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Portobelo, Portobelo, Panama travel blog


A travel blog entry by steveandjenna


... around 4.30pm, after nine hours of sailing up from the San Blas Islands. We sadly left Wild Card and walked up to Portobelo Hostel (Captain Jack's Bar). The hostel is clean and really well set up, with an awesome book exchange and cheap ...

Travel prep...muy importante!!!!, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

Travel prep...muy importante!!!!

A travel blog entry by bmlequer


... freakin cranberry juice... So the entire 20 mins as we sloooowly make our way out of Colon to head towards Sabanitas to Portobelo, I am literally writhing in my seat thinking how the fuck am I gonna make it two hours without peeing myself!! I'm not!! ...

5 days at sea. Quick stop San Blas...., Portobelo, Panama travel blog

5 days at sea. Quick stop San Blas....

A travel blog entry by hastie_gringo


... eat 4 plates of curry the previous night! Not the greatest day on the ocean for me.....but do manage to keep all food down. We sail into Puerto Lindo at around 2pm. Hello Panama, hello Central America. What customs? No wonder this is a smuggling ...

Sur la route des conquistadors et des pirates (FR), Portobelo et le Rio Chagres, Panama travel blog

Sur la route des conquistadors et des pirates (FR)

A travel blog entry by sebchant


... , etc. Bien sr, tant de richesses ont attir les pirates qui ont ravag la ville plusieurs reprises. C'est le carnaval Portobelo et il y a une ambiance de fte. La pop espagnole grsille tue-tte dans les trop petits hauts parleurs. ...

Volunteering to Get Parasites, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

Volunteering to Get Parasites

A travel blog entry by loganandkatie


... night time, we watched as 30 or so people marched the statue of the Black Christ through the streets of Portobelo to music.  People come from all around Panama and other countries to witness this festival.  Many people claim that they have had a ...

Portobello- Old Port Town, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

Portobello- Old Port Town

A travel blog entry by cmedancing


When it started to pour in Panama City and we had nothing to do in the rain we decided to drive to Colon early.  From everything we've read and heard about Colon, we figured it was not where you wanted to be for any length of time.  So we ...

San Blas Sail, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

San Blas Sail

A travel blog entry by wabbey


... when that critter arrives though! After 3 days in paradise with some awesome company (one obvious exception), we arrived in Portobelo, Panama where we had to wait for a few hours before disembarking as the captain was unaware that the immigration ...

WHAT THE WHAT!!!???, Portobelo, Panama travel blog


A travel blog entry by comeasyouare


... man that guy gets around), who eventually captured the city and pillaged its wealth. He didnt go down without a fight though. Portobelo was heavily fortified by cannons, moats and walls. You can still see cannons that survived the battle back in ...

Panama: Portobelo, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

Panama: Portobelo

A travel blog entry by daria_juergen


... nbsp;arrived to trade for gold and other products from the New World. However, much like Nombre de Dio, Panam'' and Fuerte San Lorenzo, Portobelo was the target of constant attacks at the hands of English privateers. Considering that the city was ...

Pirate of the Caribbean, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

Pirate of the Caribbean

A travel blog entry by hare60


... the deck. The coast of Panama was visible most of the day, looking like something out of Jurassic Park. We arrived in Portobelo around 3 but the dock was blocked by a fishing boat. Luis (deckhand/cook/dogsbody) took the backpackers ashore while us bikers ...

At the Crossroads, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

At the Crossroads

A travel blog entry by jamespatterson


... than any other. There are no obvious choices here. What does become obvious in a setting such as Portobelo, a modern day pirate town on the northern Panama coast where one is surrounded by characters with more salt in their skin than in their meals, ...

get me to South America...., Portobelo, Panama travel blog

get me to South America....

A travel blog entry by josiejojo


... in 1741. Vernon was forced to return to England with a decimated fleet and over 18,000 casualties.[2] Despite the Portobelo campaign, British efforts of gaining a foothold in the Spanish Main and disrupting the galleon trade were fruitless. Following the ...

Portobelo - anyone got a sailing boat round here ?, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

Portobelo - anyone got a sailing boat round here ?

A travel blog entry by garygapyear


... to try and plunder , led by famous names such as Francis Drake and Henry Morgan. Hence the Spanish built numerous fortifications at Portobelo , the remains of which can still be seen today around the town such as the Santiago Battery , The Fortress of San ...

Portobelo, Panama, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

Portobelo, Panama

A travel blog entry by ivoyvonne


... else you can imagine. It wasn't easy to enter with our backpacks, but many people helped us with them :-). Portobelo is a small town in the north of Panama. It used to be an important fortess of the spanish and also the major port where most of the gold ...

Portobelo Day 1, Portobelo,  Panama travel blog

Portobelo Day 1

A travel blog entry by ryanaross

... so many months but it would have been dead weight once I left for Colombia. Got put out on a corner and told the bus to Portobelo would come by. The buses did not say Portobelo but locals helped figure out which I should get on. In general people here are ...

Portobelo Day 2, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

Portobelo Day 2

A travel blog entry by ryanaross

A restless night but woke up feeling better. Thinking now that my 'cold' could have also been caused by the A/C in my dorm room every night. I've heard of such things but never believed it, but in this case it just makes sense. Kept getting worse every ...

Op zoek naar een boot..., Portobelo, Panama travel blog

Op zoek naar een boot...

A travel blog entry by micheleen


... ....en dat we op tijd moesten zijn.....hahahaha. Er ging die dag geen enkele boot meer omdat het 3 november was....feest in Panama...en in Miramar. We hebben genoten van de optacht (er liepen 4 jongens met een trommel, twee mensen met een vaandel en drie ...

Portobelo, Portobelo, Panama travel blog


A travel blog entry by cwright2


I did an overnight trip from Panama City to Portobelo (which means 'beautiful port' in  Spanish). The trip wasnt bad, it was about two hours and two buses away from the City. If I had to do it again though, I would only go for the day. There really ...

Becoming an expert., Portobelo, Panama travel blog

Becoming an expert.

A travel blog entry by stoo

This is a top pick!

... back to the bus terminal, where someone screaming "Colon" helps me find my transport.  Unfortunately I need to get a connecting bus to Portobelo, but I'll cross that bridge when come to it. And come to it I do.  After a sleepy couple of hours I ...

"I have of late...lost all my mirth."

A travel blog entry by stoo

This is a top pick!

I'm awake at 2.30am in Captain Jacks hostel, Portobelo.  Our boat leaves at 6am, but we need to be on our way at 4.  Having attempted to go to sleep just before 12, I was drummed awake by the party happening in the rest of the hostel.  Now ...

We Never Really Felt Safe, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

We Never Really Felt Safe

A travel blog entry by bobnkaren


... people on board? But 2 hours and $2.60 later we arrive at what has to be the most beautiful location in Panama--Pirate's Cove where the "town" of Portobelo sits.  It's lunchtime and Bob has to pee.   I don't even know where to start with ...

Diablos Congos, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

Diablos Congos

A travel blog entry by jesshiggins


... that one restaurant had the best ice cream EVER.  I think that ice cream was the most nutritious thing I ate in Portobelo. Shen was determined to watch the League of Champions Barcelona/Leon soccer game while in Portobelo, and we thought he'd ...

Morning Beer and Fabulous Cold Showers, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

Morning Beer and Fabulous Cold Showers

A travel blog entry by jmabro


Our overnight sailing-motoring ended with our arrival in the pretty harbour of Portobelo in Panama. we had our last boat brekkie, packed our last bits up, waited for Beata to announce our arrival over the daily Captain Jack's over-the-air update and then ...

pirate cove, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

pirate cove

A travel blog entry by kasnsqueak


... . The room is damp and smelly. This town and this hostel is the transit point for the boats that do the crossing between Colombia and Panama. It's a money making exercise but it is how we  have to go. Well we did a 10 minute reccy of the the town and ...

zurck nach Kolumbien, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

zurck nach Kolumbien

A travel blog entry by eliasettlin


0% expectation,100% satisfaction., Portobelo, Panama travel blog

0% expectation,100% satisfaction.

A travel blog entry by kodatravels


Took the night bus from Bocas Del Toro to Panama city, which was a 10 hour drive, sleeping the entire duration, awaking at 4:30 at the central bus station. At this stage I was a little off to say the least and didn't know exactly where I should go, and ...

Shooting the Gap with the turtles, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

Shooting the Gap with the turtles

A travel blog entry by colin


... hostel (13) having no power was a good thing, people were talking to each other, playing guitars, singing, etc. All good fun. Portobelo is where a lot of yachts come and the crews come ashore to the pub for the night so we met people from all over ...

Pirate's Cove, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

Pirate's Cove

A travel blog entry by stella762


... of his girlfriends to join is as well.All three of us squeezed into the pick up truck and hit the road.   Portobelo is on the Caribbean side of Panama just west of city of Colon. Portobelo was an old Spanish port town. They would ship gold and sliver ...

Ruiner, Christo Negro och bad i Karibiska havet, Portobelo, Panama travel blog

Ruiner, Christo Negro och bad i Karibiska havet

A travel blog entry by slumsystern


... med litegrann och sedan sg vi en modell innan vi gick ut. Snabbare n J.H.s exkursioner med Hgo tror jag! Portobelo r upptagen p vrldsarvslistan precis som Visby. Museet verkar vara vldigt pedagogiskt annars. Innan vi kte till havet ...

Feelings, Portobelo, Panama travel blog


A travel blog entry by tobinhagler

Why is it now so hard to get around to writing in my blog? Do others find it simple? If so I wonder how. It just seems like there is most always something more fun to do. I have enjoyed writing so far maybe I'm just not feeling it right now...... ...

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