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Saving the Best for Last, Oravský Podzámok, Slovakia travel blog

Saving the Best for Last

A travel blog entry by eundel

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... when I would be done with what I intended to see. When I figured out my itinerary for Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovakia, I still had a few days left at the end to fill. In Budapest, I decided I'd stop in Vienna since everything in ...

More Churches, Dolný Kubín, Slovakia travel blog

More Churches

A travel blog entry by eundel

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... an entertaining chat with them while we waited since pretty much the entire family spoke English. They were from Barcelona and visiting Slovakia on a two-week trip. I told them I'd been to Spain, but only to Madrid and points south. Apparently this was ...

Picturesque Slovakia, The Border, Slovakia travel blog

Picturesque Slovakia

A travel blog entry by jennykelly

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... of Pope John Paul 11 Wadowice, there are many monuments, street names and testaments to his memory. The border guards in Slovakia were very friendly, almost happy to see us. This is a really understated country. I did not know anything about Slovakia ...

A river runs through Slovakia, Tatra Mountains, Slovakia travel blog

A river runs through Slovakia

A travel blog entry by gr8escape

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(C) Slovakia is a very strange place.  I can't figure out what is going on.  It seems to be very poor, but it is so beautiful and is full of natural resources.  We stopped along the river just to get out and go for a walk.  I bet there ...

Bratislava airport to Parnica , Párnica, Slovakia travel blog

Bratislava airport to Parnica

A travel blog entry by jimmymacfad


... which struggled passed me, virtually squeezing me through the cracks of the train carriage proved me wrong. Slovakia has a population of 5.5 million and you notice it, the capital Bratislava was without much traffic ...

Slovakian keyboards are different, Párnica, Slovakia travel blog

Slovakian keyboards are different

A travel blog entry by jimmymacfad


... each other. The Parnica potatoe festival turned out to be a fine example the new meeting the old in Slovakia; traditional dancing, punkrock moshing, old peasant women and seriously chaved up Yorkshire terriers. I was reliably informed that ...

19 km, Namestovo, Slovakia travel blog

19 km

A travel blog entry by jimmymacfad


After saying my goodbyes, I wobbled off, heading north, the opposite direction from which I want to eventually go but nevertheless I was on the move. It was hot, the sun beat down and I peddled up.  Up, up and up some more, the bike is very heavy ...

Where the hell is Zilina Slovakia?, Zilina, Slovakia travel blog

Where the hell is Zilina Slovakia?

A travel blog entry by mrpearsonchris


... with Slovinia where we were last week. The two places are a real contrast in economy,modernisity,weath and event costs.Slovakia has had a long and often turbulant history including ethnic cleansing right up to recent times The Republic was only formed ...

Slovakia, Day 6 - 9, Terchova, Slovakia travel blog

Slovakia, Day 6 - 9

A travel blog entry by samandgarth


... delicious food.  We found the roof terrace there a great place to soak up the sun, chill out and sample his award winning honey mead.  Our only regret is that we don't have enough time left in Slovakia to visit all the places he ...

Terchova - Janosikove dni 2006, Terchová, Slovakia travel blog

Terchova - Janosikove dni 2006

A travel blog entry by ales


Vedeli ste, ze v Terchovej je tak pekne? Ja nie. Az ...

What a surprise - Überraschung pur!, Králová Lehota, Slovakia travel blog

What a surprise - Überraschung pur!

A travel blog entry by bonum_iter


Am Mittwoch, 15.9., erreichten wir nach einer sehr langen Fahrt unser Ziel inmitten der Nacht. Wir hatten bereits einen Tag Autofahrt auf dem Buckel und rechneten damit, abends anzukommen. Da aber eine Strasse gesperrt war, mussten wir wenden und einen ...

clear mind, Zapadne Tatras, Slovakia travel blog

clear mind

A travel blog entry by bsuarez


It was very convient and welcome that Katka, a friend from Valleyfair, happened to be going to the Zapadne Tatry Mountains at the same time I wanted to go to the High Tatras. Her brother was originally supposed to be the third in their party, but then he ...

Hiking, Vratna, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by beth

... , I again talk to the German lady, and get a room! Vratna is in the valley of the Malta Faltra range of mountains in north eastern slovakia. Again in the winter there is skiing. I decide to take off hiking since it's only 2pm. I have no hiking map, no ...

Podbiel, Mary Kravski's Home Town, Podbiel, Slovakia travel blog

Podbiel, Mary Kravski's Home Town

A travel blog entry by fero_vrskovy


... Station) with a red and yellow diamond tile floor and stark white walls, oh, and very hard wooden benches in Podbiel, Slovakia, three train rides and eight hours east of Prague. We travelled to Vilina (pronounced Gilina), changed trains to Kralovny and ...

51 km, Oravice, Slovakia travel blog

51 km

A travel blog entry by jimmymacfad


The rains had broken and the day was fresh, a really fat fish kept breaking the surface of the lake and I thought of Tom's wise words "get fishing hooks man", I was salivating.  I found the best way to overload my bike and finally set off at about ...

Mediaeval dreams in Krakow and Orava Castle, Oravský Castle, Slovakia travel blog

Mediaeval dreams in Krakow and Orava Castle

A travel blog entry by felixandfloss


... ;We packed up and moved out into yet another traffic jam. Finally we made it past and were sailing along toward Slovakia on beautiful winding and rolling roads through lush hills peppered with hand stacked drying hay and little villages tucked into the ...

Communist Hostel, Zilina, Slovakia travel blog

Communist Hostel

A travel blog entry by herby

Got train to Zilina with english couple we saw in the Tatras and found accommodation togheter at the local hostel.  It was certainly cheap but not entirely cheerful.  It was 10min walk from centre via underpasses and narrow alleyways.  The ...

It's Snowing!, Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia travel blog

It's Snowing!

A travel blog entry by cheza


Hi everyone, Well here we are in Slovakia.  Things started off a little iffy with no snow but since then it has been magical.  The big question of the week is... why doesn't everyone Else fall over as much as I do? Not looking too cool! So, we ...

Pretty hiking, Vrutky / Mala Fatra, Slovakia travel blog

Pretty hiking

A travel blog entry by mrconfused


What with it being the time of year for it, and me being in Slovakia, one of Europe's greatest outdoorsy countries, I figured I should get some more hiking in while I could. Unfortunately, due to the slight fall he took in the Low Tatras, Simon was ...

Its snowing, Ruzomberok, Slovakia travel blog

Its snowing

A travel blog entry by roundthecorner


Left the hotel full of life and ready for some great roads and mountain views. As I started to weave my way up through the Polish villages all I was getting was strange looks from the man maintaining the roads as I'm sure they don't see many ...

still snowing, Ruzomberok, Slovakia travel blog

still snowing

A travel blog entry by roundthecorner


After looking at the weather forecast last night and this morning I knew I wasn't going far. It was saying it was going to be cloudy with more snow that evening. It wasn't cloudy all day and there was a lot of clear skies and the views where fantastic, ...

Slovakia, Day 4 - 5, Zilina, Slovakia travel blog

Slovakia, Day 4 - 5

A travel blog entry by samandgarth


... routes) we barely had enough time to take a photo before we had to get a bus back to Prievidza to connect with our bus back to Zilina.  So we learned the hard way not to do more than one main thing a day and spent a lot of time and money on ...

Storming the Castle, Namestovo, Slovakia travel blog

Storming the Castle

A travel blog entry by stellachisholm


We left Bela Camping to make our way in the general direction of Poland but we had decided that we would try and take advantage of stopping to take photos if we saw anything of interest. We have realised when writing up the blog that we often ride for ...

Losing It / Crossing Slovakia, Martin, Slovakia travel blog

Losing It / Crossing Slovakia

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


... number for the breakdown emergency and about 40p worth of zlotys. It was nothing I couldn't replace, but I was still annoyed. Slovakia itself is very scenic. The road winds between cliffs and rivers. Densely wooded slopes flank either side. Every thirty ...

2nd Statement_-_Explorers, Zilina, Slovakia, Slovakia travel blog

2nd Statement_-_Explorers

A travel blog entry by ontokuk


And such so little thing_explorers themselves ¤ Ontokuk ¤ Kado _and some little informations,_Poland ...

Locka, Locka, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by paula_rod

Slovakia ...

Namestovo, Namestovo, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by richardandsusie

k ...

Stefanova, Mala Fatra, Stefanova, Slovakia travel blog

Stefanova, Mala Fatra

A travel blog entry by ced

Friday 22 ...

set up, Zilina, Slovakia, Slovakia travel blog

set up

A travel blog entry by ontokuk


mail correspondence Upon Spoo <> K teme.. bude to cesta v case od partizána, az do janosikových cias.. , nieco podobne mozme urobit aj na splave :-) Takze ak mas volnu kapacitu, tak sem z napadmi.., ide sa z Trstenej.... ...

First week info, Bešeňová, Slovakia travel blog

First week info

A travel blog entry by tapajna


We are starting to settle in. The heat in this place is unbearable...over 30 degrees every day. Very unusual for this time of year...It has been a few days of us being here...and we were productive. Bought few things to outfit our house, went to see ...

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