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zakopane, Zakopane, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by yah27

This is a top pick!

The snowboarding resort here in Poland wasn't exactly what i expected.  it only had one run open that ran for about 100 yards.  if you're not crawling on your snowboard, you can imagine how frustrating it can be.  however, i got to see some ...

Off to the Mountains, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Off to the Mountains

A travel blog entry by dancera


... much more. We went to this truly authentic restaurant and got Ruskie pierogi and salads. They were swimming in butter...that's Zakopane style. Mountain people need the fat to keep them going through the winters. We were also entertained by some ...

Zakopane, Zakopane, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by liviou


09mai : Zakopane la sauvage Arrivé la bas...personne ne parlait anglais...nulle part...Apres avoir essaye multe fois d'essayer de parler avec des gens en allemand,espagnol,anglais,francais et meme le body language qui s est annoncé fort convaincant j ...

Zakopaine, Zakopane, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by ashnbrieurope


... almost takes our a gateway pole we head off for a quick tour of the towns market and main square. On the bus ride in to Zakopane we were given 3 different options on a piece of paper as to what to do in our free time this afternoon. All of which were ...

Morskie Oko, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Morskie Oko

A travel blog entry by dancera


... kid raise his hands in the air, squeel, and fall to the ground because he was tired of the hike. haha all we could think was, "we feel ya kid." Later on, back at Krupowki, I got another Gofry. You cannot leave Zakopane without having one of ...

Polens Berge, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Polens Berge

A travel blog entry by different9


... bewusst, dass das Örtchen einen touristischen Stellenwert hat, aber dass es ein derartiger Besuchermagnet ist hast mich doch überrascht. Zakopane liegt an der höchsten Bergregion des Landes. Weil Polen nicht allzu viele Gebirge hat, ist man auf die ...

Zakopane and the Tatra's, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Zakopane and the Tatra's

A travel blog entry by mjs81

Greetings all.... We arrived in beautiful Zakopane in the extreme south of Poland today. The weather is fantastic and the town in small, quant and to our knowledge - not one other american is it's pretty fun to be here. We are staying at a ...

Winter Wonderland, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Winter Wonderland

A travel blog entry by indiajan


Welcome to the mountain paradise in Southern Poland of ...

SNOW!, Zakopane, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by brookeandnick


... were happy to get back down to the hostel and make some food – pancakes for me, perogies for Nick.    Zakopane was our last stop in Poland, and it was really nice to see some mountains and nature again!  ...

Auschwitz and Schindler's Factory, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Auschwitz and Schindler's Factory

A travel blog entry by redtilly


... some armaments.  He employed a lot of Jewish people and provided food and assistance to them.  This kept them out of the concentration camps and saved their lives.  . We stayed the night at Zakopane, a little village in the Tatra Mountains. ...

The mountains of Zakopane, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

The mountains of Zakopane

A travel blog entry by mshull

The first time I've been to the mountains. We went with a group of friends and spent the day walking around the city center. It was the off season so there wasn't much activity. It's cute, it's goral. ...

Footloose in Poland - ZAKOPANE, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Footloose in Poland - ZAKOPANE

A travel blog entry by footloosetv


... for the Polish. The bus from Krakow rail station takes about 2 hours. WATCH THE VIDEO. FILMING IN ZAKOPANE The pretty town is in the Podhale region of Poland, and its only mountain resort, so 3 million Poles visit it annually - and in high season, it ...

Zakopane, Zakopane, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by laine


... good, it wasn't 18 Euros good. So unless you have a real need to go, don't. We drove the mountain road into Zakopane after demolishing some fast food (had a craving) and saw some absolutely stunning country side. Now all of you polish people who ...

De bergen in, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

De bergen in

A travel blog entry by amberenrutger

- ...

Dagje Zakopane, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Dagje Zakopane

A travel blog entry by amberenrutger

- ...

Beautiful Zakopane, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Beautiful Zakopane

A travel blog entry by h_hurst

Just got into Zakopane from Krakow and it is so beautiful here!! I think that I am going to just stay here an extra day and not even really worry about seeing much in Warsaw, which everyone has been telling me isn't all that great anyway. Mostly I am just ...

Bus to Poland, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Bus to Poland

A travel blog entry by samandgarth


... I, being G, is seriously needing a poo!! Anyhow, as luck would have it S managed to flag down a private minibus to Zakopane who would accept Euros to cover the cost of the journey and G resolved his situation.  ATM at Zakopane bus ...

ZAKOPANE, POLAND, Zakopane, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by unbound


After all this city hopping, we decided it was time for some R&R. We hopped on a bus to the town of Zakopane, Poland. It is a somewhat small town in High Tatra's mountain range, south of Krakow. It is like a perfect little ski/alpine village. There ...

43 km, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

43 km

A travel blog entry by jimmymacfad


... first ten km went well and were fairly flat, the next thirty odd saw me crossing the High Tatras, a tortuous climb towards Zakopane. The southern Poles seemed much like the northern Slovakians if it hadn't been for their fantastic houses and penchant for ...

Cruzando fronteras, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Cruzando fronteras

A travel blog entry by warm


... Polonia, cruzado Eslovaquia y llegado a Viena. Ha sido un dia muy muy largo! Despues de esperar una hora el autobus en Zakopane, este llego con prisas. Eramos un punado de mochileros mas algunos lugarenos. El sistema de hacer cola aqui es como el de ...

No te compres el bosque aqui para perderte, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

No te compres el bosque aqui para perderte

A travel blog entry by warm


Desde Cracovia cogimos el tren a Zakopane, la via a las montanas Tatras y al maravilloso Parque Natural. En la TIC nos encontraron una habitacion en una casa. El dueno nos vinon a recoger. Era super amable, nos dio muchas indicaciones y chapurreaba un ...

In Zakopane, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

In Zakopane

A travel blog entry by finntopson


Woke up at 8 feeling hungover once again, got up and went for the free breakfast in the hotel we are staying in. It consisted of bread, gherkins, ham and some wierd sausage things. I seem to be developing an obsession with remembering all the food that ...

Lard and Beer and Horses and no Pickles, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Lard and Beer and Horses and no Pickles

A travel blog entry by baggagewhores


... hours in the backstreets of Moscow and send us on restaurant finding quests that yeilded no tortillas but they didn't tell us to come to Zakopane or as we've come to call it, Swiss Disneyland in Poland. We are hoping to get a check with the money we ...

Polish mountain resort town, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Polish mountain resort town

A travel blog entry by mrewkowski

... in a few hours. So we decided to head to Zakopane and pick up the report the next day on the way back. We arrived in Zakopane in the early afternoon. We checked a couple of cheap hostels and they were full. The only available places wanted over 70 zl a ...

Ahhh, feels like winter, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Ahhh, feels like winter

A travel blog entry by andrewy


On my 38th day of travel, I came to the city of Zakopane. This is the most famous ski resort in Poland. It is located about 2 hours south of Krakow right at the border of Poland and Slovakia. THe one thing that mad this place famous is the Tatra Mountain ...

The Tatras!, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

The Tatras!

A travel blog entry by b-side


... hour hike in the West Tatra's with my new friend and guide, Magda - a receptionist at my hostel in Krakow and a local from Zakopane. It was a foggy day in town, but once in the mountains the fog lifted and it was nothing but sunshine and blue skies for ...

Krakow - Zakopane, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Krakow - Zakopane

A travel blog entry by kimandmads

Drove to Zakopane after a tour of the salt mines just out of ...

Good Eats & Snowy Peaks, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Good Eats & Snowy Peaks

A travel blog entry by peteindira


... by these guys before their multitasking talents are put on display for the passengers on board... Getting from Roznow to Zakopane required 4 quick hops that took us through Nowy Sacz, Kroscienko and Nowy Targ before arriving at our destination. As ...

Zakopane, Zakopane, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by domandkatey


The following day, we boarded a bus to head to Zakopane, which is a Polish village located in the Tatra Mountains. To say this place is adorable would be a huge understatement. We stashed our bags in the bus station and set out to explore. We only got ...

The Hobbit, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

The Hobbit

A travel blog entry by matt81


... .  A wise woman once told me that if your feet are warm and dry, you're warm and dry.  she was right.  Zakopane had such an awesome water park too.  It was an indoor multi tiered pool with 4 waterslides one of which dumped you in the ...

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