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Palawan to the max: Former capital of Taytay, Taytay, Philippines travel blog

Palawan to the max: Former capital of Taytay

A travel blog entry by steffen102


... Rangoon, the former capital of Myanmar on January 20th. But let's first see how the visa arrangement in Bangkok works. Wish me luck! :-) As usual I will post one more blog entry for the Philippines with my personal summary of my time here, so stay tuned. ...

CO-OPERATION WITHIN  2 CULTURES, Batangas, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by shorty1964

Hi all - we are still in Batanges and will be until Sunday morning when we leave for Manila.  Thursday was a good day for us in many ways but it started off kind of rough. We were going to begin our meetings and some people that some of us had ...

Back in Batangas - cont., Batangas, Philippines travel blog

Back in Batangas - cont.

A travel blog entry by shorty1964

... all be drunk!!!!!!!!!! So, as you can see Ricco is fitting in with us quite nicely! We are all glad to be "home" in Batangas and have a few days where we don't have to travel too much.  Travel in this country is quite stressful and it just simply ...

McRoo, Batangas, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by carpefeline

McRoo            I figured McDonald's had the same menu worldwide.  Big chain, lots of promotion, new restaurants in many countries.  So I was a bit surprised first time I hit a McDonald’s ...

Traffic is everything, Batangas, Philippines travel blog

Traffic is everything

A travel blog entry by carpefeline


... and said her niece was the owner of the hotel where I am going.  I think everyone is related somehow in the Philippines.  This lady is also the president of the senior citizens association of Puerto Galera and quite proud of it as well.  ...

Misadventures of Russ, Batangas, Philippines travel blog

Misadventures of Russ

A travel blog entry by rjdemp

    As some of you may know I was suppose to take the EFR (Emergencey First Response) and Rescue Diver course starting yesterday, but it wasn't meant to be.  It started out okay, a little rain, there was a tropical storm "Labuyo" but ...

My 2006 Highlights, Batangas, Philippines travel blog

My 2006 Highlights

A travel blog entry by bluesummit

... - Attending the Colour Your World women's conference with my mum - Bridgeclimb with Rhoda - Trip to the middle islands of the Philippines with Kix - Ski Trip to the Snowy Mountains - The Great Ocean Road Tour - Starting my own Connect Group - Being ...

Batangas Tipping, Batangas, Philippines travel blog

Batangas Tipping

A travel blog entry by carpefeline

... was the one who put them on the bus but then he asked for 500 pesos.  I’d been told by my friend who lives in the Philippines that 75 pesos per bag was all I should pay.  I shoved 200 pesos at him and got on the bus, all the while he was ...

Back Home to Batangas, Batangas, Philippines travel blog

Back Home to Batangas

A travel blog entry by shorty1964

Hi all, we are back home in Batangas.  We have been on a heck of a road trip! After we spent the night in a hotel in Iloilo with our own rooms and hot showers we had a good night's rest before we made co-op visits again.  I did forget to ...

Diving in Anilao, Anilao, Philippines travel blog

Diving in Anilao

A travel blog entry by rjdemp


June 12 is Independence Day in the Phillipines and a good time for a diving getaway to Anilao.  It's been rainy in Manila due to the rainy season kicking in, but in Anilao our weather for diving was great although excessively hot and humid.  We ...

AWCP Dive Trip to Anilao, Anilao, Philippines travel blog

AWCP Dive Trip to Anilao

A travel blog entry by rjdemp


... buffet style.  Overall, the trip was a success and we left with the question still lingering – where are we going next?  With so many options for undersea adventure in the Philippines, I’m sure that question will be easily ...

Taal Lake, Talisay, Philippines travel blog

Taal Lake

A travel blog entry by allilaoshi


... ;  It's a volcano that exploded and filled with water, but still has a little hill in the middle.  We took a ferry back to Batangas, Luzon Island (the one that has Manila on it), then took a taxi to Talisay.  On the way, we saw the green ...

Manila, Philippines, Manilla Philippines, Philippines travel blog

Manila, Philippines

A travel blog entry by derekpottstrave


... heat, suddenly wakes one to the reality that this is a hot place even in winter. The main mode of transport, in the Philippines appears to be, Jeepney, tricycle, bus or taxi. A Jeepney is a long vehicle, resembling something akin to an old troop carrier, ...

Our last week :(, Tinga Labac Batangas, Philippines travel blog

Our last week :(

A travel blog entry by barnandmel


... clear from our chest xrays we had been told that our Australian working visa had been granted, we were then ready to leave the Philippines. (Well i wasn't :( but we had to get moving.) Thanks again to all my family for putting up with us and taking care ...

Exploring Taal Volcano and Lake... and being mute, Batangas, Philippines travel blog

Exploring Taal Volcano and Lake... and being mute

A travel blog entry by bananita


I'm a little crispy from my day at Taal Volcano...  I forgot to smear on some sunscreen or wear a hat in my excitement of seeing this awesome location.  What a beautiful place!  Ate Olga and her cousin Edwin brought me to Tagaytay to visit ...

I'm coming home (2nd home)......, Batangas, Philippines travel blog

I'm coming home (2nd home)......

A travel blog entry by barnandmel


... to be undone in minutes.) We were picked up in air con van fit for 12, then chauffeured off to one of the Philippines favourite pastimes-eating. We arrived to see that things were becoming far more developed. There was a freeway that now ran from ...

Conquering Mt. Daguldul, Batangas, Philippines travel blog

Conquering Mt. Daguldul

A travel blog entry by bams7


nice view from the top and we had good time ...

Trekking a Live Volcano and Community Outreach, Taal, Philippines travel blog

Trekking a Live Volcano and Community Outreach

A travel blog entry by cultureight


... had to move to distant places so as not to be harmed any more. Taal is beautiful - I say this to all of the Philippines' islands. But the community living there, on the foot of the volcano, is a heartbreaking sight. This day and age of the Internet, ...

Kumintang, Batangas Province, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by chicvoyager


A place of many beaches. The first recorded name of the Province was Kumintang, after the Datu who inherited the dominion from Datu Balensusa. Its centre, the present day Balayan, was the most progressive town of the Province and the traditional centre ...

xmas with Spa and diving, Batangas, Philippines travel blog

xmas with Spa and diving

A travel blog entry by judihasi


... dinner was therefore very later but very nice as well. We left the next day early to see the Taal vulcano which you can climb as well. It sits on a lake and looks very green. Batangas is a nice destination when you are on the Philippines mainland. ...

Bantay Bay Childrens Village, Batangas, Philippines travel blog

Bantay Bay Childrens Village

A travel blog entry by anniematt

... this village have been through horrors nobody should have to go through and yet they’re smiling and ready to love… and so are we. Find out more about the Children’s Villages in the Philippines at Comments : Leave ...

Batangas, Batangas, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by smj612

dive ...

Friendskami @ Batangas!, Batangas, Philippines travel blog

Friendskami @ Batangas!

A travel blog entry by rockwell14


Outing for the year 2008! Highlights: - first friendskami trip with Allanski - na-stranded sa La Luz dahil sa bagyo nung nag-island hop - tricycle scandal! - laban din ni pacquiao nun! :D ...

Family Outing, Calatagan, Philippines travel blog

Family Outing

A travel blog entry by moxisaweirdo


First time to camp out with the family. Complete with tent and all we went to Calatagan Batangas and camped at Aplaya Resort. The beach was full of life. I mean literally. It was hard to swimbarefoot because of the seaweeds, hermits crabs,crabs, sea ...

La Luz, Batangas, Laiya Batangas, Philippines travel blog

La Luz, Batangas

A travel blog entry by may.francisco


La Luz with my girlfriends, Donna and ...

Scuba Diving in the Philippines, Mabini, Philippines travel blog

Scuba Diving in the Philippines

A travel blog entry by djstarr


... metal are a consistent theme throughout the towns.  Jeepneys, which are the primary method of public transportation in the Philippines, are another cultural phenomenon.  They are like steel jeeps but stretched longer with benches in the back for ...

Day 2 (Wed) - Batangas back to Laguna, San Jaun, Batangas, Philippines travel blog

Day 2 (Wed) - Batangas back to Laguna

A travel blog entry by dreyes


... this trip has been way too much food for my gut to handle!   In the evening back in Santa Rosa we met for a Midnight Dinner for "Noche Buena", in Celebration for Christmas Eve.  In the Philippines Noche Buena is time of Celebration for ...

Mount Batulao, Nasugbu Batangas, Philippines travel blog

Mount Batulao

A travel blog entry by tintin_824


Mountain Hike ang Trip namin ngayon!             Though nakarating na ang mga kasama ko sa lugar na ito nang ilang beses, napagusapan parin naming tumuloy rito upang mag overnight sa bundok. This was ...

CANYON COVE 2007, Batangas, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by shopaholicgirl


... !Canyon Cove Resort lets you enjoy the perfect blend of recreation and relaxation. At this stunning beachfront resort in Nasugbu, Batangas, you are wrapped in pure holiday bliss. Its 208 luxurious rooms are furnished with deluxe amenities that create a ...

Anilao dive, San Pascual,  Philippines travel blog

Anilao dive

A travel blog entry by dianacristytan


Second dive in Anilao, Batangas. Stayed in Arthur's ...

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