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Wealth Of A Nation., Falun, Sweden travel blog

Wealth Of A Nation.

A travel blog entry by heatheravan

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... CENTRE of big cities. Our very flash Volvo was about the last car available in Stockholm as it is a huge public holiday here in Sweden (Mid Summer) when everyone goes away. The car seemed so bi,g jammed in its tiny underground parking spot, but we put ...

Gelats, Falun, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by scastellvi


No ens havia passat mai que a l'oficina d'informació turísitica d'un poble ens anomenéssin, com a punt de principal interès, una gelateria. De fet l'establiment s'ho val, tant pel que serveixen com pel lloc on ho fan, però no deixa de ser ...

Falun, Falun, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by danwstephens


... I said?) and then I went to visit this cool copper mine. In fact this copper mine was appartently the back-bone of Sweden's economy for several hundred years according to the guide there (who turned out to be Finnish and seemed to enjoy bashing Swedes). ...

Midsummer nights, Falun, Sweden travel blog

Midsummer nights

A travel blog entry by larissajcroom


... it all, it was pretty cold!! Some more wine later and we decided that we needed to find the source of some music, a party, and to find me a Swedish man to keep me here in Sweden ;) A few middle aged men drinking, we kept walking past and went to bed.. ...

Swedish Midsummer, Falun, Sweden travel blog

Swedish Midsummer

A travel blog entry by larissajcroom


... , juice, yoghurt, berries, meats, eggs, cheese, strong coffee and long conversation. There is a huge emphasis on organic produce in Sweden.   We spent a relaxed day until it was time to get ready and join the main midsummer event at Per's house. So ...

Sweden; 5 years in the making!, Falun, Sweden travel blog

Sweden; 5 years in the making!

A travel blog entry by larissajcroom

... by the crew regarding the weather.. It was all true, but what a beautiful country with such friendly people! I had a great time in Sweden! I arrived to Andrea' house about 4pm from a full day of travel; thankfully the man beside me on the plane had been ...

Sweden - 2006, Stockholm/Falun, Sweden travel blog

Sweden - 2006

A travel blog entry by georgia910


I went to Sweden to visit a friend of a friend! We had a great time - I was staying with him at his University Halls and made loads of really great new friends from all over the world. It snowed, it rained, it flooded - and then it for so hot we ...

Sweden Trip, Falun, Sweden travel blog

Sweden Trip

A travel blog entry by chanel.mace


... might have been one of my favorite weeks in Europe so far. This week I had the pleasure of participating in a weeklong residency in Falun, Sweden. It was ran by the amazing Modhir Ahmed. ( Falun, Sweden is home to one of the ...

Apr 18, 2016, Falun, Sweden travel blog

Apr 18, 2016

A travel blog entry by uffe.frisell


Stockholm to Falun via Uppsala, Falun, Sweden travel blog

Stockholm to Falun via Uppsala

A travel blog entry by ianwendyb


... grey granite. Truly awesome. This cathedral replaced that of the Viking king Erik the Holy or Saint Eric, now the patron saint of Sweden. ( That's funny, mum was always saying that dad wasn't a saint. As we neared Falun, we learnt about the history of ...

Well...loaded., Falun, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by uffe.frisell


... vanish when I've paid my hotelroom the first night... And the blog says I´m in Taos - Don't get fooled here... I´m still in Sweden, still in my hometown... And the last week is ticking down. I wrote to my host in LA today, asking if she would like to ...

Falun und Stora Kopparberget, Falun, Sweden travel blog

Falun und Stora Kopparberget

A travel blog entry by markus.gloor


... , sondern Erz. Im 15. Jahrhundert entstand die erste dauerhaft bewohnte Siedlung rund um den Kopparberget oder Kupferberg. Die Stadt Falun wuchs schnell und war im 17. Jahrhundert die zweitgrösste Stadt Schwedens. Das schwedische Kupfer hatte eine ...

Wat is koper waard?, Falun, Sweden travel blog

Wat is koper waard?

A travel blog entry by thehappycampers


... met uitzicht op een aantal oude houten huisjes in de traditionele Zweedse, rode kleur. We staan op de parkeerplaats van de kopermijn in Falun. In deze mijn is zo’n 1000 jaar koper gedolven en in de laatste jaren ook goud en zilver gevonden. De rode ...

Nervous !!, Falun - Uppsala, Sweden travel blog

Nervous !!

A travel blog entry by uffe.frisell

... nbsp; I´m always a little nervous before entering a flight...But not like this.  Anyway... This will be the last blog from Sweden. After writing this, I´ll wrap up the last things here - watering the flowers, get rid of trash and pack he last ...

Förberedelser, Falun, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by owin

Nu har förberedelserna pågått ett tag. Böcker om Kina skall läsas, ett antal googlingar på platser som kan vara av intresse. Mycket kretsar kring allt jag hoppas hinna med vid sidan av studierna. Det visar sig väl så småningom vad tid jag har ...

Visit i Falun, Falun, Sweden travel blog

Visit i Falun

A travel blog entry by mattiaslindfors

... (som en dusch!) som medgav en hastighet på ca 70 km/ h på en finfin 110-väg nådde vi till slut Falun. Hälsades välkomna av Alex & Lina som dukade upp en strålande middag med jordgubbsdaiquiris, ingefärsgrillade scampi och hemmagjord mockaglass. ...

Falun, Falun, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by ianandjen


... ;.  It is a pigment that comes from the local copper mine and all the houses are painted in that colour.  The village of Falun was very beautiful, however, I had a bad headache, so Ian went for a walk for a couple of hours while I had a ...

Rest day, Falun, Sweden travel blog

Rest day

A travel blog entry by 2tillbrooks


... morning just lounging in the sun, and swimming in the lake... It's a hard life! Just after 3pm we decided it was time to move on, not anything planned just see what we come across. As usual finding a great spot with once again great lake views in ...

Falun, Falun, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by uffe.frisell


Hi ! Welcome to the new "The way to LA". As I´ve tried to find a something that works during my journey, I´ve found this page. At my homepage its kinda difficult to put up a video so I needed a easier way to do that. For you who just checked in, dont ...

Still at home - Taking care of buisness, Falun, Sweden travel blog

Still at home - Taking care of buisness

A travel blog entry by uffe.frisell


Hi and welcome ! Still sweet home Sweden.  Just thirteen days to go. I looked up Inglewood and it sounded kinda boring place to be and besides it has a higher rate of crime than average. So I changed that without no cost. Feels much better to stay in ...

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