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Trans-Mongolian Express: Day 2, Kirov, Russia travel blog

Trans-Mongolian Express: Day 2

A travel blog entry by foolsgold

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... restaurant car. When I returned an hour or so later, after eating poached eggs burnt into a metal skillet served by a large, rotund russian lady with pigtails and gold teeth, Vinny had woken up. And he was giving me the look we have that means "I've ...

Technotrekker Travel Technologies - FULL LIST, Somewhere near Perm, Russia travel blog

Technotrekker Travel Technologies - FULL LIST

A travel blog entry by technotrekker

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A number of readers have asked about the equipment I'm using to produce this travel blog. The answers have been posted in various entries but here's a complete summation of Travel Technologies used, with a few additional notes since I wrote the ...

Captain Mikhail and the Ice Sculptures, Perm, Russia travel blog

Captain Mikhail and the Ice Sculptures

A travel blog entry by cemewa

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... is still a major centre for Russian defence manufacturing including tanks, but also oil and gas. Three percent of Russian oil comes through Perm. It is a prosperous city with several large shopping malls in the central city. The hotel was 'modern Russia' ...

Starting out from Moscow, Perm, Russia travel blog

Starting out from Moscow

A travel blog entry by gearoids


... dashed fir our train. The first leg of our trans siberian adventure begins!  Our tickets had us sleeping in different areas but a young Russian spoke some English and he was happy to swap seats. Wed have to do this a few more times as each passenger ...

Perm, Perm, Russian Federation travel blog


A travel blog entry by clare_pinki

.. ...

Second Week in Russia, Perm, Russian Federation travel blog

Second Week in Russia

A travel blog entry by redtilly


... there is a bit if charge in the batteries so we will see what happens. It's very frustrating. We've had a bit of a look around Perm, although the weather hasn't been great.  Some sun, some rain and a cool wind - a bit like summer in Dunedin!   ...

Bouddhisme et monts Oural, Perm, Russia travel blog

Bouddhisme et monts Oural

A travel blog entry by sonyann


... ou? _ D'OUDMOURTIE." Au moins, c'est dit. Une journee chez les "buddiyskis" de l'Oural La pluie nous force a prendre le bus jusqu'a Perm, grosse ville un peu tristoune dans laquelle Mark et Vika, qui ont deja parcouru les 3/4 de leur region en VTT, nous ...

Train To Kungur, Perm, Russian Federation travel blog

Train To Kungur

A travel blog entry by markwilliams84

The train goes from Perm II dispite what every book tells ...

Straight hair on Trans-Siberian shenanigans, Perm, Russia travel blog

Straight hair on Trans-Siberian shenanigans

A travel blog entry by gregsbigshimmy


... was shared with a young Russian couple, Dmitry, 23, and Oksana, 19, newly married couple and pregnant. Very nice Russian couple, engaging and interested in speaking to us in English. Aside from Richard, a friendly American traveling from Moscow to ...

MAP PIN - Perm, Perm, Russia travel blog

MAP PIN - Perm

A travel blog entry by paulandmel


Episode 9, Perm, Russia travel blog

Episode 9

A travel blog entry by bennybeanbear


... a mother and calf, if that's the right word. Lyn got some photos of them as best she could. Finally we got to the Russian border. I created an impression with the customs people who looked in the car, they asked about me so I was introduced.  Nobody ...

Perm (no not for the hair!), Perm, Russian Federation travel blog

Perm (no not for the hair!)

A travel blog entry by jumplife


... there. And while here, people still ask 'what did you lose here?' But it was actully quite fun. Our original aim was a Gulag (russian prison / work camp) but it was closed all the days we spent in Perm (Great planning from our side, yay!). Instead we ...

The trans-siberian express?, Perm, Russia travel blog

The trans-siberian express?

A travel blog entry by oliehuntersmart


... first time we got on in Moscow, Jen showed one of them her passport along with her ticket and the response she got in Russian was 'What the fuck are you doing?!'. The Moscow Honcho just laughed and wished us luck...!  Since then they've consistently ...

In Perm now....the hidden city, Perm, Russian Federation travel blog

In Perm now....the hidden city

A travel blog entry by natgordon


Hello again We've moved onto Perm now, which in Soviet Times was a restricted city, even to Russian citizens, and never appeared on any maps!!!!  This was due to a huge (and I mean HUGE) tank/cannon/rocket making factory located in ...

Trans-Manchurian, day 1, The Vostok, Russia travel blog

Trans-Manchurian, day 1

A travel blog entry by mrconfused


The first day of the journey was relatively sedate. Lots of sitting and staring aimlessly out of the window, watching the countryside roll past. It's surprising how it's possible to sit and stare for hours on end, given the view has fallen somewhat short ...

Trans-Siberian, Perm, Russia travel blog


A travel blog entry by follow_me

When we stop Babushka's (old women) surround the train platform offering traditional food and snacks as well as the typical Russian souvenirs. Were travelling on the number 10 train which only runs about once a week, so its safe to say if you get off at ...

On to Perm, Perm, Russia travel blog

On to Perm

A travel blog entry by p2pjaguar


... and tobacco shops before we finally found a blank faced supermarket to replenish our food supplies. Today we set off on the route to Perm and industrial city 400 km west. The roads were dreadful and one detour we had to take at 20 mph as the surface was ...

Perm (fermata utile!), Perm, Russia travel blog

Perm (fermata utile!)

A travel blog entry by globetrotterch

... sera partiamo e quindi forse e un po rischioso andare via da qui per vedere qualcosa fuori, ma vedremo. La fermata a Perm e quindi stata abbastanza inutile :( Anche dopo aver ricaricato il telefono ho scoperto che non ricevo sms quindi se volete ...

Yekaterinbourg, Yekaterinbourg, Russia travel blog


A travel blog entry by koaclarck

, ...

Platform kiosk in Russia, Perm, Russia travel blog

Platform kiosk in Russia

A travel blog entry by leon1974


The photos of the next 6 days are from the train. After a while it started to become obvious that the guards were not going to clean our carriage. It seemed that only first class passengers were entitled to this privelige. Eating and sleeping in the ...

Departure of the transsiberian, Perm, Russia travel blog

Departure of the transsiberian

A travel blog entry by worldtaste


Here we are departure of the transsiberian from Moscow to Baikal Lac After a departure a quite difficult due to a little cold or some food from the day before, i finally went to my bed and spent the 9 first hours sleeping like a stone. When I woke ...

'Foothills to the Urals' - where?, Perm, Russia travel blog

'Foothills to the Urals' - where?

A travel blog entry by kandjgonomad

... . We chose the Romantic route and followed it for a way around beautifully old and weathered traditional wooden buildings built by Russian traders and artisans before the Revolution. There was also really good graffiti on the walls which we got some ...

Urals spotting, Perm, Russia travel blog

Urals spotting

A travel blog entry by kandjgonomad


... far as I could see. Bursting through the hotch-potch of wooden properties and utilitarian concrete blocks there is the odd Russian Orthodox Church with shiny golden onion domes and brightly coloured green, sky blue or white colours and patterns - ...

Trans-Siberian Journey: N.-Novgorod - Yekaterinbur, Perm, Russia travel blog

Trans-Siberian Journey: N.-Novgorod - Yekaterinbur

A travel blog entry by agi_and_rudi


... the so known Siberia. Siberia is almost all of Northern Asia and currently the massive central and eastern portion of the Russian Federation. An obelisk is erected 37km west of Yekaterinburg along the Trans-Siberian rail line to indicate this border. ...

Transsib - Jour 1, Balyezino, Russia travel blog

Transsib - Jour 1

A travel blog entry by virgdav


La nuit fut etonnament bonne, la couchette est assez confortable. Ce matin les arbres defilent, sapins et bouleaux principalement. Il y a un robinet d'eau bouillante au bout du wagon, ideal pour defaire the, soupe ou nouilles chinoises. Au premier ...

Platz Kart - side bunk, Perm, Russia travel blog

Platz Kart - side bunk

A travel blog entry by kandjgonomad


1st day spent on the Transiberian after getting onto the train at 2am. Side bunks upper and lower - a bit narrow. The bottom bunk folds up into a table with 2 seats for the day which is rather handy. It is the done thing for your average Transiberian ...

Perm, Perm, Russia travel blog


A travel blog entry by globetrotterch


... mezzo a questi alberi gialli e rossi mi dispiaceva troppo non poter fermare il treno per scendere a fotografare. Verso sera siamo arrivati a Perm, adesso qui sono 4 ore avanti rispetto all orario svizzero. Qui si vede gia di piu la citta russa, sia come ...

Hands up who likes trees, Perm, Russian Federation travel blog

Hands up who likes trees

A travel blog entry by benmsarahn


... green leafyness was woven through with vivid autumn colours and now and again the forest gave way to settlements of traditional wooden Russian houses. It was a lovely view. Having had a bit of trouble getting Rubles out of the cash machine (ended up ...

Odyssey / Irrfahrten, Perm, Russia travel blog

Odyssey / Irrfahrten

A travel blog entry by infiniteroad


7.6.2013              Perm (RUS)         Km: 69207          Odyssey / Irrfahrten My bike is still standing in ...

Transiberien - La traversee, Perm, Russia travel blog

Transiberien - La traversee

A travel blog entry by peacefrog


... du francais chuchotte. Le train passe au dessus de l'immense riviere Kama, et nous arivons a Perm. Je fais mes adieux a Rachel, et vais retrouver mes deux camarades de compartiment. __________________________________________________________________ ...

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