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Final senegalese moments, Saly, Senegal travel blog

Final senegalese moments

A travel blog entry by paedrus


Salamalekum! Na'nga def? (How are you?) Mangi fi, rekk (Fine, thank you!)    Again, early birds. It's time for breakfast. There are already some guests up, mostly french and having breakfast. We went back to the room, go collect our ...

There and back again, Saly, Senegal travel blog

There and back again

A travel blog entry by choy


... across Senegal. A fast drive out of the wilderness and through the west-most reaches of Mali we came to the shore of the Senegal River, demarcating the border with Senegal. We worked our way through the usual border rituals, but this time with a hand tied ...

Stukje fietsen, Saly, Senegal travel blog

Stukje fietsen

A travel blog entry by flight-mode


... grijze huizen waarvan de meeste niet afgebouwd zijn of een laagje verf hebben gekregen. De mensen in Senegal zijn wel erg hartelijk en gastvrij. In Saly hebben we wat souvenirs gekocht. Hier zijn geen souvenirs met "made from China". Mensen maken ze ...

Gorée Island and Lac Rose, Saly, Senegal travel blog

Gorée Island and Lac Rose

A travel blog entry by paedrus


... the Lake Retba (Lac Rose).   LAKE RETBA (LAC ROSE) The journey to the Lake Retba is the bumpiest journey I've had in Senegal. The road is in bad shape, lot's of holes and driving there is quite an adventure. After 20 minutes going sideways, left and ...

Relax, relax, relax and sunbathing!, Saly, Senegal travel blog

Relax, relax, relax and sunbathing!

A travel blog entry by paedrus


Good morning! Like I said before, this vacations are for relaxation and sunbathing. We won't go on many trips, but we will stay near the hotel and enjoy the West African beaches. We are not early birds, but when on vacations or on a trip, we love to wake ...

Hot sun, swimming and sunbathing, Saly, Senegal travel blog

Hot sun, swimming and sunbathing

A travel blog entry by paedrus


... for some scraps that fell on the floor, nothing else. :) After dinner, as usual, we went for a small walk on the hotel premisses enjoying the moonlight, the music and the warm weather of Senegal. Time to go to bed and sleep. See you tomorrow!   ...

Oct 27, 2010, Sali Niakhniakhal, Senegal travel blog

Oct 27, 2010

A travel blog entry by nikenkatrien


And... it's another day relaxing!, Saly, Senegal travel blog

And... it's another day relaxing!

A travel blog entry by paedrus


Hi! It's still very early, and we are already up and ready to have breakfast. At the breakfast area, everything is ready for guests to enjoy their meals and appreciate the senegalese morning sun. Our breakfast was great, again with french croissants, ...

Our first walk to the city centre, Saly, Senegal travel blog

Our first walk to the city centre

A travel blog entry by paedrus


Naka suba si! It's already 09h00 and we went for breakfast. Again, everything was delicious and wonderful, and the staff always smiling and ready to help. The sun is already getting hot and going up in the sky... After breakfast, it's time for relaxation ...

A safari adventure, Saly, Senegal travel blog

A safari adventure

A travel blog entry by paedrus


... Bandia Reserve is not very far from Saly and from our hotel. It's a 30 minutes ride by jeep (more or less 15 km from Saly). RESERVE OF BANDIA Around 09h45, we arrived at Bandia. After leaving the main road, we entered in a dirt road and finally arrived at ...

Saly, Saly, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by stevelegassick


A drive down to the beach resort many Europeans come here to stay at....but they weren't here at this time of year, and it's not much of a resort as far as I could see. The drive there and back provided most of the entertainment....until we though we ...

BELANGRIJK - IMPORTANT !!, Saly, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by zabelg


Deze week wordt de trip aangepast met nodige toevoegingen .. Au courant de la semaine j'adapterai le blog vers les langues nécessaires .. Next week this blog will be adapted internationally .. Greetz ...

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