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Chocolate, Knives and Watches, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Chocolate, Knives and Watches

A travel blog entry by susan_g

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... of the less stereotypical Switzerland, whilst it still possesses a few good reminders that you are actually in Switzerland!  In Basel there's a plethora of watch shops, chocolate shops, some spectacular architecture, plenty of museums and a lovely ...

The city with drinkable fountains, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

The city with drinkable fountains

A travel blog entry by amullett

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... said goodbye and she took the train back to the town where she is doing an exchange year in school. The town centre of Basel isn't really that interesting except for quirks. There are a hell of a lot of water fountains that you can actually drink ...

Operation tycoon well everyone told me ..., Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Operation tycoon well everyone told me ...

A travel blog entry by endeuro2000

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... going to be in Basel beyond lunch time. Tim quietly suggested that I try The United bank of Switzerland across the road because their head office was in Basel and if someone needed to get someone to get permission from someone, that someone would be more ...

My first white Christmas, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

My first white Christmas

A travel blog entry by jlwallace8140


... " but Laura and I had a blast and before we knew it we were boarding our plane and taking off for Switzerland.  En Route to Basel I frantically realized I didn't know what language they spoke in Switzerland, so after asking Laura, we decided they ...

Basking in the Basel Sun, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Basking in the Basel Sun

A travel blog entry by janelle-daniel


... , some hills and some blonde swedish girls. There wern't many hills in Basel and swedish girls are in Sweden but hey, we're in Switzerland right. Nestled on the border of France and Germany (meters away) is the quant country town of Basel. We stayed in a ...

Lets go to Switzerland and have some McDonalds, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Lets go to Switzerland and have some McDonalds

A travel blog entry by baggagewhores


Nothing much to say, really. Went to Switzerland for half an hour, had some McDonalds. They have shrimp things. I'ts ...

Gargoyle - ing in Munster, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Gargoyle - ing in Munster

A travel blog entry by ontheroa


... Munster towers (there were origianally 5) and take in the view of the tri-nation geographical meeting spot of Switzerland, Germany and France. The emblem of Basel (which is to be seen all over the city on medieval buildings, monuments and fountains) is ...

Volviendo a cambiar de tren, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Volviendo a cambiar de tren

A travel blog entry by k0k0m0

20.45 llegué a Basel y bajé del tren, pasé por el baño a higienizarme un poco y al rato abordé nuevamente el tren con destino Cologne. Seguimos nuestro día ...

Oh oh *nervös*, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Oh oh *nervös*

A travel blog entry by annatom


Verdammt, i eim Monet geits los!!! ...

Strasbourg, Basel and Mulhouse, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Strasbourg, Basel and Mulhouse

A travel blog entry by thesaxman

... French accent). It was a rewarding run, it it blew my mind to think that just hours ago we were in Turkey and Switzerland respectively, and that tomorrow we'd be driving around Germany. Ryan, Catie and I hung out at a fairly nondescript eatery in the ...

Act One, Scene One, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Act One, Scene One

A travel blog entry by roman.w


... zackig gange, niene astoh - nur iversüchtigi Blick vo allne wo gläse hend dasi 10 wuche uf California gang. Byebye Switzerland California Blog Rule #1 Always use a good song as title. (Quote: GLSL) Feel free to listen to it while reading the ...

The Swiss Museum for Paper, Writing and Printing, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

The Swiss Museum for Paper, Writing and Printing

A travel blog entry by staringbongos


There were so many choices for what to do today but the thing with the best reviews, surprisingly, was a paper museum in Basel Switzerland. So, we decided to head down. The drive should have taken a little over an hour but, near the Swiss border we got ...

Basel another gem, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Basel another gem

A travel blog entry by kescott


... which has some great historical pieces and a few good modern pieces and at 15 CHF is the cheapest I've come across in Switzerland.  I don't make it to it's sister gallery Genwartskunst instead deciding to wander the streets to see the city a bit ...

All Around Switzerland, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

All Around Switzerland

A travel blog entry by cullism


... on it, thus bringing Basel's river trade to a grinding halt. A short walk took us to a promontory where the borders of Switzerland, France and Germany met. We wouldn't have known had it not been for a large and not terribly attractive sculpture emblazoned ...

The Swiss pimp, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

The Swiss pimp

A travel blog entry by tyler.erker

So today we arrived in lausen Switzerland via night train from Rome. Yesterday we spent all day touring Rome. Seen vatician and the big p, Sistine chapple and all the other famous sights in Rome. It took all day and the weather was very hot, about 30 or ...

Swiss Family Planta, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Swiss Family Planta

A travel blog entry by joseph_hillier

Good friends and good ...

Notes at the End, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Notes at the End

A travel blog entry by gapostol


Dear friends, thank you all for the support you've offered us throughout this trip. We don't know what we would have done without your support, even if only moral at times. Getting your encouragements, news and gossips from back home(s) were a tremendous ...

Arriving in Basel, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Arriving in Basel

A travel blog entry by peteandbevtour


... and into the suburb Richard lived. Snoopy took us straight to Ricahrd's post code. Only for us to discover that postcodes in Switzerland cover several streets. Unlike London where it's a few houses on one street, it's more like several streets in one ...

SWEET-zerland, Basel, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by sashadasha


... We have seen people paying with coins only for a full cart of groceries! Definitely different The other difference between Switzerland and nearby Germany was cleanliness and lack of bums on street. Cleaning crews were deployed at the entertainment ...

VISITING WITH FRIENDS, Sissach, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jjndotr


... Now we rest up for the next adventure.  We will spend the weekend at a friend's house in the French speaking part of Switzerland.  More next week.  In the mean time we hope you will enjoy the following pictures/videos of Nelly's friends and ...

Was fuer ein Zufall! (What are the odds?), Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Was fuer ein Zufall! (What are the odds?)

A travel blog entry by d.matheusik


... was indeed unlike anything I had ever witnessed before. A small group of about 20 people crammed into a storage room in the Basel Theater, from which even smaller groups of about four people were extracted. In these small groups, we were taken throughout ...

First official day in Basel., Basel, Switzerland travel blog

First official day in Basel.

A travel blog entry by timbertime


Hello from Basel! Basel is a very small city in definitely has character.. You can take a ride through the city on its vintage street car... it looks like a trolly. This city was settled by the Celts... but it also attracted the Germans. ...

Leaving Berlin... heading to Switzerland., Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Leaving Berlin... heading to Switzerland.

A travel blog entry by timbertime

... might pass on the pub crawl. When returning home that evening.. we had to pack our bags and only had 2 hrs of sleep. Our flight for Basel left at 6am. This was sooo rough... i feel like we are either on a plane.. a bus.. a tram.. a subway.. its ...

We know where all the WCs are in Basel!, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

We know where all the WCs are in Basel!

A travel blog entry by karin.histon


... Basel where Talia was in her happy place being able to play cards with Gabriel.  Then we took a tram, - getting out of the Basel train station you are met with completely organized chaos as you walk over a myriad of tram tracks to get to the tram you ...

Thrash that Eurail, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Thrash that Eurail

A travel blog entry by jbaxter


... south-west corner of Germany, we had to travel through Paris and then could have either gone through Frankfurt, Strasbourg or Basel in Switzerland. So we decided to go through Basel and kick around there for a little while, which we actually didn´t end ...

Arrived in Switzerland!, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Arrived in Switzerland!

A travel blog entry by heatherabroad


... but hey we got almost a full ride in first class for free!  Scott and I finally made it to Basel and met up with Anna and Taylor :) Switzerland is crazy : they have 4 national languages (none of which is English) and so no one is really ever ...

Basel, Switzerland yearly celebration, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Basel, Switzerland yearly celebration

A travel blog entry by beckerworldtrip


Yesterday we drove down to Basel, Switzerland for the event of the year. It was the eve of Swiss National Day, sort of like their 4th of July celebration. We had planned to meet a friend of the family's named Joel, with whom we spent a day and a night ...

Durchgebaselt, Basel, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by mart


... fuhren wir zu Jazz nach Basel. Jessica hatte ich ja im Falsti-Waisenheim kennengelernt - ein so geniales Mädel, da musste ich einfach vorbei. Leider hatte sie Stress zu Haus und mit all ihren Projekten, und nach einem kurzen Plausch mit ihrem Vater, ...

Bridges in Basel, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Bridges in Basel

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... up the conversation, they really just want to be understood so make the rock as readable as possible. Apparently everyone in Switzerland owns a gun, or at least the conservatives do. As part of their service, similar to many European countries, men are ...

All My Bags Are Packed, Sissach, Switzerland travel blog

All My Bags Are Packed

A travel blog entry by insaner


... upload some pictures. As you see, I was lucky enough to visit a game of the Euro 2008. The Netherlands played Russia at Basel's St. Jakob's Park. Good game, we were all cheering for the Dutch. The Atmosphere was great, the crowd was astonishing and with ...

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