Travel Blogs from Csikszereda, Romania

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Baggages - Lot of them, Csikszereda, Romania travel blog

Baggages - Lot of them

A travel blog entry by csaladenes

So it was a rainy Friday evening when I teamed up with my girlfriend and one of my friends at our home city's good ol' railway station. We were pretty loaded with luggage as we had on us not just one week's clothing but the skiing outfit and the ...

Scruffy capital of Harghita county, Miercurea Ciuc (Csíkszereda), Romania travel blog

Scruffy capital of Harghita county

A travel blog entry by xerius


For the first time since Serbia, I woke up to cold temperatures and wet weather this morning. I suspected as much yesterday when I saw the increasing streaks of cloud, so it wasn't a tremendous surprise when I semi-consciously awakened to the ...

Szekler Land, Miercurea Ciuc/Csikszereda, Romania travel blog

Szekler Land

A travel blog entry by grenzenlos


... , horse is the main mode of transport, and colorful folk costumes signify regional, age, gender and life stage differences. Csikszereda is a 97% Hungarian city, and apart from the odd government building sign, everything is in Hungarian. I toured the ...

back home, Csikszereda, Romania travel blog

back home

A travel blog entry by csaladenes

finally ...

All roads cross, Csikszereda, Romania travel blog

All roads cross

A travel blog entry by csaladenes

Bound for my 4-day trip in ...

Review of my London Trip, Csikszereda, Romania travel blog

Review of my London Trip

A travel blog entry by csaladenes

I've just got home from my London trip.  I was on this trip with my friends and we a formed a small group of four. I think that every bit of it was worth it, notwithstanding the high costs. All in all, we spent four full days there and we caught a ...

Outward Bound!, Csikszereda, Romania travel blog

Outward Bound!

A travel blog entry by csaladenes

So I'm about to board the train towards Bucharest and begin my trip to South America. Well, it will be not as leisurely as it may seem. The Kendo World Championships are going to be held in Brazil, where are we flying to next Wednesday with ...

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