Travel Blogs from Toubakouta, Senegal

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a few photos, Kolda, Senegal travel blog

a few photos

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut


Here are a few photos, enjoy! ...

Birding Confessions, Toubakouta, Senegal travel blog

Birding Confessions

A travel blog entry by sweet2thlh


... friend with a knowing smile on his face, sensibly opted not to comment. For the three days we were wandering around Senegal he pointed out various feathered creatures as I feigned disinterest with decreasing success. By the time we returned to The ...

Mangrove, Toubakouta, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by vmarchal

3 jours de repos dans la mangrove. Des scientifiques etaient present pour l inventaire de la reserve, et on pouvait les ...

counting down the days, Tambacounda, Senegal travel blog

counting down the days

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut

Hello! counting down the days to what you ask? ..well, im getting ready to take my first real vacation from Senegal since arriving here a year and a half ago. For the sake of sanity i should have taken some time away before now, but whats done is ...

Sine Saloum Delta, Toubakouta, Senegal travel blog

Sine Saloum Delta

A travel blog entry by liselle


... left it drove at about 15mph along a very dusty and potholed road! Some very interesting charachters on that bus! Arrived in Toubakouta when it was dark...imagine no street lights and lots of senegalese men offereing to take you to your campement on the ...

Highway Blues, Toubakouta, Senegal travel blog

Highway Blues

A travel blog entry by murse


     The gare routiere at Dakar is a field of dilapidated old jalopy station wagons parked in a puddle of mud and filth.  Instantly people approach and direct you to the next car leaving in your direction, once the seven seats ...

Saare Fodde, Saare Fodde, Senegal travel blog

Saare Fodde

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut


Hello once again! Its time for the next installment of my adventures in Senegal. I have posted some pictures in this update, as well as in a previous one. Most of the pictures in this update are from a recent trip I took to Saare ('village') Fodde ...

Towards border, Keur Layène, Senegal travel blog

Towards border

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


23 December Heading back to the Ghana Embassy for our visa. In all we have had to wait 12 days for the carnet and visa's here. We took a different route back from the lake and went round the other side of it. This led to several small villages where the ...

The Secret Siné-Saloum: Land of the Baobab Tree, Toubakouta, Senegal travel blog

The Secret Siné-Saloum: Land of the Baobab Tree

A travel blog entry by landylove


... Toubakouta was the name of the human habitation which fed upon the strange fruit of this mangrove.  Outside a certain shop of Toubakouta, which sold many wooden objects, (but no sticks), we met a female and male human couple, the In ...

Toubakouta et Dakar: amul courant!, Toubakouta, Senegal travel blog

Toubakouta et Dakar: amul courant!

A travel blog entry by mamaoui


... les pires nids-de-poule au Québec cherchent des photos de la route transgambienne entre Fatick et Kaolack, ou pire, entre Kaolack et Toubakouta! On dirait que c'est une zone de guerre, que la route a été bombardée! En fait une expression locale veut ...

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