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Celebrating Jade's Birthday by the beach!, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Celebrating Jade's Birthday by the beach!

A travel blog entry by markandjade

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... pasta with garlic bread and apple pie for puds. The plan was then to go out for more alcohol but everyone was so stuffed (and Huanchaco is pretty dead at night) we decided to spend the rest of the night drinking at the house. The following day we did ...

Reed boats and adobe ruins, Huanchaco, near Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Reed boats and adobe ruins

A travel blog entry by idarich

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... we´d seen in Ecuador. Mmmmm... I wasn´t too sure I liked this place. Having arrived in Trujillo, we headed straight for Huanchaco, a seaside fishing village about 10km out of town. Arrived there at about 4pm and, having checked into a basic but clean ...

Mancora, Huanchaco, Huaraz, Mancora, Huanchaco, Huaraz, Peru travel blog

Mancora, Huanchaco, Huaraz

A travel blog entry by marc-patty

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... and was just the perfect place to relax after getting wound up at the border. Our next stop was the small fishing village of Huanchaco, famous for it's surfing fisherman who ride the waves to and from shore in sea-horse shaped reed boats in order to go ...

South from Ecuador to Peru, Huanchaco (near Trujillo), Peru travel blog

South from Ecuador to Peru

A travel blog entry by alexndean

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... bed to sleep in at that point - that's the only problem with the long haul bus journeys, getting the timing right for your arrival. Huanchaco is a really nice beach town, popular with the surfers. As soon as I got there I felt like I was in ...

Huanchaco, Chan Chan and Trujillo, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Huanchaco, Chan Chan and Trujillo

A travel blog entry by lynsey_and_john

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... pretty much similar to all the other plazas we've been to in South America. We walked through it and went to find a bus back to Huanchaco. We couldn't see many H buses, so had to ask a policeman where to catch one from, just as he was telling us, a H bus ...

Surfs up Dude!!!, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Surfs up Dude!!!

A travel blog entry by tommy

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... Trujillo at about 9pm. Being as organised as ever, we got out the lonely planet and started searching for a place to stay in Huanchaco which is about 15mins by taxi from Trujillo. I rang the first place and asked in my best spanish 'Hablas Inglis?'. ...

Can I hang ten?, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Can I hang ten?

A travel blog entry by tommy

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... now) we headed up to the very north of Peru to another small village, popular with surfers, called mancora. Saying goodbye to Huanchaco was hard. It had been such a fun and realxinf week and because of the amazing friendliness of the locals, we were ...

Ciao Ecuador, Hola Peru, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Ciao Ecuador, Hola Peru

A travel blog entry by hanscottclaire


... invention that I look forward to bringing back to England with me in November, just in time for Christmas! Now we are in Huanchaco, another beach town further south. We only got here late last night and we´re moving on tomorrow, but it gave us ...

LL - the modern guide for the long term travellers, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

LL - the modern guide for the long term travellers

A travel blog entry by rightwayaround

Watch this space for pure ...

Chan Chan & Huanchaco, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Chan Chan & Huanchaco

A travel blog entry by drcajunstyle


... They were both delicious, South America may turn us into fish eaters yet! We then spent the day on the beach watching the surfers, Huanchaco beach has one of the longest left breaking waves in the world, so it was cool to watch them fire along it. We ...

Fishing for Chilaco y Chan Chan Ruins, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Fishing for Chilaco y Chan Chan Ruins

A travel blog entry by nickiandal

... , we decided to check into a hotel, even if we decided to get teh night bus out... - we got a taxi to take us to Huanchaco which is a small fishing village just out of Trujillo and checked into our hotel... 50s for a day, steep but I just needed to sleep ...

NEW YEAR PARTY, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by sebou


... dans la jungle, passage frontiere ridicule a 4h du mat´, changement de bus a Piura pour Trujillo dans la matinée, et arrivée a Huanchaco a 18h. Par fatigue, je me fais voler mes lunettes de soleil et mon lecteur musique. Rapide le voleur péruvien, et ...

Culinary Adventure in Peru, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Culinary Adventure in Peru

A travel blog entry by kimthevagabond


... the deliciousness I encountered! This entry is going to be in the format of bullet points on everything I ate in Peru... Anticuchos - brochettes made from the cow heart, tasted like really flavorful steak! Causa rellena - a delicious stuffed ...

Huanchaco - we´re knackered!, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Huanchaco - we´re knackered!

A travel blog entry by nicpam


... next to Huanchaco. The trip has been interesting. We´ve moved from lush green landscapes into complete desert! Absolutely incredible! Huanchaco is famous for it´s fishermen who go out on very narrow boats made from reeds and paddled with a bamboo pole ...

The Mud City of Chan Chan, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

The Mud City of Chan Chan

A travel blog entry by smee_elaine


... patterns but outside they were of warriors and various animals, including a lizard which had been uncovered only days before. The other highlight of Huanchaco was that I tried cerviche - raw seafood 'cooked' in lemon juice, which was ok but a bit ...

Desert Dry to Mountains High, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Desert Dry to Mountains High

A travel blog entry by pengs_nadz


... middle east to be like) - really weird! pengs: We headed to a small village by the coast that had a decent surfing scene, Huanchaco. We tried to surf the one day but the water was freezing, I was convinced that there were crocodiles in the sea with ...

The first of many ruins!, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

The first of many ruins!

A travel blog entry by markandrebecca


After a long truck ride south through the desert we got to Huanchaco, a small fishing and beach resort which is also the site of a large number of ruins. We stayed in a lovely hotel which was a nice change after camping on the beach and allowed us to get ...

Mancora & Huanchaco, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Mancora & Huanchaco

A travel blog entry by leanneleonard


... of surfing for me. The next time I take lessons it has got to be in a warm climate - the temperature of the water in Huanchaco is quite unpleasant! The weather got colder and colder and one evening I actually went out to dinner with my hat, fleece, coat, ...

Surfer dude, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Surfer dude

A travel blog entry by jamesjames

... we depart Ecuador, and head into the Peruvian desert. After 33 hrs, and 4 different buses, we arrived in the surf hotspot of Huanchaco. Deciding a few days of beachtime R & R were in order, we planned to learn to surf while we we were there - ...

Tsunami warning, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Tsunami warning

A travel blog entry by los2gringos

... the smell of the town was instilled in my nose for a while.  We deiced to camp more and found a great site in Huanchaco, which is the beach town by Trujillo.  Naylamp is both a hostel and a camping site right accross the street from the ...

Carnaval en la Playa, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Carnaval en la Playa

A travel blog entry by tobikaroperu


... , mehrere peruanische Gruppen praesentierten sich, so zum Beispiel die Peruaner chinesischen Ursprungs (s. Foto mit Drachen)..Obwohl Huanchaco ein kleiner Strandort ist, wurde der Karneval ausgiebig gefeiert.. und zwar nachts, was dem Ganzen eine ...

Dec 27, 2010, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Dec 27, 2010

A travel blog entry by m-and-mp


In Search of Ancient Ruins and Epic Waves, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

In Search of Ancient Ruins and Epic Waves

A travel blog entry by bilinga


... up on an offer to paddle us out in the back of the boats and surf back to the beach through the very chilly water. Near Huanchaco are some very important ruins dating back to 100AD and we spent a day visiting a few really cool sites. Huaca de la luna ...

Making a Difference..., Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Making a Difference...

A travel blog entry by kimthevagabond


... win more than $30 at the casino but hey, it's better than nothing! At the beginning of March, I headed north to Trujillo/Huanchaco to do what I always wanted to do: help an impoverished community in another country to achieve a better and more stable ...

Off the bus, finally, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Off the bus, finally

A travel blog entry by alisoncuddy


We arrived to Huanchaco, about 20 minutes from Trujillo, Peru, Tuesday evening at 8.  We left Mancora on the bus at 9:30am, so by the time we got off, I was completely over being on that bus.  The scenery in Peru is rather boring so far, very ...

Darkest Peru, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Darkest Peru

A travel blog entry by julienicholas


Hello, I am currently staying in Huanchaco a nice little beach resort close to Trujillo. In the last 2 days have visited lots of fab archeological sites, all have to have hairless dogs living there (is the law bizarrely!). The mud city of Chan Chan was ...

Playa, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by sassyinperu


DER Strand von Trujillo, wo wir jetzt schon ab und zu waren,aber ich bis heute nicht im Wasser war, weil es entweder zu kalt oder schon Nacht war... Aber das werd ich noch nachholen! :-) Sehr süß die Caballitos. die selbstgeflochtenen Bötchen mit ...

Great food and long boards, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Great food and long boards

A travel blog entry by brenards


Well Huanchaco was a nice welcome to la costa de Peru! Good surf, clean beaches and GREAT seafood! Welcome to Northern Peru! Huanchaco is small and full of locals, aka not many gringos! I knew I was going to like and wished I had more then 2 days but due ...

Huaca de la Luna, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

Huaca de la Luna

A travel blog entry by nick__chadwick


Today I visited Huaca de la Luna, an amazing Moche site, 1500 years old, near Trujillo. It is a large temple which has only been excavated in the last ten years or so. There are five temples in all, one built on top of the next every 100 years like ...

skeghead heaven, Huanchaco, Peru travel blog

skeghead heaven

A travel blog entry by hare60


I must be getting use to this solo thing, it felt good to be riding alone again. After thinking for weeks that riding with a group would be a nice change I found myself getting a little annoyed with waiting or following the group. Nice to have someone ...

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