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Viana do Costelo, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Viana do Costelo

A travel blog entry by france_rejean


... . Nous trouvons cette partie du chemin moins beau jusqu'à date. Puis ce fut un autre perte de temps pour trouver l'auberge a Aveiro (c'est la première fois que l'auberge n'est pas indiqué nul part). Nous avons dû demander aux pompiers notre chemin. On ...

Linda: Toreador or Terrorist?, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Linda: Toreador or Terrorist?

A travel blog entry by garynbrown


Bom Dia! We are spending a couple of nights in Aveiro, Portugal, on the edge of a coastal lagoon and laced with canals. It is sometimes referred to as Portugal's Venice (every country seems to have one). The canals are indeed picturesque. Moliceiros, the ...

Port never looked as good, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Port never looked as good

A travel blog entry by vanderkansie


... was much more fun, as example he demo'ed for us why the Portuguese are so short, it is because in Portugal they have to carry everything everywhere, in Aveiro they had to carry the large bags of salt from the salt works to the boats on the canals and then ...

Hallelujah, it's raining cakes., Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Hallelujah, it's raining cakes.

A travel blog entry by joeljenaturner


... celebrations we can expect in the area and she said that there wasn't so much happening apart from a weird tradition they do in Aveiro. Apparently, people make these traditional cakes and put a wish on them, then they bring them to the church, the priest ...

Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by gustn


A ...

Where are we?, Granja, Portugal travel blog

Where are we?

A travel blog entry by patry


... and Maria, the boys settled in on the train for our 3 hour ride to Granja.   Granja is in Northern Portugal, about 20 minutes south of Porto (Portugal's second largest city). The train was fairly uneventful except for Cohen ...

Tiles and canals, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Tiles and canals

A travel blog entry by sarahbaulch2014


After spending time inland in Northern Portugal, we headed back to the coast via the town of Averio. This place was by the sea in medieval times and famous for its seaweed but the river linking into the sea disappeared in a storm and the town went into ...

Music where you don't expect it, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Music where you don't expect it

A travel blog entry by vanderkansie


... rental car facility there was a sign saying, "back soon," this really had us worried because by now we realized how time worked in Portugal. One day we were waiting for a bus and when it finally arrived it was full, and we were told to wait for the next ...

Wild Berries (B side) - track 2, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Wild Berries (B side) - track 2

A travel blog entry by renard


... Even better because the beach was empty, as the weather is not as warm as it should be around midsummer's day. Days 15-16 - Aveiro I took the train to the "Portuguese Venice", as I have heard people call Aveiro. In my opinion they are not similar at ...

Aveiro; the Venice of Portugal, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Aveiro; the Venice of Portugal

A travel blog entry by larissajcroom


... offer me a croissant, it was very difficult to politely decline especially given that I could not eat it. The bus stop in Aveiro was a beautiful first sight, right on the main canal which divides the city. After checking in I decided to go and explore ...

Bloody Mosquito's, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Bloody Mosquito's

A travel blog entry by ramblingsailors


... nose (again) we had to motor into it again, so we decided to split the journey to Figuiera de Foz into 2 days and went into Aveiro. Entering the river is also a baptism of fire, dozens of amateur anglers in boats fish in the mouth of the river and it's ...

Continuing along the coast, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Continuing along the coast

A travel blog entry by lydanddwayne


... and wait and let us thru :) We head for Aveiro which is suppose to have nice canals with special boats for tours. "The Venice of Portugal". Starting to think every country has a Venice LOL!! Once we got there we see the boats and head over. We get on the ...

Agueda to Albergaria a Nova, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Agueda to Albergaria a Nova

A travel blog entry by jodiemaunder


32,907 Steps 21kms 6 hours 1 Portuguese tart - best I have ever eaten! After my first great sleep since arriving from Melbourne we join the other pilgrims for breakfast in the Albergue. The topic of conversation in all languages is how great breakfast is ...

Coimbra to Porto via Aviero, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Coimbra to Porto via Aviero

A travel blog entry by deborah1212


... not only blocked the port but also bred diseases in the stagnant water and in less than 20 years the population has halved. Aveiro remained inaccessible to the sea until a channel was dug in the 19th century." Aveiro is a colourful town now thriving on ...

More Sea and Sand, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

More Sea and Sand

A travel blog entry by mikeandsuecuff


... around the edges. They were obviously expecting stormy weather. They left great heaps of rubbish all over the site. We visited Aveiro the nearest town which lived up to its publicity we took the one photograph of their famous boats which was all the ...

Venice of the West, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Venice of the West

A travel blog entry by geoffandlesley


... it up so we will probably get a fine turning up on our doorstep sometime next year. When we crossed the border into Portugal every car has a picture taken recording its number plate and you enter your credit card details. We didn't understand why fully ...

Aveiro - very pretty, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Aveiro - very pretty

A travel blog entry by puzzled2


Story coming later see pics for now. ...

From Portugal to Spain, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

From Portugal to Spain

A travel blog entry by slbrown17


... room for only 5 euros! It's a good size and it'll match my room perfectly. Also, it's a great way to remember Portugal and Aveiro. Aveiro had this amazingly cute outdoor mall that was decorated for Christmas. It was right on the canal where you could see ...

Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by paulgonts

Wow! ...

S. Jacinto, São Jacinto, Portugal travel blog

S. Jacinto

A travel blog entry by neidart

Viños sem estória à beira ...

Lisbon to Aveiro travel, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Lisbon to Aveiro travel

A travel blog entry by amanda.moore11

Rather hungover - woke up at 10.30 and then realized we had to be checked out at 11am. Hayd an I feeling exceptionally rough, he was up all night being sick haha. Headed for some lunch and chill time before the train at 3.30pm to Averio which was ...

Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by cdavid


... ;a Underground Museum is an exhibition space, displayed along the traditional wine cellars of Aliança Vinhos de Portugal. Contemplating eight private collections, the public has access to diverse dimensions, such as archeology, ethnography, ...

Voyage en camion France-Portugal, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Voyage en camion France-Portugal

A travel blog entry by melindaoba


De la frontière France-Espagne à Aveiro au Portugal, j'ai voyagé en camion avec Yuriy, chauffeur routier ukrainien parlant très bien français. Il travaille pour une grosse compagnie franco-britannique qui immatricule ses camions au Portugal et ...

Quick Eurotrip - Preparation, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Quick Eurotrip - Preparation

A travel blog entry by portoryko

... started. Me and my french friend are are willing to make an quick eurotrip - escaping for a while from our Erasmus live in Portugal. We already both plane tickets in ryanair to 5 cities where during in total 15 days hope to have best time ever! The plan ...

Portugal, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by rogerdamour


... était vraiment un passage idéal pour couper la route en deux. Nous nous étions également fait conseiller d'aller visiter Aveiro, appelée la Venise du Portugal. On ne peut pas tous les gagner. Même si je n'ai jamais mis les pieds à Venise, je peux ...

Sun, Sand, and many many stares :), Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Sun, Sand, and many many stares :)

A travel blog entry by shalonda.p


This past Sunday we went on an excursion to Aveiro beach in Portugal. Maybe it was just because I hadn't been to the beach in quite a while or that I'd secretly been born on the beach or something, but between class, meetings, tours, and homework, here ...

Aveiro and Agueda, Aveiro District, Portugal travel blog

Aveiro and Agueda

A travel blog entry by bruce.poon


... , sausages, cheese, cold cuts, cereals, fruits, breads, juice and other standard affairs. After that, we set out for Aveiro. Aveiro has a small river running through its centre. It advertises itself as a second Venice. They have motorized gondola tours ...

Venice and Candy Cane Houses, oh yes.., Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Venice and Candy Cane Houses, oh yes..

A travel blog entry by penny.percival


Today we went to Aveira , a town with 3 canals and some large gondolas (old seaweed boats). This is why they claim to be similar to Venice, fortunately they say it with a little laugh. Although it's nothing like Venice it was a nice town to have a ...

Ponto de situação, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Ponto de situação

A travel blog entry by etrag

Ao dia de hoje o ponto de situação é este:  Bicicleta  Aplicados os extensores de guiador, selim para viagens longas e o suporte para os alforges Amanhã vai para a revisão Tenho 4 camaras de ar e um pneu extra Cadeado e luz frontal ...

Jul 08, 2010, Aveiro, Portugal travel blog

Jul 08, 2010

A travel blog entry by buco


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