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Arrived in Philipeans, Paranaque, Philippines travel blog

Arrived in Philipeans

A travel blog entry by divajessika


7:00am local time After 12.5 hours of flying we arrived in the Philippines to a humid rain. Not sure where to go when getting off the plane, we asked a guard who looked at our passports and escorted us to a small area in the bottom portion of the airport. ...

The Reunion, Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines travel blog

The Reunion

A travel blog entry by bluesummit

... then. I'm talking about my high school classmates.   Our Christmas get-together will be held at Mischelle's house in Better Living, Paranaque which is just close to my parent's place. It's good then that I don't have to worry on how to get there. ...

Macro heaven!, Pasay City, Philippines travel blog

Macro heaven!

A travel blog entry by oshioshi


In the world of diving, "macro" refers to small marine life. Some are visible by naked eye, some are so small and so well camouflaged that it requires flashlight or magnifying glass/zoom lens to see! Anilao was a heaven for macro lovers. I saw so ...

Invincible...., Parañaque City, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by emeric.bensaci


... cercle apparait au milieu de la plaie, on dirait comme du corail qui pousse. Le medecin me donne des conseils ou aller aux Philippines, ou plonger etc.... Puis il me prescrit des antibiotiques et une creme a appliquer sur la plaie, pour que celle ci ...

What a day in the Philippines, Paranaque, Philippines travel blog

What a day in the Philippines

A travel blog entry by jhishmeh


We woke early this morning and were met by Jeff Long, the president of Kids International in the Philippines. We traveled to several homes where ministry is done. One home his daughter Josie has started to rescue girls from abuse. 28 girls currently ...

A Filipino Farewell, Parañaque, Philippines travel blog

A Filipino Farewell

A travel blog entry by timandsarah


... , the chef then gave Tim a birthday present for yesterday - a small wooden original Filipino house (the national symbol of the Philippines which is supposed to bring good luck). We exchanged email addresses and hugs and finally, as we left, Tim asked if ...

Yes, I did more than just eat...., Paranaque, Philippines travel blog

Yes, I did more than just eat....

A travel blog entry by joshhodapp


Here are some shots of me throughout Korea, and other non-food related pics. Also, some shots of the ...

Leaving on a jet plane, Parañaque, Philippines travel blog

Leaving on a jet plane

A travel blog entry by stuartjamieson

Flying Cebu Pacific from Manila to Siem Reap, a huge storm hit Manila and delayed our flight by an hour. Land in Siem Reap at about 10:45 and the hotel has failed to pick us up, not a problem we jump into Sams Tuk Tuk and have a very pleasant ride to the ...

14 days in..., Paranaque, Philippines travel blog

14 days in...

A travel blog entry by jedgosnell

... among the 1500 other families who live in that little development.  One of my biggest disappointments being here in the Philippines is that I don't get to establish good relationships with people like I would want.  I've found that really the ...

Stephen's Travel News Blog, Parañaque, Philippines travel blog

Stephen's Travel News Blog

A travel blog entry by porm1953

I work in a fresh travel news business as a International Implementation Producer . AC/DC is a really lovable guppy fish that lives with me. ...

Pre-departure, Manila, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by arvalera


Left the house early, at 8:00am to give time for the heavy traffic at the SLEX due to ongoing construction.  True enough, it took us 2 hours to get to the airport.  Rene facilitated our check-in process avoiding the long lines at the check-in ...

Who am I., Parañaque City, Philippines travel blog

Who am I.

A travel blog entry by kristinaherey


Quite frankly, it's not a question I'm asking but rather a statement... Well, I guess it's time to introduce myself before things get boring. Now this is boring, seriously. I don't even know where to start! Oh fine, I live in a world that requires ...

Mall of Asia!, Paranaque City, Philippines travel blog

Mall of Asia!

A travel blog entry by protaras


The SM Mall of Asia. Yes, we went to another mall.  Malls are very big in the Philippines, but this is actually the Largest mall in the Philippines and 3rd largest in the world.  By taxi, the mall is about 30 minutes away on a good traffic ...

Metro Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines travel blog

Metro Manila

A travel blog entry by chrisuu


Manila ...

MLA to LAX, Paranaque, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by sarah27th

Fourteen gruelling hours was on my mind prior to the trip. The thought of it made me want to down a dozen of sleeping pills to aide the anticipated discomfort. To our luck, the plane was not full. Once the plane took off and got stable in the air, my dad ...

Duane's Green Tourism Blog, Parañaque, Philippines travel blog

Duane's Green Tourism Blog

A travel blog entry by weneary

I love my work as a Corporate Paradigm Designer in a well-known green tourism business. Ablaze is an ill-tempered turtle that lives with me. ...

John's Innovative Travel Blog, Parañaque, Philippines travel blog

John's Innovative Travel Blog

A travel blog entry by descear1932

I work for a new and innovative travel business and I'm officially a Senior Directives Director . My pet, a shy dog, responds only to the name Alto. ...

E-Mails From Australia, Parañaque, Philippines travel blog

E-Mails From Australia

A travel blog entry by jockey_8128


The following e-mail exchanges between me and my friends summed up my visit to Australia several years ago when I took a three-week vacation in Adelaide, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Kangaroo Island. During that time, I was working as Special Assistant ...

Hello Singapore, Paranaque, Philippines travel blog

Hello Singapore

A travel blog entry by joshhodapp


So what was going to be the last leg of my trip turned into the 3rd of 5 legs...... I pulled in on Wednesday night, after a 7 hour flight from Korea. Ready for a beer and a warm soft ...

Departure, Paranaque, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by dannydidodu


Departure from Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Departure from Manila

A travel blog entry by arvalera

I had my suitcase and golf clubs all packed the night before.  Woke up at 3:00AM as the Meralco Car will pick me up at 4:00AM.  My flight will be on Northwest 71 via Nagoya and Detroit.  Breezed through the check-in and immigration.  ...

Philippines day 3, Paranaque, Philippines travel blog

Philippines day 3

A travel blog entry by jozyrozypozy

... is an area outside of a mall with many restaurants and stands selling fruit and foods that are the specialty of each region of the Philippines. We ate in a buffet but they didn't have much for me so we ordered spinach (kankong) and banana heart (puso ng ...

My Typhoon Ondoy Misadventure, Parañaque, Philippines travel blog

My Typhoon Ondoy Misadventure

A travel blog entry by jockey_8128


Gusto ko lang i-share. So ganito nangyari. Dapat talaga pupunta ako ng Vigan nung araw na yun kasama itong kaibigan ko. E dahil nga bagyo, naisipan na naming di tumuloy. Wala naman akong kabalak-balak lumabas ng bahay nung araw na yun kaso, nag text nga ...

Bed and breakfast philippines, Paranaque, Philippines travel blog

Bed and breakfast philippines

A travel blog entry by gomeclyde

Envision a charming home setting in cosmopolitan Manila. A special place and a very private place. Designed with your comfort in mind, Casa Malagar Bayfront Residence B&B compliment to the scenic sunset view of Manila Bay. And offering most amenities ...

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