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New Year, New Beginnings, Niokola Koba Park, Senegal travel blog

New Year, New Beginnings

A travel blog entry by mafoley

... joys into the trip. Undoubtedly, there was a noticeable chance. Perhaps this is because we began our journey into the backcountry of Senegal, but overall, the events were more and more positive. We woke up on time to the alarm and were able to make sure ...

Bush camping, Middle of nowhere, Senegal travel blog

Bush camping

A travel blog entry by thechans


Bush Camp, 11/03 Miles Travelled: 16440 We are travelling inland now, toward the Senegal-Mali border. The roads are pretty good, but it's a long journey. We are "bush camping", meaning that we pick a spot where nobody's watching, and drive off ...

Etchwar, Kedougou, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by lilli466


... with a bit of a stomach ache despite the Dramamine I had taken). We stopped for a night in Tambacounda, a small city in southeastern Senegal, where we stayed at a hotel that had a pool. A pool! It was glorious finally being able to swim in a body of ...

Bassari Village Stay, Kedougou, Senegal travel blog

Bassari Village Stay

A travel blog entry by lilli466


... and our assistant program director, Bouna, to meet my new Bassari family. The Bassari are an ethnic minority group who live in southeastern Senegal as well as parts of Guinea, and as I learned from my short stay in the village, the Bassari truly live off ...

Iwol, Kedougou, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by lilli466

... my grandmother lived to an amazing age at 99! In addition to this quiet, calm old woman, we explored the largest baobab in Senegal located near the Bedick village of Iwol. One of the other students decided it would be a good idea to climb up but ...

Waterfalls and Jack-o-lanterns, Kedougou, Senegal travel blog

Waterfalls and Jack-o-lanterns

A travel blog entry by lilli466


... could have swam for hours if it wouldnt have been Halloween -- there were festivities to arrange! Yes, it is true, being in Senegal cannot stop me from celebrating my favorite holiday! While I was home in September, I went on a shopping spree at ...

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