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Rwinkwavu Bound, Muzungu Love, Rwinkwavu, Rwanda travel blog

Rwinkwavu Bound, Muzungu Love

A travel blog entry by casey.stockton1


... I have been so busy sometimes, and running around most of the time, that I forget how fast this is going by.  After 2-3 months in Rwinkwavu, Isa and I will switch places, and I will be back in Kigali.  Then, we will be close to our date when we ...

I've found my home :), Rwinkwavu, Rwanda travel blog

I've found my home :)

A travel blog entry by lcomeau5


... such as that hug that make the cold bucket showers and the crowded bus rides seem so miniscule. Going from Nyamirama to Rwinkwavu is a completely different atmosphere.  We have 3 practices a day and there are usually 12 kids at each practice.  ...

Changing Rwanda Two Feet At A Time, Rwinkwavu, Rwanda travel blog

Changing Rwanda Two Feet At A Time

A travel blog entry by _priscilla12


... the children. I can't stress how thankful these children are for your continued support, contributions and donations. We went out to Rwinkwavu in the Eastern Province and distributed all the shoes to our players. It was definitely a remarkable time as I ...

We've Been Here Over Four Months?! Making Moves!, Rwinkwavu, Rwanda travel blog

We've Been Here Over Four Months?! Making Moves!

A travel blog entry by kevinkettl

... I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Shooting Touch family and hope to have a huge impact on our efforts in Rwanda! Stay tuned for information on the completion of court construction at the Kayonza Youth Friendly Center and where we will decide to ...

Basketball Fever in Dry Season, Rwinkwavu, Rwanda travel blog

Basketball Fever in Dry Season

A travel blog entry by casey.stockton1


... of children I have come across is one family is about 4, with the maximum being 8, and the average around 6.  I know Rwinkwavu is a farming-based place, and the high number of kids could  be needed for labor purposes, but I really question the ...

The village life!, Rwinkwavu, Rwanda travel blog

The village life!

A travel blog entry by lcomeau5


... lol, just a tad bit awkward but you get used to it.     Anyways, I will be staying in Rwinkwavu for the majority of my stay in Rwanda, so I have had a few practices with them already.  I'm telling you, some of these kids are ...

If You Build It, They Will Come, Rwinkwavu, Rwanda travel blog

If You Build It, They Will Come

A travel blog entry by casey.stockton1


... should be an awesome experience for some of Ben’s kids to see Akagera and meet kids from elsewhere in Rwanda.  Also, it will be good for the Rwinkwavu kids to see kids their age that are pretty good at basketball, so they know where they should ...

Our Replacements?! The Home Stretch?!, Rwinkwavu, Rwanda travel blog

Our Replacements?! The Home Stretch?!

A travel blog entry by kevinkettl

... being said, it is already time to find out who our replacements will be to continue Shooting Touch’s mission in Rwanda come October. A huge congratulations goes out to Lisanne Comeau and Remy N'diaye for winning the 2014-15 Shooting Touch Sabbatical ...

Now we are moving!, Rwinkwavu, Rwanda travel blog

Now we are moving!

A travel blog entry by lcomeau5


... practices at our sites. Now with our new coaches in place, I make sure to incorporate them in practices at Nyamirama and Rwinkwavu sort of like training.  Although they need some help with projecting their voice, I can tell that they are all ...

Moving East: Life in Rwinkwavu, Rwinkwavu, Rwanda travel blog

Moving East: Life in Rwinkwavu

A travel blog entry by kevinkettl

... a great transition and a bit of an adjustment from the “bustling city-life” of Kigali to the village of Rwinkwavu. Instead of avoiding oncoming traffic or potholes like in Kigali, one has to be wary of various animal “droppings.” ...

'Til Death Do Us Part, Rwinkwavu, Rwanda travel blog

'Til Death Do Us Part

A travel blog entry by casey.stockton1


... good coach, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will become a great coach and take over Shooting Touch’s Rwinkwavu program.  Ngabo, Paulin, Jean Claude (Rwink), and everyone else in Kigali as well for all buying into Shooting Touch’s ...

Generous Donations!, Rwinkwavu, Rwanda travel blog

Generous Donations!

A travel blog entry by kevinkettl

In recent weeks, we have received some very generous donations from the Oklahoma City Thunder and a member of Hershey’s basketball team, Tim Edwards. OKC Thunder GM and Shooting Touch Board Member, Sam Presti, was kind enough to connect me ...

Shooting Touch Youth League/Women's Day, Rwinkwavu, Rwanda travel blog

Shooting Touch Youth League/Women's Day

A travel blog entry by lcomeau5


... having the names on the back has given the kids a sense of pride to show where they are coming from.  Currently, Kayonza, Rwinkwavu, Nyamirama, and Rukara teams are a part of the league while we get Gahini ready to either join in or create their own ...

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