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Lofoten islands, Stamsund, Norway travel blog

Lofoten islands

A travel blog entry by aussierach

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Within an hour of stepping off the boat in Stamsund, on the Lofoten islands the weather cleared up, just like my mood. Stamsund is a picturesque little fishing village with a couple of hundred inhabitants. I stayed in the youth hostel, which was a ...

MS Nordkapp to the Lofoten islands, Stamsund, Lofoten islands, Norway travel blog

MS Nordkapp to the Lofoten islands

A travel blog entry by aussierach

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The 4 day boat trip from Bergen to the Lofoten islands was a bit of a disappointment. I'd really been looking forward to it. Even though I couldn't afford a cabin (prices started about 600 aud a night I think) I really wanted to take the trip, so decided ...

three girls entering the Lofoten II, Stamsund, Norway travel blog

three girls entering the Lofoten II

A travel blog entry by anne-i-norge


... man sich in Norwegen auch aufhält, immer Deutsche herum schwirren. Selbst auf einem einsamen, idyllischen Wanderweg auf einem Berg in Stamsund - Jochen. Abends ging es dann mit dem Bus nach A mit einem Kringel oben drauf, der wohl kürzeste Ortsname ...

The beauty of the Lofoten Islands, Stamsund, Norway travel blog

The beauty of the Lofoten Islands

A travel blog entry by chuckonearth


... a few flat spots. The islands don't have a large population, so its lots of small fishing towns. I'm staying in this town called Stamsund where they have this awesome hostel. I hitch hiked to the hostel (took me a bit, but then a chick picked me ...

10 Tag Mitternachtssonne, Stamsund, Norway travel blog

10 Tag Mitternachtssonne

A travel blog entry by gaia-lofoten


Um die Mitternachtssonne zu beobachten, stellte Ralf den Wecker. Es war ein wunderschönes Naturschauspiel! Die Nacht über war es relativ windig. Toll, dass es Menschen gibt, die das Zelt erfunden haben!! Am Morgen hat sich der Wind gedreht und ...

Sea eagle safari, Vestvågøy, Norway travel blog

Sea eagle safari

A travel blog entry by franj


We went out in a small boat to search for sea eagles far above the Arctic Circle. It was in the Trollfjord and spectacular. I am rather proud of the photos but they are nothing compared to some taken by the camera ...

Lofoten II - Stamsund, Stamsund, Norway travel blog

Lofoten II - Stamsund

A travel blog entry by sanny


Nachdem wir Stamsund am Sonnabend morgen bei Tageslicht begutachtet hatten, beschlossen wir nach Å weiterzufahren. Stamsund ist ein typisches Fischerdorf mit einer der größten Flotten der Lofoten, aber im Herbst sonst mit wenig Reizen. Nach einer ...

Nat en indrukwekkend, Vestvågøy, Noorwegen travel blog

Nat en indrukwekkend

A travel blog entry by hartwork


Een machtig mooie streek. Begonnen met kleine vissersplaatsjes. Huisjes op palen met de vissersboot aan het balkon aangelegd. Stokvis hangt te drogen. Overal de geur van vis. Dan door het lege land. Kale bergen waartussen je je ontiegelijk klein voelt. ...

Stamsund on Lofotens, Stamsund, Norway travel blog

Stamsund on Lofotens

A travel blog entry by kylie_o

... we found a path out of there. Had an early night after that exhaustive trek and got ready for the 7.40am bus out of stamsund the next morning.  Met a crazy american guy at the bus stop who nattered on about himself for the whole hour long ...

CORRECTION!!!, Stamsund, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by rnjemk


 I'm sorry. I fibbed in my last blog. It was true that the aurora was subtle and enchanting two nights ago. But the night before last, we saw the real aurora. It was stunning. No! Breathtaking. Jen took some terrific photos and we'll download them ...

All at sea in Wonderland, MV Vesteralen, Norway travel blog

All at sea in Wonderland

A travel blog entry by rnjemk


... sit still long enough to allow it to be tested in repose. Up until that time, we'd had a fairly sedentary day. Hurtigruten's Stamsund terminal took care of that. We tried hugging each other. We tried dancing cheek to cheek. We settled on walking briskly ...

first stop, Stamsund, Norway travel blog

first stop

A travel blog entry by pennye


Stamsund was the first stop on the way to Stokmarknes, and there a group of cyclists from Svolvaer got on board.  They had cycled from Svolvaer to Stamsund, and proceeded to replenish electrolytes with a vengeance. ...

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