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A Swedish wedding, Lund, Sweden travel blog

A Swedish wedding

A travel blog entry by aussierach

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We arrived in Lund the lovely little university town of Lund, in the south of Sweden as part of the Australian contingent to the wedding of Australian born Neil and Swedish Viktoria. Lund is small and very pretty, famous for its university, and for its ...

Burnt Jackets / Mean Soup, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Burnt Jackets / Mean Soup

A travel blog entry by jag

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... in the sun, drinking wine and then set up a fire before cooking a mean vege soup and some severely burnt jacket potatoes. Sweden has been pretty fantastic in terms of accommodation as we have not had to pay for a nights accommodation since leaving Prague ...

Whistful Bridges., Lund, Sweden travel blog

Whistful Bridges.

A travel blog entry by joeljenaturner


... so damn windy! The bridge cross was interesting in that regard. But luckily we didn’t have to go for a swim. Coming into Sweden things began to cheer up and we first noticed how spread out everything was. Practically all of the houses are this rusty ...

En toch ook studeren, Lund, Sweden travel blog

En toch ook studeren

A travel blog entry by jeanineinzweden


Hoewel mijn vorige post verwees naar alle leuke feestjes hier, is de tijd van studeren nu toch ook wel aangebroken. Ik heb besloten te stoppen met het vak over de Vikingen aangezien het niet echt uitdagend was en nu doe ik een ander vak bij dezelfde ...

Lund, Sweden, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Lund, Sweden

A travel blog entry by mxcna78


... to Maria's apartment where she prepared a fantastic meal and then we dozed off fairly early...what a wonderful day! Sunday July 3, 1005 Lund, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark to Berlin, Germany Maria and I woke up a bit past 8:30a.m. Of course I ...

Lund and Ystad, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Lund and Ystad

A travel blog entry by jforrest

Today I went by myself to Ystad, Sweden down on the coast of lower Sweden. It was a nice town full of beautiful yachts and big ships. There was some nice views of the water and I wandered a bit around the old part of town but there really wasnt much to ...

Creepy Fake Town, Jakriborg, Sweden travel blog

Creepy Fake Town

A travel blog entry by followkim


This place was all built, hum, I forget exactly when, but in my lifetime I think, but in the style of a really old town, which makes it feel weird and fake. They even intentionally rubbed some paint off to make it look old. ...

Day one at Luftsfartverket, Sturup, Sweden travel blog

Day one at Luftsfartverket

A travel blog entry by zzmatt


I was very kindly picked up from the Hotel, by a very apologetic Swede, who was embarrassed by the terrible weather that I was seeing. I thought that it was always like this, but didn't dare say a word. We rode out to the airport. I was hoping for a view ...

Nightlife thus far, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Nightlife thus far

A travel blog entry by evanabroad


... parties where we go to their corridors, as mentioned above. This past weekend we went to Malmo which is the 3rd largest city in Sweden (gasp in awe) and just a few minutes away. One of our mentors recently moved there so we went to her apartment and ...

About life in Lund Sweden, Lund, Sweden travel blog

About life in Lund Sweden

A travel blog entry by evanabroad


Lund Sweden, my temporary new home. It's a home filled with blondes who through some genetic phenomenon are too attractive, too physically fit, and are too fashionable. I've been here for a few weeks and have settled in nicely. I am living in a ...

La La Lund, Lund, Sweden travel blog

La La Lund

A travel blog entry by maia


... , eating and drinking.  The program sounds incredible and it led me to do some research into Master’s programs in Sweden.  The culture of sustainability over here is just so much stronger.  It would be pretty incredible to study this ...

Who knew anywhere could rain as much as the NW, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Who knew anywhere could rain as much as the NW

A travel blog entry by evanabroad


... . I hope another week has treated you all superbly well. On my end its been another rain filled week here in the south of Sweden. But a little rain won't keep us from havin' fun. It was a good week but seemed a little slower pace then usual like everyone ...

Rachael's Home Town, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Rachael's Home Town

A travel blog entry by neason


... apartment but we didn't explore until sunday (started very early cause daylight savings stopped and no one told us!). lund is a little university town in the south of sweden, the uni's about 400 years old so the town is very cute! we walked out to the ...

Parents visit!, Lund, Malmo, Helsinborg and Copenhagen, Sweden travel blog

Parents visit!

A travel blog entry by evanabroad



De eerste dagen, Lund, Sweden travel blog

De eerste dagen

A travel blog entry by jeanineinzweden


... gisteren dacht ik dat vandaag wel rustiger zou worden. We hadden een information meeting & market ergens aan de buitenkant van Lund waar de technische faculteiten zitten. Dus we vertrokken 10 minuten van te voren te voet maar kwamen meer dan een uur ...

Another week under the belt, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Another week under the belt

A travel blog entry by evanabroad


... it was a good way to spend a weekday night. The ride home in the pouring rain was not as good though. Since southern Sweden is really flat and with the high winds the weather changes faster than a schizophrenics personality when they are off their ...

Lund, Lund, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by gavin.porter

A sleepy, laid-back, unversity town with medieval roots. Streets in the centre were largely pedestrianised and cobbled. It felt open and friendly despite a lack of suitable parking. There were many multi-storey parking "houses" but Tallulah was too tall ...

Partyyy, Lund, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by jeanineinzweden


... maar 6 uur per week college heb. Ik ben daarom lid geworden van de "Association of Foreign Affairs" hier in Lund. Hier worden wekelijks heel interessante lezingen georganiseerd (onder andere Zweedse ministers, Kofi Annan, Tariq Ali als sprekers, ...

How Much Did You Pay for College?, Lund, Sweden travel blog

How Much Did You Pay for College?

A travel blog entry by lindseyandpaul


... cost of education back home.  Amazing.  We also walked through a church that was on campus, which is interesting since Sweden in general is a very secular country.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the church has been there ...

Snart resklar, Staffanstorp, Sweden travel blog

Snart resklar

A travel blog entry by mharlenback


Då är väskan packad och klar, fick inte riktigt plats i den första ryggsäcken som jag hittade så bytade upp mig till en landslagsrygga istället, hehe :) om en halvtimme åker jag till Sturup och därefter lyfter planet 13.45... ...

oficially Scandinavia, Lund, Sweden travel blog

oficially Scandinavia

A travel blog entry by kati

Sweden, Lund C there is 20 degrees outside; we left Kopenhavn with its Danemark an hour ago. which was pretty okay with me; after all, the main station wasn't something i really like. it was wooden station, but that's all there was to it. oh, and it was ...

Imorrn bär det av, Staffanstorp, Sweden travel blog

Imorrn bär det av

A travel blog entry by mharlenback

Har smygstartat resan en aning genom att under dagen ha tagit mig från Växjö till Staffanstorp. Kollade MFF - AIK med pappa (4-0 till Malmö) och har i övrigt helt enkelt bara umgåtts med förräldrarna, mysigt!  Är lite trött efter en vecka ...

Snart på väg, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Snart på väg

A travel blog entry by svefredrik


Nu är dagen snart här då jag sticker iväg på den stora resan, host host. Tre månader ensam på luffen. Det är väl en poäng i sig det här med ensamresandet. Att inte behöva bry sig om någon annan och göra precis vad fan jag känner för. Men ...

family dinner, Lund, Sweden travel blog

family dinner

A travel blog entry by caroline.sage

... have taken pictures by now, I know, but it just hasn't happened yet.  I will try to take some tomorrow.  I like Lund alot so far, the weather reminds me of Portland during the rainy season, but more breezy and humid.  The people are nice ...

Ikea Here We Come, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Ikea Here We Come

A travel blog entry by jrcinms


... much of the space in her luggage was taken over with bulky winter clothes. We had rainy weather pretty much the entire time in Lund, which will also take some getting used to for Abby. In California we are amazed if we get any rain between May and ...

Housewives in the making :), Lund, Sweden travel blog

Housewives in the making :)

A travel blog entry by kahleng789


... will be getting our student ID numbers which will be required by the banks before allowing us to set up a bank account here in Sweden. After settling our bank draft issue (sort of), we proceeded to the IHO ppl and told them about the faulty bedroom and ...

I got out to explore, and I found Europe!, Lund, Sweden travel blog

I got out to explore, and I found Europe!

A travel blog entry by krista_g


... , but it took me 3.5 hours!  I got lost lots of times :) Anyway when I got there I started following my "Lund on Foot" tour map and discovered that Sweden is, indeed, a part of Europe after all!  I was starting to have my doubts, since all I had ...

Lund, One Last Time, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Lund, One Last Time

A travel blog entry by h.glenn


... the centre of town and bought a bag of lollies from one of Lund's awesome pick’n’mix stores (very popular places in Sweden since Swedes eat sweets like there’s not tomorrow) and took our bag of lollies to Ariman’s (a eclectic local ...

pin2, Lund, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by bpburns64

asfas ...

Finally in Lund, Sweden, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Finally in Lund, Sweden

A travel blog entry by jrcinms


... in Copenhagen we rented a car and picked up Abby's large suitcase that we had stored at our hotel there. From to Copenhagen to Lund, Sweden is less than 45 minutes over their very new and smooth bridge. We dropped her off because she needed to go through ...

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