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Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Auschwitz, Poland travel blog

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

A travel blog entry by jamesdate

... and the Polish! Even the Polska's who couldn't be classified into one the minority groups were persecuted as Germany invaded Poland to try and defeat the advancing Red Army from Russia! Three Kilometers west of Auschwitz I is Auschwitz II, Berkenou. ...

Horrified, appalled, and speechless, Auschwitz, Poland travel blog

Horrified, appalled, and speechless

A travel blog entry by pwong


Auschwitz ... in all honesty, I didn't really want to go because I wasn't sure how I would react. But at the same time, I felt compelled to go. You can't imagine what these places were like unless you see them in person. Even then, you can't fully ...

Family trip to Poland, Karpartz, Poland travel blog

Family trip to Poland

A travel blog entry by frankbs

Family trip to ...

Day 4, Sucha, Monday July 16th (88km), Sucha, Poland travel blog

Day 4, Sucha, Monday July 16th (88km)

A travel blog entry by duanet


... my camera fell off my helmet so from now on I will have to use the strap to place it on the helmet - good thing I brought it just in case. I also notice that Mike Tyson's "Black" energy drink is advertised a lot in Poland. Yes I said that right.   ...

Last Call, Makow Podhalanski, Poland travel blog

Last Call

A travel blog entry by addictiveaddons

... I used to think that airport shopping was only for the crazy or those with loads of cash and nothing better to do, but Japan and Poland made me see the light.  Some airports can be a great place to get wonderful deals and dispose of that last little ...

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