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Frolicking, Trenčín, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by eundel

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I got up first thing in the morning to go back to Trenčín Castle. I was at the gate when it opened at 9am, but I didn't get to see the castle until 10am, because that was the time of the first English-language tour. I was so excited to get an ...

Calvary and Castles, Bojnice, Slovakia travel blog

Calvary and Castles

A travel blog entry by eundel

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Yesterday, on the Banská Štiavnica Old Castle tour, you may remember the one room I had seen that really caught my attention was the room of wooden sculptures from the Calvary Mount. Before leaving town, I decide to see if I could climb the actual ...

Trencin, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jag

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The Southwestern town of Trencin provided us with the massive Roman Trencin Castle that sat on top of a huge rock. The Christmas hustle and Bustle has really started to take hold here as well. We also had a look at the Piarist Church and the main town ...

Goodbze Czech, Myjava, Slovakia travel blog

Goodbze Czech

A travel blog entry by markszulgit


... also. Imagine pumps and white jeans, big hair, and a pizza, if your looking for the exotic you can cross rural Slovakia off your list. I failed to mention text on t-shirts is exclusively English, from toddler to granny, which endorse shock absorbers, ...

Recovery, Bojnice, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jambo


Despite the late night, everyone is up and about by 11:30, so we gradually congregate at the pub across the street for breakfast - pizza, calzone and beer. At 3pm we pile into Bojnice's entire fleet of three taxis and drive half an hour to Oslany, the ...

Realxed ins Gewitter, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog

Realxed ins Gewitter

A travel blog entry by different9


Heute erwatet mich eine eher kürzere Etappe mit 200 Kilometer nach Trencin in die Slowakei. Ich überlege kurz ob ich nicht doch noch 200 Kilometer drauf legen soll und bis nach Hause fahre. Der Gedanke ist jedoch nur von kurzer Dauer und ich verwerfe ...

Trencin, Searching the Vrskovy Roots, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog

Trencin, Searching the Vrskovy Roots

A travel blog entry by fero_vrskovy


... in Trencin more than we have in Calgary and Vancouver. The town of about 60,000 sits below the third largest castle in Slovakia perched high on a rock above. We are starting to understand why people talk about churches and castles and Europe all in the ...

Castle country, Bojnice, Slovakia travel blog

Castle country

A travel blog entry by jambo


Thursday, September 7 Jane's friend Kamila (AKA Kaja) and her Aussie fiancé Matt are getting married this Saturday in Slovakia's largest castle, n a town called Bojnice. To save tongue-twisting time, it is pronounced Boy-neet-say, not Bodge-nise, ...

A small gem of a city, Trenčín, Slovakia travel blog

A small gem of a city

A travel blog entry by d-ashworths


... ;ín so we could make some time up. A day of very very fast traffic and heaps of semis. When we crossed from Austria to Slovakia it was interesting that for the first time in Europe, there was a much less evidence of cars from other countries going by the ...

Wedding day, Bojnice, Slovakia travel blog

Wedding day

A travel blog entry by jambo


The wedding day. Today's activities begin in earnest at around 1pm when all the guests meet at one end of the tree-lined boulevard that leads to the foot of the castle. Everyone is smartly dressed and it is a beautiful sunny September day. Shots of ...

Pochodil som Trencin-Beckov, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog

Pochodil som Trencin-Beckov

A travel blog entry by mozi


May 16th, 2004, Trencin Beckov. Youpie! Tetokrat som si ako rozcvicku pred cestou po svete dal vylet na Beckov, Trencin, Trencianske Teplica a Zariecie. Rano o 5:00 ked som sa zobudil, tak to vyzeralo na velmi dazidivy den, pretoze dazd mi bubnoval ...

Trencin, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by dazbo1975

... at the top end of the market - the Trancin Autocamp. But who cares about that as we have a lovely cabin on the banks of Slovakia's largest river, the Vah and have made lots of friends at the campsite already. This is a nice change, as we made no Czech ...

Mar 07, 2011, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog

Mar 07, 2011

A travel blog entry by christianpappas


Koniec, Trenčín, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by kyselicab

 Co na zaver... :-) deticky boli radi, ze sme sa vratili a spokojne s plnym ruksakom darcekov :-) uvidime, co vymyslime ...

Koncime v kupeloch, Trencianske Teplice, Slovakia travel blog

Koncime v kupeloch

A travel blog entry by mozi


Nasu turu okolo Slovenska koncime stylovo - a to v kupeloch. Nasa posledna zastavka pred tym ako skocime do auta a zajtra do sklenika v Zabokrekoch je kupelne mesto Trencianske Teplice. Oproti ostatnym kupelnym mestam posobi velmi zaspato a mozno ...

We're on the wrong side of the road!, Bojnice, Slovakia travel blog

We're on the wrong side of the road!

A travel blog entry by joeandemtomai


Are we human or are we dancers? Listening to the killers on a local radio station we bust some moves whilst I try and figure out how to drive (probably not a good combination!). Driving in the left seat on the right side of the road and changing gears ...

Váh, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by vincent.michon


... I was low in energy, so I took it easy and rode slowly along the road, to reach the Váh river, which goes north of Slovakia and has most of the time nice cycling paths alongside it. I stopped at a local lake for lunch & siesta, and tried to ...

Festival Pohoda, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog

Festival Pohoda

A travel blog entry by lyonette

This was my first 3 days music festival I contributed to. I had the ticket free because I participated actively as one of the Friends of the Earth by collecting rubbish after others, separating it and trying to show the others that a festival like this ...

Finish, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by kyselicab

Pred 12:00 sme dosli k babke. 29 hodin od odchodu z GH v Nong Khai. Uz tam cakala Andrejka, najedli sme sa a isli domov. Co bude nabuduce? Nechajte sa prekvapit :-) Urcite nieco ...

Trencin e il suo castello, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog

Trencin e il suo castello

A travel blog entry by girodeuropa


... Jack Frusciante e ' uscito dal gruppo,  ti fa alzare gli occhi al cielo e mormorare: Grazie capo, non lo dimenticheremo. Trencin e' tagliata in due dal fiume Vah al cui centro c'e' un'isola dalla forma allungata chiamata Ostrov. Proprio su ...

Znovu zbalene, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog

Znovu zbalene

A travel blog entry by kyselicab

Tak ... , zase zbalené. Táto cesta bola skutočne plánovaná až ďaleko v druhej polovici roku 2015, keď som videl, že iná cesta ako vypadnutie od reality plnej stresov nevedie. Dúfam, že pár týždňov po ...

Trencin, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by oskari

Onnistuin nykaisemaan itseni liikkeelle yhdeksan aikaan sunnuntaina, vaikka olo olikin aika paska. Seuraavana kohteena Trencin. Reilikortti umpeutui Bratislavaan tullessa, joten tasta lahtien matkoista joutuu maksamaankin. Juna Trenciniin kustansi 180 ...

Giornata di Vacanza, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog

Giornata di Vacanza

A travel blog entry by girodeuropa


... del vantaggio sulla tabella di marcia che ho accumulato in questo primo mese e mezzo di viaggio, ho deciso di rimanere qui a Trencin un altro giorno. Ho passato la mattina e parte del pomeriggio a riordinare, leggere, cucinare, aggiornare il blog e ...

Cliff Top Castles!, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog

Cliff Top Castles!

A travel blog entry by phill_day

I've left beautiful beautiful Bratislava and have arrived in Trencin. It's quite a nice little City, and the girls are still amazingly beautiful! I went into a bar to ask for Internet access... I think that the blonde lady there will still be mopping up ...

IJskoude grotten en warme schapenkaas, Demanovska Dolina, Slovakia travel blog

IJskoude grotten en warme schapenkaas

A travel blog entry by nienkoen

Deze morgen trekken we allemaal na het ontbijt onze lange broek aan. Omdat het koud is en de regen ons eindelijk heeft bereikt? Nee, het weer heeft geen invloed op onze kledingkeuze. Het is zelfs al behoorlijk warm als we nog voor tienen buiten in de zon ...

Slovakia, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by petergustafson


... family and there were also an elderly german couple staying with him for a couple nights. so we just sat around and talked some of slovakia and drank beer. next day looked around the city then went to trenčin, about an hour south. there i met my ...

Our Castle Wedding, Bojnice, Slovakia travel blog

Our Castle Wedding

A travel blog entry by rowans

will write ...

Odchod, Trenčín, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by kyselicab

Este sa nebalime ale letenky zaplatene a ...

Trencin, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by dw98765



Visiting Lydias home, Prievidza, Slovakia travel blog

Visiting Lydias home

A travel blog entry by stevencarlyle


Staying with Lydia and visiting her ...

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