schilthorn and North face walk

A travel blog entry by megs-anoop


We woke up and looked out the window to see fog and clouds which were starting to clear up. We knew the weather was supposed to be alright for the day, but Anoop checked with the lady at the campsite just to be sure. She said that it was clear above 2000 ...

Trümmelbach Falls, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Trümmelbach Falls

A travel blog entry by sharon1306


... . We spend most of the remaining day exploring Lauterbrunnen and then head back to Interlaken for dinner and some more shopping. Lauterbrunnen Coming up: 14. Jungfrau - the top of Europe 15. Venice - water, water everywhere and not a drop to ...

Mannlichen and First, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Mannlichen and First

A travel blog entry by megs-anoop


... Grindelwald, picked up a few groceries, and then caught the train down the valley and then up the other valley to Lauterbrunnen. Anoop checked with both train stations, but unfortunately no one had found his sunglasses. Regardless, we had an incredible ...

Peas please., Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Peas please.

A travel blog entry by joeljenaturner

... right up and up to the very summit of Mt. Blanc, it is an epic snow covered mountain which divides France, Italy and Switzerland. An outstanding opportunity by Jena's parent that we would never have been able to do on our own. We spent the majority of ...

Day 15 - Down the Jungfrau, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Day 15 - Down the Jungfrau

A travel blog entry by stevenordmark


... and at what you don't know.   I came upon a yellow road sign on the path. In one direction, straight ahead, was Lauterbrunnen.In another direction, if I took a right, was Lauterbrunnen. I remembered that I had the map of the hiking paths in my ...

Lauterbrennen Hostel, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Lauterbrennen Hostel

A travel blog entry by aabr

We had an awesome Swiss dinner at the Oberland hotel - cheese fondue and the swiss dish "Rotsi"(sp?). I should mention that Anne spent months looking for places to stay, etc. We wanted to stay on Gimmelwald (not Grindelwald) but it was booked. ...

Switzerland, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by cora_explorer


... train reveals an even more stunning local. Today I took the train to the town of Grindelwald, while larger than Lauterbrunnen, and full of shops both tourists and expensive boutiques Grindelwald still retains every bit of Swiss charm. From there I ...

Lauterbrunnen, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by lnlineurope


This place was awesome!! Smack bang in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Our hostel room was little wooden cottage, and the view all around was just of mountains. The one directly infront had snow on top. The one to the right had a waterfall that you could ...

Let the Adrenalin flow, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Let the Adrenalin flow

A travel blog entry by lashez


... 10 people on the bus. This was strange to us, all the buses we have been on so far have been full. We arrived into Lauterbrunnen about 1 hour later and this place is just so beautiful. We weren't staying at the campsite and I'm kinda glad. As there was 5 ...

Lauterbrunnen, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by laine


... had fallen in love. After chilling out for a bit we got a combined ticket and got a few gondolas and trains around the Lauterbrunnen area. It was a great day in beautiful surroundings, there was a chill in the air but the sun was shinning and the birds ...

Snow time in Switzerland!, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Snow time in Switzerland!

A travel blog entry by hannah_jane


Welcome to the beautiful Switzerland! Before making our way to Lauterbrunnen, our coach stopped in Lichtenstein and Lucern so we could have a bit of a look around. Lichtenstein is actually counted as its own country with its own flag run by a prince much ...

Not Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Not Interlaken

A travel blog entry by tidolu14


... made my decision.  Turns out my somewhat random choice was a good one, putting me in one of the most beautiful areas in Switzerland, according to some.  Not that I have much to compare it to, but I wouldn’t argue with that.  Pictures ...

Day trip to Lucerne, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Day trip to Lucerne

A travel blog entry by moneyb03


... we had to pay for an ok meal at a little snack/restaurant kind of place.  Things were a little cloudy and misty back in Lauterbrunnen. I would have to get up bright and early tomorrow to see if we can make the trip up to the top.  Hopefully we ...

Swiss Water Week, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Swiss Water Week

A travel blog entry by kevandhazel


... we wanted to see some mountains and waterfalls. First stop was Lauterbrunnen which is half an hour away from better-known Interlaken. Lauterbrunnen calls itself valley of the 72 waterfalls. However either we didn’t find all of them, they were turned ...

Payback for all the good weather we've had!, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Payback for all the good weather we've had!

A travel blog entry by kombipower


Floods, raging rivers, landslides, power outages, road closures. Welcome to ...

More stunning views of the Swiss Alps, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

More stunning views of the Swiss Alps

A travel blog entry by middlemoss


Today: Ride gondola to top of Schilthorn 3000m. Sunny, clear day - no clouds - very lucky to get such amazing 360 views. Afternoon Brooke and kids hiked up to playground and took funicular back to Murren Jim went for run down past Winteregg. Walked to ...

Mountain Biking, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Mountain Biking

A travel blog entry by jcharwell


Pics ...

Well as you might have guessed weve gotten ..., Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Well as you might have guessed weve gotten ...

A travel blog entry by erinreine


... to say about that part. The drive was gorgeous though. Swizterland is just so picturesque, it's almost unreal. WE didn't arrive at Lauterbrunnen (a dinky little village) until evening, so all we really had time to do was, well of course DRINK! It was ...

Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

A travel blog entry by thekellers


... that perfectly matched or even exceeded the surreal image that previously only existed in our heads. We said goodbye to Lauterbrunnen and took another train ride through the Alps and spent our last 2 remaining days in the French speaking cities ...

Shaken not Stirred at Schilthorn!, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Shaken not Stirred at Schilthorn!

A travel blog entry by signsoflife


We have just come back down to earth after a fantastic trip in a cable car to the 10,000ft summit of the Schilthorn, which was the film location for the James Bond film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service. The weather was perfect, after days and days of ...

Swiss alps, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Swiss alps

A travel blog entry by djmitchos


Before we arrived in the alps we made a city stop in Lucern, it was a cute little city and I made a long awaited purchase of a Swiss Army knife!! Had a $25 plate of rice and took a photo of the famous wooden bridge then we headed to Jungfrau Mountain- ...

Messages greatly received ...., Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Messages greatly received ....

A travel blog entry by signsoflife

We only have about 5 weeks now until we return to the UK (although we won't be returning to Kendal straight away) and we've had well over 1,000 visitors to our little blog since we left home. Now, we know Rob has a huge fan club (is that a trumpet I can ...

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