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Acelarando o ritmo, Mpack, Senegal travel blog

Acelarando o ritmo

A travel blog entry by ikono


... e não estando a abarrotar, acedeu a levar-me gratuitamente. Um favor em troca de nada, nem sequer o nome me perguntou. Em Ziguinchor procurei um cyber, ainda brotei um coxe até chegar a um que funcionasse mas estava na pausa do almoço. La fora estavam ...

Ziguinchor, Ziguinchor, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by antje.gohmann


... ", Bar und Restaurant, in dem Marius und Jean Simon wieder zahlreiche Bekannte getroffen haben. Marius arbeitet abwechselnd in Dakar und Ziguinchor für eine Kaffee-Firma namens Café Lamar, deshalb ist er sowieso sehr oft hier. (Seine Frau Elaine ist ...

Campement Casamance, Oussouye, Senegal travel blog

Campement Casamance

A travel blog entry by vmarchal

En casamance existe un systeme de campement villageois qui permet de vivre dans un habitat traditionnel pour pas cher, et l argent va au ...

Gâmbia (Fr+Pt), Baline, Senegal travel blog

Gâmbia (Fr+Pt)

A travel blog entry by ikono


... do lado deles então foi coisa rapida. Conversamos 10 minutos e o policia juntou os 500 que faltavam para o carro até Ziguinchor, capital de Casamança e la fui eu. Chegado pela terceira vez ao lado gambiano o carimbo é imediato e ainda me convidam a ...

Frontiere Senegal - Guinee Bissau, Sao Domingos, Guinea-Bissau travel blog

Frontiere Senegal - Guinee Bissau

A travel blog entry by vmarchal

Une frontiere qui s est passe sans probleme. J utilisais le meme taxi de Ziguinchor jusqu a bissau, our atteindre ce pays qui attire 2000 touristes par ...

Best visa ever, Ziguinchor, Senegal travel blog

Best visa ever

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


27 December We crossed once again back into Senegal. The Gambian officials were all fine but in Senegal they wanted a bribe for writing our name in the book. They are still waiting! Made it to the town of Ziguincher where we hope to get our visa for ...

Casamance, Ziguinchor, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by jeanchristophes


... way down the coast of Senegal.   Next morning we went up the Casamance river to the regional capital called Ziguinchor. The Casamance region of Senegal is separated by the rest by a small country called The Gambia. And it is considered to be the ...

Idiot trousers!, Ziguinchor, Senegal travel blog

Idiot trousers!

A travel blog entry by trig


... teaching the guys how to play the epic game 'Sand' which only a few people have ever played before!  We are now back in Senegal, in the Cassamance region which has seen a few troubles in the past and means that if we wonder too far off the track for ...

Casamance, Ziguinchor, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by kaya_travel


cs ...

Our trip to the south (La Casamance), Ziguinchor, Senegal travel blog

Our trip to the south (La Casamance)

A travel blog entry by churisuta


HISTORY AND A CEMETARY, Ziguinchor, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus


... de Gaulle so much that, upon leaving, he forgot his hat.      In the referendum of September 1958, Senegal and most French colonies voted to remain with France.  Only Guinea-Conakry voted "non".  (Nfally had saved the ...

Stopover at Bignona, Bignona, Senegal travel blog

Stopover at Bignona

A travel blog entry by churisuta


Bignona is a beautiful city on the way from Ziguinchor to Abéné. The houses are like in between the forest. I stayed there two nights with the family of a student. And lucky as i was i could witness two very cool nights of Sabar dancing. On ...

Aux Champs Elysee, Ziguinchor, Senegal travel blog

Aux Champs Elysee

A travel blog entry by charlie_ray


... is huge but again this is probably due to the conflict and the increase of violence in the past year. The causeway into Ziguinchor is a lovely sight with beautiful mangroves but I can honestly say that I never want to cross it again during high tide in a ...

SENEGAL TOP 5, Ziguinchor, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus


... my view inland, in this rainy area known as Casamance.  Buildings stuck out from the trees at the port town of Ziguinchor.  These buildings were made of wood painted pink or gray or mustard, and stained with mud.      In a ...

Dolphins and Pelicans, Ziguinchor, Senegal travel blog

Dolphins and Pelicans

A travel blog entry by meltin4


... . Though these I found around the guesthouse and on the boat trip rather than in the wilds. Another thing I found in Ziguinchor was wonderful baguettes made by ladies who set up their little stalls on the streets each morning. You could take your pick ...

Overlanding Notes for Casamance, Mpak, Senegal travel blog

Overlanding Notes for Casamance

A travel blog entry by landylove


... the police and gendarmerie at the entrance and exit to Ziguinchor are not very pleasant.  Landy was searched as we entered Ziguinchor.   Certain policemen tried to obtain funds from us on our way out from Ziguinchor, on the road to Guinea ...

Ile de Carabane, Elinkine, Senegal travel blog

Ile de Carabane

A travel blog entry by churisuta


Serenity and Oiseaux, Brin, Senegal travel blog

Serenity and Oiseaux

A travel blog entry by robspackman


... the community and are basic and very cheap to stay in. We stayed at the campement at Brin, 12km along the Casamance River from Ziguinchor. 6 circular brick huts with straw roofs, each cut in half by a high wall with a double bed on either side.We ...

Repairs to the shock absorber, Ziguinchor Senegal , Senegal travel blog

Repairs to the shock absorber

A travel blog entry by jennykelly


... , or decent linen, and there are lots of mozzies in the bathrooms.     The first morning we awoke in Skippy in Ziguinchor, we found 4 blood filled mosquitoes in our mosquito net with us, so knew we had to fix that problem. A trip to the chemist ...

zurueck in der Casamance!, Ziguinchor, Senegal travel blog

zurueck in der Casamance!

A travel blog entry by antje.gohmann


... ) Hotels Kreditkarten akzeptiert. damit hatte sich das dann erledigt, Cash ist wie gesagt gerade Mangelware. Also bin ich weiter nach Ziguinchor gefahren. die Strasse ist komplett neu gemacht und astrein geteert, so dass die knapp 200 km incl. Stopps in ...

Beautiful place to stay!, Bignona, Senegal, Senegal travel blog

Beautiful place to stay!

A travel blog entry by tambaly

... Dakar and always loved it.Then in 2009 I decided to take a trip down south to the more rural parts of Senegal. I got the ferry to Ziguinchor and then a 30min journey by taxi to Auberge Kayokulo in Bignona as it had ...

The Front Line, Ziguinchor, Senegal travel blog

The Front Line

A travel blog entry by charlie_ray


... of the area but there are agents (middlemen) in the area that trade with individuals and then sell the produce on in Ziguinchor. Also, like Gambia, Guinea Bissau is much cheaper for commodities such as oil and sugar so although at present there is little ...

Why Can't You People Just Talk?!?!, Ziguinchor, Senegal travel blog

Why Can't You People Just Talk?!?!

A travel blog entry by charlie_ray


... between agencies in Gambia and Senegal! After our impromptu/ useful interview with Procas it was time for a brief tour of downtown Ziguinchor and of course my favourite time of the day – lunch!! Ziguinchor is very similar to many urban areas of ...

sweet lil islands, Elinkine, Senegal travel blog

sweet lil islands

A travel blog entry by churisuta


So this is Elenkine, a sweet little fisher's village. We stayed only for one night, but we had a nice moment before arriving when our taxi broke down and we watched the full moon, danced on the road and called our family ;)  the next morning we left ...

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