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Alona Beach - Panglao, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Alona Beach - Panglao

A travel blog entry by trent

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... from Cebu to Tagbilaran on the next island, Bohol. We walked a bit and then hired a jeepney to take us to Alona Beach on Panglao Island. Its very nice, but if this is the high season then I'd hate to see the low season because its dead! I mean, theres ...

Bohol...the best of the Philippines, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Bohol...the best of the Philippines

A travel blog entry by rolandandlizzie

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... the kind 200 Peso offer (£3) private hire AC bus to Cebu for the 5 hour journey...but c'est la vie en les Philippines! Everything is always a little chaotic here. So before we get into Bohol, chocolate hills, more photos of us in our buggy ...

The Tarsier, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

The Tarsier

A travel blog entry by jackdrury

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... in the jungle-like setting at the Tarsier Research and Development Centre, an hour's drive from where we're staying on tiny Panglao Island to the south. It was worth every peso as we sit at dinner, smiling, remembering the little guys with the giant ...

Panglao- tiny beach, big draw, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Panglao- tiny beach, big draw

A travel blog entry by jonwalla24


... we caught another OceanJet across to the island of Bohol followed by a sketchy tricycle ride onto the smaller attached island of Panglao. The main attraction here is the small and not very impressive stretch of Alona Beach where it appears someone agreed ...

Asia's Latin American Branch - Part 2, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Asia's Latin American Branch - Part 2

A travel blog entry by welovemondays


... in one of the most beautiful waterfalls we have ever seen and Steve ate cake, citing the long-held merienda tradition in the Philippines whereby it is essential to eat at least one cake every afternoon. Back at base, Tom and Irv decided to arrange a trip ...

My 1st 'proper' tropical beach in the Philippines., Alona Beach, Philippines travel blog

My 1st 'proper' tropical beach in the Philippines.

A travel blog entry by richierich33


... though slow only cost me 25 peso. Alona Beach is the first 'proper' tourist tropical beach resort i have been to in the Philippines and its lovely – just what i’ve been waiting for. It’s primarily a diving mecca with Balicasag and ...

Silver Linings: Bohol, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Silver Linings: Bohol

A travel blog entry by jojobee6


... an ocean view.  We also met Philip and Lucas, who were half Sweedish and half Filipino, and had been traveling in the Philippines for almost 8 months.  We sat and listened to a cover band, as Jules and company, the boys, our waiter Richard and ...

Human Trafficking and Human Repression, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Human Trafficking and Human Repression

A travel blog entry by


... nbsp; Unsurprisingly, however, some are and they can sell their bodies for far greater return overseas than locally.  The Philippines has been internationally cited as making too little effort to stem the tide of prostitutes so now have imposed tight ...

Clown Fish and Karaoke, Panglao Island, Philippines travel blog

Clown Fish and Karaoke

A travel blog entry by april-b


... nbsp;a Jet Plane.  Imagine, if you will, the two of us on a river in the middle of an island in the Philippines, surrounded by Filippino tourists, singing Leavin' on a Jet Plane at the top of our lungs.  Ah, John ...

Panglao is heaven, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Panglao is heaven

A travel blog entry by jonandrose


It is such a lovely island and could easily stay longer, but need to move on soon. This is beginning to feel like a proper tour now and having experienced a few things of how to get around here, its starting to make sense, with timetables and names ...

Without The Beach Or Nightlife, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Without The Beach Or Nightlife

A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

... our poor planning; we didn't realise we were coming here until yesterday. We have mapped out two places to dive in the Philippines, Balicasag and Coron. As I have previously noted we were unable to get a LP Philippines book. In Bannaue when we decided to ...

Another step back, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Another step back

A travel blog entry by


... to stress soon enough.  Given our legal agenda (the annulment, remember?) and the place of its intended resolve, (the Philippines, I mean), stressful calls come pretty much every day.  This one came in the late afternoon.  Ivy's son had ...

Panglao Partytime, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Panglao Partytime

A travel blog entry by sidandclaire


Frank and Daneza gave us a lift to the beach from Loboc so we spent the day with them ! Alona beach is really pretty and clean and is like a scaled down version of Boracay very lively in the evenings ! Sid spent hours snorkeling off the beach but was ...

Easter jazz, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Easter jazz

A travel blog entry by


Yesterday was Good Friday.  The Philippines is a religious country.  There were services and processions scheduled throughout.  Panglao's procession was to commence at the cathedral 15 minutes distant from us on a tricycle.  I had ...

None, Panglao, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

... this pizza isn't gonna be great? The pizza is pretty shit but probably doesn't even come into the bottom 3 I have had in the Philippines. I had swore to not eat one again on this trip but needs must. The rest of the evening was spent watching TV stuff ...

A Sideways Step, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

A Sideways Step

A travel blog entry by


... it but his nanny had taken him away before his urine was tested.  On balance, that was a good outcome - this is the Philippines and any step forward is to be celebrated - but Leoj and his nanny will need to return to the hospital tomorrow to take ...

Panglao, Bohol, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Panglao, Bohol

A travel blog entry by daniellejohnson


... fun dive. After the dive shop we did some tourist shopping - pretty much the first chance we've had since arriving in the Philippines. We also found a "Budget Menu" with some normal looking prices and had a decent cheap meal. After we headed back to the ...

Tagbilaran, Tagbilaran, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by pvdyck

tbd ...

Más playitas espectaculares, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Más playitas espectaculares

A travel blog entry by angelita.lita


Oasis restaurant en Alona beach, con muy buena comida. Escuela de buceo en Alona llevada por españoles: reef seekers. Buceo muy bueno, y con muy buen rollo. Música horrorosa en algunas terrazas de hotel. En mi hotel, en Dumaluan, el grupo era muy ...

Amazing people, bees & beach on Panglao island, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Amazing people, bees & beach on Panglao island

A travel blog entry by jasmins_world

I finally arrived on Panglao island at Bohol Coco Farm in the early afternoon, had lunch and then relaxed with my book for the rest of the afternoon and updated my blog. In the evening I had dinner with three of the other girls staying here. The next ...

Bad Luck Aplenty, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Bad Luck Aplenty

A travel blog entry by erics


... ; At this point I abandoned all hope of having a good time on Siquijor, bought a ticket on the next ferry out, and headed for Panglao Island where I am now, for some diving. Too say the diving here is spectacular doesn't really do it justice.  On our ...

Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier., Tagbilaran, Philippines travel blog

Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier.

A travel blog entry by andremaheux


What looks like the offspring of a drunken one night stand between a Gremlin and E.T. ??? There you have it, the Tarsier !!! The smallest primate on Earth and one of the cutest animal I've ever seen. ...

Washed Up and Washed Away, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Washed Up and Washed Away

A travel blog entry by


... the good earth can offer at a cost of $75 a night - now $77.50 with a bar fridge included!  Little wonder the Philippines are being over-run with aged (says he! - let's make it aging!) Aussies. On that topic, my economic newsletter yesterday quoted ...

Joy and Preparation, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Joy and Preparation

A travel blog entry by


... sapphire, usually highlighted by a brilliantly reflected sun.  The attached photos will serve my case better than words.  This is Panglao, this is a delight. (When you book ask for Room #1.  It fronts the sea, has a little terrace and has ...

Panglao, a little paradise!, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Panglao, a little paradise!

A travel blog entry by bjornrosier


... to Fiji would be the amazing beaches with crystal clear water - but to be honest we had some fantastic beaches, especially here in the Philippines. So now we updated all our flight dates, so we can visit Patagonia before winter starts. A trip we did was a ...

Tropical storm..., Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Tropical storm...

A travel blog entry by christine1982


Ce matin en me levant, rien au programme. Aujourd'hui cest ma derniere journee a la plage. de tout mon voyage. Ensuite jirai a cebu pour reprendre lavion vers la republique de la poutine. je pars donc un peu le coeur lourd mais malgre tout bien decide de ...

Hammock, lecture, life isnt easy ;), Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Hammock, lecture, life isnt easy ;)

A travel blog entry by christine1982


Aujourd'hui jai quoi au programme? RIEN! Jen profite pour flaner sur coco farm, puis je m'etend confo dans un hammock de bamboo. Je lis! hey oui! pour ceux qui me connaissent vous savez que je ne lis jamais apart des revues a potins. et bien la jen suis ...

Diving the Pacific in Panglao, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Diving the Pacific in Panglao

A travel blog entry by paul_karen


... Robinson Crusoe vein.          Talking of islands, our next stop in this wonderful country called the Philippines is the spooky island of Siquijor.    See you next to the witches cauldron!   Love as always,  ...

Diving Balicasag, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Diving Balicasag

A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

... I was expecting to be blown away. Even though this dive destination (Balicasag) is regarded as one of the top ones in the Philippines I still feel we have done better or as good snorkelling elsewhere. We had an hour wait before the second dive. We said ...

Christmas in Bohol, Panglao, Philippines travel blog

Christmas in Bohol

A travel blog entry by rjdemp


... their loved ones, this was a very minor issue. We spent Christmas in Bohol, specifically at Alona Vida Beach Resort on Panglao Island.  We had never been there and didn't do any research in advance.  We just relied on the opinion of ...

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