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The Northern Lights, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

The Northern Lights

A travel blog entry by charlotterowley


... minutes or so, it became so bumpy. One of the worst turbulence areas I've been through. It was a tad scary!! 2015 country number 4 - Norway I was rather surprised that when we got off the plane, we had to walk outside for a while. I wasn't quite dressed ...

Tromsø the Arctic Capital, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Tromsø the Arctic Capital

A travel blog entry by jambos74


... design. Gosh they're clever/innovative/weird these Norwegians! On entering you go into the cinema to experience a flight through norther Norway as a small native bird it is quite a roller-coaster type film up and over mountains and down through fjords. ...

Snow mobiling, husky sledding and camping, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Snow mobiling, husky sledding and camping

A travel blog entry by tai_and_sarah

... to get back to tromso check into our hotel and climb into bed but we had husky sledding booked and only a couple of days left in Norway and I really didn't want to waste them. The guy that took us to the dog sledding could hear my cold and stopped at a ...

The big 1  0.  Week ten :), Tromsø, Norway travel blog

The big 1 0. Week ten :)

A travel blog entry by lesliegugger


... . We got real excited because we've been trying for ages to get a pizza but it never worked out. Yeah looking for pizza in Norway, might not be where we have the best chances of finding some. Ate pizza which wasn't very good but pizza none the less and ...

Tromso, Tromsø, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by simandrob


... 000). Hotels, restaurants and pubs feature all about but it still has that quiet & sleepy atmosphere. What we have noticed about Norway is how clean, tidy and orderly the towns are. No graffiti, no litter. Hopefully we'll see the lights again tonight ...

Hammerfest & midnight sun in Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Hammerfest & midnight sun in Tromsø

A travel blog entry by kathypender


... and the drunkies in the street. Not surprising when you find out the Tromsø has more pubs per capita than any other town in hard-drinking Norway! We walked back to the ship via Tromsøy-sund for some great shots. I had a shower and in bed at ...

Life Onboard, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Life Onboard

A travel blog entry by jackie.moys


... life on a working ship in the Norwegian fjords. It may seem obvious but is worth reiterating that it is easier to travel north in Norway along the coastal waters than it is to go by road, especially in the winter. I am sitting in my cabin after dinner ...

This is more like it., Tromsø, Norway travel blog

This is more like it.

A travel blog entry by jackie.moys

It snowed today, big fat flakes that moved horizontally and blotted out the view and the light. Winter returned and it was magical. I spent the entire day either painting in the panoramic lounge or just staring out the window and Hurtigruten Lines ...

Tromsø / Harstad / Svolvaer, Tromsø, Noorwegen travel blog

Tromsø / Harstad / Svolvaer

A travel blog entry by romijnbot


We zijn naar de wal geweest wat foto.s gemaakt het sneeuwde heel hard nog naar museum geweest ...en toen naar boord we gingen om 1/2 9 eten toen gingen we weer varen en het stormde lekker Gr xxx Om 4 uur was er nog vis fileren op het dek en er lekker ...

Tromso - Arctic Adventures in Norway, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Tromso - Arctic Adventures in Norway

A travel blog entry by etravels


... i.e. we got lost haha - my bad. The whole island of Senja is amazing, so beautiful. Its the second largest island in Norway (excluding Svalbard), is home to only 7808 people and faces the Norwegian Sea. Locals call Senja a "Miniature Norway" as it boasts ...

Husky sledding at Lyngsfjord, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Husky sledding at Lyngsfjord

A travel blog entry by baileyl

... a stunning setting. Our guides were excellent. Katherine was half Scottish and had spent time living between Falkirk and various towns in Norway. She fell in love with dog sledding whilst studying in Kirkenes. It was great to hear her stories about the ...

Niet zo best gestart, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Niet zo best gestart

A travel blog entry by dd220786


Met 2 valiezen thuis gestart en met 1 aangekomen. Grrrr Voor de rest toch ee, goeie vlucht gehad. Het is hier berekoud en Dave heeft nu geen bottines en geen warme broek om aan te doen. Hopelijk is de valies morgen terecht. Veeeeel te weinig tijd gehad ...

Negative 100 Humanitarian Points, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Negative 100 Humanitarian Points

A travel blog entry by kyajade


... the wharf and stopped at a place called Rorbua Pub, where we shared a $16 beer in the sun (yes, Norway is expensive!), which was brewed at a brewery in Tromsø which is the northernmost brewery in the world, called Mack. Pretty cool. We kept walking ...

Oh Majesty!, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Oh Majesty!

A travel blog entry by laylean


The stars were out tonight with large patches of sky (blue). It is promising. We bundled ourselves, pulled up our buffs, and looking like bandits, staked out our ground just outside the cabin. We smiled indulgently as the crescent moon made its ...

Storm Chasers, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Storm Chasers

A travel blog entry by laylean


We aren't quite the hurricane seeking ones in Kansas looking for swirling debris and cows but we are storm chasers nonetheless, our storm originating 150 million kilometres away on the surface of the Sun. We are seekers of the Northern Lights. It seemed ...

Alta to a place somewhere near tromso ......, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Alta to a place somewhere near tromso ......

A travel blog entry by amandanicholls


... a Flock of sheep, herd of elk and a suicidal hare at the side of the road. The scenery on the e6 was incredible, no wonder norway is so expensive - they want to keep the views to themselves. At around 8:15 Pete said he wanted to do the scenic route - ...

Ontgoocheld, Tromsø, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by dd220786


Gisterenavond was het eigenlijk een avond om rap te vergeten. Het is om 18u volop beginnen sneeuwen, echt onophoudelijk. Organisatie heeft toch de Noorderlicht toer laten doorgaan. Zijn tot in Finland gereden 3,5u enkele reis om niets te zien, alleen ...

Tromso, Tromsø, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by tandlwilkins


Arrived in Tromso at 2.30 by which time it was completely dark. We wandered around the town for a bit but it was treacherous under foot with packed ice. They seem to brush the snow to one side in great piles but then leave it to ice over. We tried to do ...

Day 4 -- Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Day 4 -- Tromsø

A travel blog entry by jim-carol


... ; where we have 4 hours to walk. A lot of people are leaving the ship today. We don't know how many will be boarding. Apparently Tromsø is the Northern most city to be serviced by SAS. We won't be docking until 2:15 so we are taking advantage of the ...

2015 - What a year!!, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

2015 - What a year!!

A travel blog entry by etravels


... 2 - Surround yourself with only amazing people Rule# 3 - Travel as much as possible New Years Eve this year was spent in Tromso (Norway) with Mum, Dad and Rach. We'd booked to go Dog Sledding during the day, then for a Norwegian dinner consisting of Whale ...

Straumsbukta, Tromsø, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by laylean


... pavements were slushy and treacherous. The ride into Straumsbukta on bus 420 was achingly beautiful; the mountains on one side and the fjord on the other. There is a quiet majesty, a simplicity that is honest and trusting. Norway keeps redefining ...

Route Planning, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Route Planning

A travel blog entry by jcs


... /streetview/mobile/learn/where-is-street-view.html I zoom in on the map at somewhere that looks interesting. (My example is in Norway) Then I drag the Google pegman icon onto the road that I'm thinking of selecting to check out the scenery. Once I know ...

Fjorden, Tromsø, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by dd220786


Eerste en vooral goed nieuws, de valies is terecht, gelukkig maar. Hier in de stad deze morgen sneeuw, grijze lucht en nog eens sneeuw. Niet het ideale weer voor een uitstap, maar enfin laten we maar vertrekken. We zijn nog maar net de stad uit of het ...

Our first day in Tromso., Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Our first day in Tromso.

A travel blog entry by rivercruise2013


Sunday - all shops closed so there is only one thing to do - walk! Well the day dawned overcast and cool!! - well at least until we took the cable car (Fjellheisen) and then walked to the top of Floya, 671m. We were amazed at the family groups climbing ...

Husky sledding, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Husky sledding

A travel blog entry by dd220786


Rond 2u in het hotel aangekomen na een tripje op zoek naar het Noorderlicht en ja eindelijk iets gezien, niet spectaculair maar ok. Deze morgen dan alweer vroeg uit de veren voor een volgende excursie, husky sledding. Wauw wat een bende honden, wel 200 ...

Finnsnes, Tromsø, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by tandlwilkins


Stopped here for half an hour this morning. It looked another affluent little town. Some intrepid souls got off here for an excursion of dog sledding and reindeer rides, rejoining us later in Tromso. Sailed on through some pretty fjords during the ...

Tromso, Tromsø, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by brentonandjane


Snow, ice, Aurora borealis, Solar Eclipse, moose, reindeer, delicious seafood, hiking, cable car, driving the smallest car in the world through the snow - it's all happening here in Tromso - Norway in the Arctic ...

Tromso and Honningsvag, Tromsø, Norway travel blog

Tromso and Honningsvag

A travel blog entry by elephant12345


I am finding it very difficult with Internet photos and blog. So I am just sending photOs instead. We are having an amazing time. Tonight is the night that has only daylight. So we can all sunbathe at midnight. It is unusually warm for being inside the ...

Parijs van het Noorden, Tromsø, Noorwegen travel blog

Parijs van het Noorden

A travel blog entry by hartwork


... 248;y. Senia is bijgewoon prachtig. Kvaløy lijkt warmer, groener en lieflijker. Ook al veel meer bedrijvigheid, misschien wel omdat Tromsø overal op autoafstand ligt. Wij gaan nu eerst eten, douchen en de dag nabespreken. Morgen pas op de ...

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