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back home, Opole, Poland travel blog

back home

A travel blog entry by bogna

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POLSKI: "Nim dokonasz wyboru wolnosci, dokonaj wolnosci wyboru (...)" ENGLISH: "Before you make a choice of  freedom, make a liberty of choosing ...

Cottbus - Opole, Opole, Poland travel blog

Cottbus - Opole

A travel blog entry by kimandmads


Drove into Poland early next morning, got stopped at the border and had to wait to the side for our passports to get checked and Cy and Ants van got checked by sniffer dog, they must of thought they looked dodgy as we got left alone. Had our first ...

Where do I begin?, Opole, Poland travel blog

Where do I begin?

A travel blog entry by bogna


... family house during the fifth year of your studies is a definite failure",  and I totally agree with her. Except for that, Opole [my hometown] had become too small for me. I`d had that impression for a while already, that living in this city makes ...

The adventure begins..., Opole, Poland travel blog

The adventure begins...

A travel blog entry by bogna


POLSKI: Dzis jest dzien, w ktorym rozpoczynam moja przygode. Jeszcze siedze w pizamie na lozku, jeszcze mam kilka rzeczy do zrobienia, ale za kilka godzin wyruszam. Ile ja przeszlam, zeby dostac ta prace! Proces rekrutacyjny nie nalezal do lekkich, ...

home, (not so) sweet home, Opole, Poland travel blog

home, (not so) sweet home

A travel blog entry by bogna


ENGLISH: I came home about 2 weeks ago. And through the whole time I have been running around doctors, doing some routine tests. Unfotunately, they revealed something I would have never expected. I`ve got a disease that I will have to deal with for at ...

OMG I am leaving SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Opole, Poland travel blog

OMG I am leaving SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A travel blog entry by bogna

... travels. I`ll decide in a moment whether I`m going to put just dots on the map or leave it as a draft until I come back to Poland in October. Yes, I`m going to stay in America for almost 3,5 months! Madness... Anyway, I`ve got a few things to do before ...

Prayers for Poland, Opole, Poland travel blog

Prayers for Poland

A travel blog entry by bogna


ENGLISH: My dearest international friends, a tradegy happened to my country yesterday morning. 96 of most important people of Poland, including the president with his wife, as well as one of the former presidents, many ministers, the owner of the Polish ...

I`m doing it again!!!, Opole, Poland travel blog

I`m doing it again!!!

A travel blog entry by bogna

This entry is an actual email I wrote to somebody, but it came out so well that I decided to edit it a little bit put it here as an entry. I hope you won`t get mad, darling. I am home at the moment, have had the busiest time ever lately. It`s been soo ...

Brothers reunited in... Opole?, Opole, Poland travel blog

Brothers reunited in... Opole?

A travel blog entry by stevea


... jacket potatoes. He enjoyed it and so did we. In return he gave us a few drinks of Zubrowka, a bison grass vodka, local to Poland. He mixed with apple juice, which seemed strange but turned out it was delicious. We enjoyed it so much later on we bought a ...

At the halfway mark in Poland, Opole, Poland travel blog

At the halfway mark in Poland

A travel blog entry by annieallison


... , and quickly came up with a lame excuse and that we were moving on to Krakow tomorrow. We had heard it might be cheaper in Poland and it certainly seems so.    We bought a packet of chips, a beer, medium sized bottle of coke, 2 fruit buns for ...

Lambinowice, aka Lambsdorf in WW2, Lambinowice, Poland travel blog

Lambinowice, aka Lambsdorf in WW2

A travel blog entry by camanita


Back to the 'normal' Polish trains, we cross the border from the south and arrive into Krakow (actually on time! At 7am). We figured the direction of the hotel and started walking, took a bit of searching, but found our lovely hotel. We weren’t ...

losing the voice, Opole, Poland travel blog

losing the voice

A travel blog entry by bogna


We arrived to Opole and it started snowing - finally! I already lost my voice in Milan because of laugh, literally I couldn`t speak. Zuzka arrived with me so we enjoyed together her stay in ...

time had flown by!, Opole, Poland travel blog

time had flown by!

A travel blog entry by bogna

xxx ...

Góra św. Anny, Góra św. Anny, Poland travel blog

Góra św. Anny

A travel blog entry by excaliburowa


Dnia 15 września 2012 roku miała odbyć się kolejna wycieczka Koła Turystycznego. Stawiliśmy się na zbiórkę punktualnie o 7.15, jak zwykle bladym świtem człowiek musiał wstawać, ale jak ...

over the hills, so far away..., Opole, Poland travel blog

over the hills, so far away...

A travel blog entry by bogna

We left Opole a bit delayed, but in good moods. I was courious what to expect from Croatia and how would be my 5th Youth meeting with brothers from ...

Kajaki + Zamiana Osobowości = ... ?, Kamień Śląski, Poland travel blog

Kajaki + Zamiana Osobowości = ... ?

A travel blog entry by excaliburowa


... do pociągu i po raz kolejny za oknami znalazł się Brzeg, moja „rodzinna” wieś – Łosiów i Opole Główne. Po raz kolejny także udaliśmy się do cukierni na skrzyżowaniu, w której mają ...

Polskej koupak, Głębinów, Poland travel blog

Polskej koupak

A travel blog entry by lobo5000


Ocista ...

Nothing Like the Rain, Glubczyce - Cieszyn, Poland travel blog

Nothing Like the Rain

A travel blog entry by mikasia16


    If you think that after almost a week in Poland my sleeping patterns would have gone back to normal, you'd be dead wrong. It doesn't help that stray dogs are still allowed to roam at night and howl like their ancestors or that the ...

goodbye Ania. see you in May!, Opole, Poland travel blog

goodbye Ania. see you in May!

A travel blog entry by bogna

So tired, but so happy! Time had just flown ...

Old Germany, Krapkowice, Poland travel blog

Old Germany

A travel blog entry by schnitzl

SO here I am in Krapkowice, Poland. I will stay for about two to three months and there is lots of space for adventurous discoveries by bike, on foot or by car. And the Euro Cup is just about to start in Poland and Ukraine. Lets see what this journey has ...

Seasonal Work - gethering fruits, Opole Lubelskie, Poland travel blog

Seasonal Work - gethering fruits

A travel blog entry by yevhenii.kulish

It was my first experience to work abroad alone. It was very interested I have a lot of adventures. For remembrances here I want to write about sons of pan Wacek - how they gave me a weed. About Wasia, my drug addicted friend) About Endry, Malyj, Rembo ...

time for another reunion, Opole, Poland travel blog

time for another reunion

A travel blog entry by bogna

... from camp Anne - Ania Smirnova. I hadn`t seen her since end of the camp, August 2005! She had to get visa to get to Poland, spent 12 hours or so in coach etc, etc. Fair enough. I arrived to Elas` appartment around 11 p.m. and went to bed almost straight ...

Magical Moszna..., Opole (Moszna) Poland, Poland travel blog

Magical Moszna...

A travel blog entry by metcalfw


Moszna: (Wanda) Let me preface this by saying that Wi-Fi in caravan parks in Eastern Europe leaves a LOT to be desired… OMG…the last couple of weeks… OK, got that off my chest, so here they come… Moszna is a small village not far ...

leaving day, Opole, Poland travel blog

leaving day

A travel blog entry by bogna

xxx ...

Planowanie, Strzelce Opolskie, Polska travel blog


A travel blog entry by tomaszj


Google Maps Londyn, mapa metra w padzie , przewodnik :) wszystko wydaje sie blisko ale zobaczymy jak wyjdzie w praniu :) ciekawe czy uda sie to zrealizowac w tak któtkim czasie ? Nadzieja jest ...

Prehistoryczna pizza w Opolu, Opole, Poland travel blog

Prehistoryczna pizza w Opolu

A travel blog entry by excaliburowa

Dnia 10 listopada 2012 roku stawiliśmy się, jak co miesiąc na Dworcu Głównym we Wrocławiu o godzinie 7:15. Pora jak zwykle była bardzo wczesna, ale wszyscy stawiliśmy się punktualnie. Były pewne problemy z ...

Prague & Polaris Plant Visit in Poland, Opole, Poland travel blog

Prague & Polaris Plant Visit in Poland

A travel blog entry by trevort14


... like the whole night hanging out in this group.  It was really cool to hang with Poles and a German - very nice people. Opole, Poland  I just got to Opole earlier this evening.  This is where the Polaris plant is and from what I can tell ...

Kinga Freespirit, Opole, Poland travel blog

Kinga Freespirit

A travel blog entry by bogna


It has been a year since Kinga Choszcz aka Freespirit has gone on the white camel to another world... She has been hitchhiking with her partner Chopin for 5 years, literally all around the world. The last continent - Africa - Kinga decided to visit with ...

Kielbasa Day, Głubczyce, Poland travel blog

Kielbasa Day

A travel blog entry by mikasia16


    My Goddaughter Malgosia made my day by preparing my favorite potato salad. She makes it almost as well as her mother now. Delicious!     We watched some of the Olympic disciplines and were delighted that a Polish sniper ...

reggae concert+theatre+zoo+museum=fun, Opole, Poland travel blog

reggae concert+theatre+zoo+museum=fun

A travel blog entry by bogna


... grew up in South Arabia and Middle East but has been living in London for 9 years where`s lots of Asian people. In Opole though everyone was looking at her like someone totally different, becase she was different. I hope she didn`t feel too unconfortable ...

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