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Resan börjar nu!, Norrtälje, Sweden travel blog

Resan börjar nu!

A travel blog entry by rohdin


Nu är det nära! Vi har just börjat packa inför resan imorgon och jag känner nog av lite resfeber i alla fall. Charlotta är bara förväntansfull och Jakob verkar inte känna något, han håller masken i sådana fall. Det blir inga bilder ännu, ...

Nu är resan slut!, Norrtälje, Sweden travel blog

Nu är resan slut!

A travel blog entry by rohdin


Så är vi tillbaka i Sverige igen, det känns skönt. Jag är glad att vi har gjort den här resan och att den varade inte bara en eller två utan hela sex veckor. Vi landade på Arlanda klockan 07.45 och blev hämtade utav svärmor. Även hon måste ...

New Swedish Baby Traditions, Karlösa, Sweden travel blog

New Swedish Baby Traditions

A travel blog entry by krosell


... he had said. He was funny and starting grilling me about my intentions and how I was doing with Swedish and if I would stay in Sweden or go back. He never really admitted to what he had said the previous night, but he knew exactly what I was asking. ...

Nenninge, Stockholm/Norrtälje, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by anitah


Hej familj, släkt och vänner, här kan ni fortsättningsvis följa oss på vår jordenruntresa. I denna travelpod kommer vi att tanka ner bilder och skriva några rader, så att vi själva minns vad vi gjort, när vi kommer hem i december och ...

Bad Weather Brought Luck, Själbottna, Sweden travel blog

Bad Weather Brought Luck

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10


One of the challenges of cruising is in working out quite when to leave a destination in order to be somewhere else by a given date. In this case, we need to be in or around Travemünde in Germany by 15th August, when our friend Helen Banks joins us for ...

And then the sun shone, Furusund, Sweden travel blog

And then the sun shone

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10


... with a glass full of ice, well it was Sunday after all. Actually, no it was Monday but who cares? As we’re in Sweden, I now have my dongle back, so internet access is less of a problem and I downloaded part 2 of ‘Wallander’ which we can ...

Back to Sweden, Fejan, Sweden travel blog

Back to Sweden

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10


... sky, saw an eagle flying over and a family of Mute Swans nearby, in short a lovely spot and a nice welcome back to Sweden. We’d really liked our interlude in the Åland islands and the Finnish Archipelago, we left knowing that we would be coming ...

In search of the golden mushrooms...., Räfsnäs, Sweden travel blog

In search of the golden mushrooms....

A travel blog entry by margogoes


... this clothing but even if it is warm you need to cover your skin because there are many fästings (ticks) in northern Sweden.  We've been vaccinated for tick-borne encephalitis this summer but I've already had one case of borrelia (Lyme disease) and ...

Another morning hike, this time without rain!, Gräddö, Sweden travel blog

Another morning hike, this time without rain!

A travel blog entry by margogoes


On Monday morning the skies were still grey but we decided to brave the elements again, walking the opposite direction towards Gräddö.  Our destination was a visit with Lars' nephew, Leif and his wife Eva.  We enjoyed views of the Baltic Sea ...

Life is good in the archipelago, Norrtalje, Sweden travel blog

Life is good in the archipelago

A travel blog entry by margogoes


... are large, with hilly terrain and covered with vegetation and lovely small red cottages, and a few downright jaw-dropping houses. In Sweden a summer house and a boat sort of come with the territory and if you have them, you share them with friends and ...

Fun with

Fun with "Family Carstelius"

A travel blog entry by margogoes


Sunday afternoon Lotta's sons Martin and Mathias along with their family joined her to celebrate the 93rd birthday of their Farmor Britta.  We were happy to see them before they went off to the birthday party.  Here's a few photos of all of ...

Archipelago Time, Norrtalje, Sweden travel blog

Archipelago Time

A travel blog entry by margogoes

Many people leave for "semester" (vacation to us) for several weeks in July. Lars' sister Lotta began her holiday yesterday so we joined her, and Lennart at her summer home in Räfsnäs. It is about an hours drive north of Stockholm on the Baltic Sea. We ...

Smelly Herring, Räfsnäs, Sweden travel blog

Smelly Herring

A travel blog entry by margogoes


If you have Swedish friends chances are you've heard of Surströmming, A few words from Wikipedia: Surströmming (Swedish "soured (Baltic) herring") is a northern Swedish dish consisting of fermented Baltic herring. Surströmming is sold in cans, which ...

Misty Morning Walk, Norrtalje, Sweden travel blog

Misty Morning Walk

A travel blog entry by margogoes


On Sunday morning we decided to take a walk in the area around Räfsnäs.  It was a bit cloudy and there was a mist in the air but we pulled on our rain jackets and headed out with Lotta and Lennart.  Lars and I have walked in the area before ...

Första dagen i Tokyo, Norrtälje, Sweden travel blog

Första dagen i Tokyo

A travel blog entry by rohdin


Vi tog avsked av Nysättra och sonen klockan 10.30 i torsdags och styrde kosan mot Arlanda. Äntligen var det dags, resan kunde börja. Vi flög till Köpenhamn där vi mellanlandade innan planet styrde vidare mot Tokyo. Eftersom Jörgen flyger så ...

Jun 21, 2012, Rimbo, Sweden travel blog

Jun 21, 2012

A travel blog entry by underthestars


Zoe arrives..., Norrtälje, Sweden travel blog

Zoe arrives...

A travel blog entry by gavjo2010

Oh, how exciting... Zoe arrived in Sweden today and we have not seen her for over 4 years, gosh she's so big and mature now... Looking forward to the weeks ...

Vihoviimeinen yö, Norrtalje, Sweden travel blog

Vihoviimeinen yö

A travel blog entry by miinajasaukki


Oli se hyvä, että edellisellä lautalla pääsi hieman torkkumaan, sillä yöllä ei enää siinä vaiheessa, kun olisimme halunneet, löytynyt majapaikkaa... Yön vietimme autossa sataman jonossa ...

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