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Driving with Jesus, Ica, Peru travel blog

Driving with Jesus

A travel blog entry by chowie

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... our cameras, as her anguish became our photo opportunity. The next stop that afternoon was the oasis at Huachachina... located near Ica. Wow! I´ve never seen sand dunes that high in my life. They were like mini-mountains. And situated right smack ...

Andelay, Ariba, Ica!, Ica, Peru travel blog

Andelay, Ariba, Ica!

A travel blog entry by hancocjb

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... , soon into UNICEF´s lofty undertaking, local UNICEF representatives realized that they neither had the manpower nor adequate organization in Peru for 400 plus class rooms to go up smoothly. And thus a marriage of conveniance was born. Hands On has lots ...

Huacafuckinchina!, Ica, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by hannahbruce

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I arrived in Ica feeling a little tender and immediately caught a taxi to Huacachina, a tiny desert oasis on the edge of the somewhat dusty and unimpressive main town. Driving down a single twisting road surrounded by towering sand dunes on either ...

Hunting Sharks in the Desert, Ica, Peru travel blog

Hunting Sharks in the Desert

A travel blog entry by mrjoey

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The Desert Man so he spoke of places where sharks and whales lay buried there into a silent world we went and learned about a life long spent desert vast and hidden teeth winds revealed them at your feet sun of fire and curving land burning ...

Penguins, Desert Lines and Sand Dunes, Pisco/Ica/Nazca, Peru travel blog

Penguins, Desert Lines and Sand Dunes

A travel blog entry by allisonandjeff

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... in the back and one long-legged German in the front. We spent about 2 and a half to 3 hours seeing a piece of Peru well off the beaten track. Most of the time we were basically on two-tracks passing through remote agricultural villages and spent much of ...

Being flung around the dunes of Huacachina, Ica, Peru travel blog

Being flung around the dunes of Huacachina

A travel blog entry by markandjade

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... ! So after a pleasant 5 hour bus journey on the pan-american highway that cuts straight through the harsh desert landscape we arrived in Ica. A grumpy old man took us the 10 minute journey by taxi to Huacachina and had a go at us because we wouldn't do a ...

Just a little rant, Ica, Peru travel blog

Just a little rant

A travel blog entry by beardandblonde

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... , we still walked up a dune for a romantic little sunset. Then ran all the way down, making our own fun as the cold sand swallowed our ankles. Early night for us, up early for the journey to Peru's capital, Lima. We couldn't get out of here any ...

Bad wine and dune boards...feliz año nuevo!, Huacachina,  near Ica, Peru travel blog

Bad wine and dune boards...feliz año nuevo!

A travel blog entry by idarich

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... wine-tasting - the green valley in which the otherwise uninteresting town of Ica nestles is pretty much the only wine-growing region in Peru. It´s also the home of Peru´s home-grown spirit, Pisco (the town Pisco, which we´d visited the day before, ...

Another World, Salar de Uyuni, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Ica, Peru travel blog

Another World

A travel blog entry by bonkers

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... thermals all the way to dead dog dinner. Spent the last couple of days back in the heat, near the coast of Peru, in the desert. Ica, it could've been the Middle East. Huge steep dunes, surrounding an oasis town. Beach buggying and sand-boarding at ...

Huacachina og sandboarding, Ica, Peru travel blog

Huacachina og sandboarding

A travel blog entry by beritmette


Tog til en lille oase midt mellem sandbanker. Her ku man tage paa Buggy tur og sandboarde ned af sandbjergene. buggyerne = koeretoejerne til opad sand koerte staerkt opad og lavede sving og flyvehop som var man i tivoli. Det kildede rigtigt i ...

conquering the sand, ica, Peru travel blog

conquering the sand

A travel blog entry by gretsworld

After numerous buses we finally made it from Mancora to Lima dn finally to Ica the sandboarders dream - its a little oasis in teh desert really - the town is surrounded by giant sand dunes where u can spend the day getting sand caught in every imaninable ...

Finding an Oasis, Ica, Peru travel blog

Finding an Oasis

A travel blog entry by claudiaandfin

... Lima to Ica...just 5 hours this time and a day ride for a change, so an opportunity to see some of the landscape. Peru is the third largest country in South America and has three distinct environments, almost all of the coast is desert which then rises ...

Rucksack all gone!, Ica, Peru travel blog

Rucksack all gone!

A travel blog entry by finola

... we boarded a bus to Lima as I didn´t have anything but the clothes I was wearing! So there is some man in Peru with some interesting backpacker gear like a universal sink plug, headtorch and multitudes of girls clothing! Luckily I still had my passport ...

putting me on the map, Ica, Peru travel blog

putting me on the map

A travel blog entry by roamerjamie

i realized that i didn't show you where ica was on the map. There should be a dot there ...

What I did., Ica, Peru travel blog

What I did.

A travel blog entry by pea

... it was that I stayed there two nights instead of the one I had planned.  I´d definitely recommend  Hotel Princess  Urb Sta Maria D-103, Ica.  If your mototaxi driver tells you he can´t find it, do be insistent.   ...

finally here., Ica, Peru travel blog

finally here.

A travel blog entry by lmhbeatles


... Peru.  From 5 am to 2 am the next day, we traveled from San Fran to Mexico City (had awesome shrimp quesadillas) to Lima, Peru.  Got to our hotel in a not so good part of Lima, but immediately passed out.   Awoke early to some guy on ...

2 of Peru with the wonderful Kirsty, Lima and Arequipa, Peru travel blog

2 of Peru with the wonderful Kirsty

A travel blog entry by wardonkey


Met up with Kirsty at last in Lima, and left straight away for Arequipa for trekking (or more accurately bus sitting), and protest ...

From Sand Dunes to Serenity..., Ica, Peru travel blog

From Sand Dunes to Serenity...

A travel blog entry by jwolstei


We woke up at 5:30 today, just 3 and a half hours after going to bed, so we could catch our bus to Ica. Somehow, despite the blaring movie being played over the loud speaker, we managed to sleep for 4 of the 4 and a half hour ride. The bus pulled into a ...

Dune buggies and Huacachina oasis, Ica, Peru travel blog

Dune buggies and Huacachina oasis

A travel blog entry by melisach


Ola!! Today I'm going to Ica by bus, named Cruz del sur. I left lima at 630 am to the bus station. The bus cost to Ica was 55 soles. This is a tourist coach, which is very comfie since the seat can recline almost t0 55 degrees, better than an airplane ...

Haucachina, Ica, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by tdedora


Ica ...

Ica - Sandboarding, Ica, Peru travel blog

Ica - Sandboarding

A travel blog entry by marie-line


... walked up the giant sand hills.  Which reminds me I didn't mention yet it's all desert here. Until now what I saw of Peru is soooo dry!!! I am longing for some green... So there were giant sand dunes which made this place, Huacachina, famous for ...

So. Much. Sand., Ica, Peru travel blog

So. Much. Sand.

A travel blog entry by hugomh


... back, back again. Post-cusco, I wanted to go to a place called Huacachina. It's a tiny little desert town near to Ica on the west coast of Peru. The only thing separating Ica from the coast is about 70km of desert. I was told that the bus to Ica would ...

Sandboarding in Icas Duenen, Ica, Peru travel blog

Sandboarding in Icas Duenen

A travel blog entry by tobikaroperu


... vielmehr freuen wir uns drueber, wie gut wir es mit unserer Famulatur im Norden getroffen haben- und das "wahre Peru- ohne Touristen" kennenlernen durften. Aber die meisten Sehenswuerdigkeiten und Attraktionen sind auf jeden Fall im Sueden! Das tollste ...

Mummies and Sand Dunes, Ica, Peru travel blog

Mummies and Sand Dunes

A travel blog entry by deni367


After reading quite a bit about Ica and Huacachina, I decided that despite the advice not to stay in Ica, I would prefer to be there so I can go to the museum, which was the main reason I came. This turned out to be a mistake. Within 3 minutes of walking ...

To the Desert in Haccachino, ICA, Peru travel blog

To the Desert in Haccachino

A travel blog entry by kianj

Did a stint in the Desert. Hot weather swimming pools, Sandboarding and DunneBuggys ....what more do you want from a ...

End of Lima and Ica, Ica, Peru travel blog

End of Lima and Ica

A travel blog entry by globetrippin


We left Lima yesterday after seeing the museo de La Nacion which was a good overview of all the different cultures in Peru. Then we jumped on a nice bus that drove us to Ica, a town about 300 km south of Lima. The trip was supposed to last about 3 hours ...

Les Dunes en Buggy et le Sand board, Ica, Peru travel blog

Les Dunes en Buggy et le Sand board

A travel blog entry by germilie


Après un trajet royal avec Cruz del Sur, films à gogo et petit repas et boissons nous voici arrivés à Ica à 9h00 du matin, un employé de Cruz del Sur nous propose de faire le taxi pour l'oasis de Huacachina oú nous avons décidé de faire un peu de ...

Sandstorm, blowing in my hair!, Ica, Peru travel blog

Sandstorm, blowing in my hair!

A travel blog entry by corinneandluke


... this was exciting as you couldn´t see where you were going! What a ride though and definately something worth doing. We stayed in Ica for 3 nights which was probably a bit too long. One night would have been enough. We then moved onto Cusco to ...

Mi primer viaje (Primera parte), Nazca, Peru travel blog

Mi primer viaje (Primera parte)

A travel blog entry by ladypau


... de viaje! Despues de un fin de semana de relax laboral en el hostal (y asadito!), sali de Lima el pasado lunes y estoy recorriendo Peru junto con Lula, una Peruana que labura hace ya 8 meses como TC y es mi entrenadora. El grupo que nos toco es ...

An Oasis in the middle of the desert, Ica - Huacachina, Peru travel blog

An Oasis in the middle of the desert

A travel blog entry by hotteawhereever


Isn't stay in Nazca very long...actually the quickest i have got out of a place to date! After we went to a little oasis in the middle of the desert...Huacachina...such an amazing place...and so was so nice being somewhere where it was really ...

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