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Mais vista espectaculares de fjords, Einmoen, Norway travel blog

Mais vista espectaculares de fjords

A travel blog entry by byker


Com dias mais limpos as oportunidades de tirar fotos por aqui não ...

Um pouco da fauna ca do sitio (selvagem claro), Skog, Norway travel blog

Um pouco da fauna ca do sitio (selvagem claro)

A travel blog entry by byker


Uns alces, timidos mas lá posaram para a ...

"Are We There Yet?"

A travel blog entry by vogette


After a good breakfast at a very nice hotel, we set off for the Fabled Atlanterhavsvegen - reportedly one of the great drives in the world, up the Atlantic coast. Frankly, we were underwhelmed...found a nice bridge that had been much photographed (called ...

Goodness Me!, Sandnessjoen, Norway travel blog

Goodness Me!

A travel blog entry by ehjelter


... is only going to be for one-hour. It is time to unleash the camera and enjoy this part of Norway. Not surprisingly, the hour visit passes quickly. Sandnessjoen is a place that is worth a return visti and must be a true delight during the summer months. ...

Later, Sandnessjoen, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by c.i.222

To add pin on my travel map, and to add miles ...

Crossing the Arctic circle, Sandnessjoen, Norway travel blog

Crossing the Arctic circle

A travel blog entry by simandrob


... 300m. Sadly it's another cloudy day but the sea's like a millpond. The sun's obviously lower in the sky today and as we travel towards northern Norway the quality of the daylight will fade and will reduce to about 4 hours a day by the time we reach ...

Mo i Rana/Nesna/Bodo/Stamsund, Nesna, Norway travel blog

Mo i Rana/Nesna/Bodo/Stamsund

A travel blog entry by gse7640_2270


... in this wonderful little city with so much going on. Up a 5 am to get ready for a one hour drive to Nesna (all drives in Norway are scenic.) to board a high speed passenger ferry to meet up with our friends in Bodo again, a four hour trip, also scenic. We ...

Into the arctic, Sandnessjøen, Norway travel blog

Into the arctic

A travel blog entry by tandlwilkins


During the night we cross into the arctic. There is supposed to be some kind of initiation. Oh ...

We survived.....barely, Sandnessjoen, Norway travel blog

We survived.....barely

A travel blog entry by monkeypants


... stop off today in Nesna and I took some pictures from the deck because it was just a short stay..... after that, we headed to Sandnessjoen which was really really lovely.  There we saw the mountain range the Seven Sisters.  I took a pic that I ...

ferry ferry fast, Lurøy, Noorwegen travel blog

ferry ferry fast

A travel blog entry by hartwork

We hebben hem gevonden, de ferry naar Stokkvagen. Oh ja, het is géén ferry, volgens de captain is het een high speed vessel. Alleen passagiers dus, en voor je fiets betaal je een beetje meer. Dus een easy day zou je zeggen. Maar met windkracht ...

Zondag, ferries en géén eten, Alstahaug, Noorwegen travel blog

Zondag, ferries en géén eten

A travel blog entry by hartwork


Vandaag vroeg op, want we moesten op tijd twee pontjes halen. En die gaan op zondag niet al te vaak. Dus even na 8 uur al op pad en de kmo's vlogen voorbij. Om 12 uur hadden we er al dik 60 o zitten maar tien begon het wachten 2 uur op de eerste, en ...

Tuul on muuutunud vol 5, Nesna, Norway travel blog

Tuul on muuutunud vol 5

A travel blog entry by mari.nittim

Hommikul kutsuti 9.10 7.tekile välja polaarjoone ületamist vaatama, lisaks üllatus. Norrakate üllatus tähendab kalamaksaõli joomist. Saime see-eesti ilusa lusika, kuid see on kalakujuline ja sabaotsad on sel päris teravad, Trondheimi ja Oslo ...

To dager på Sleneset i håp om å se hubro, Moflaget, Norway travel blog

To dager på Sleneset i håp om å se hubro

A travel blog entry by turida


18, juni Vi sto opp til fint vær. Nå skulle vi øyhoppe igjen. Etter frokost og pakking ruslet vi ned til kaia for å ta bilfergen "Lurøy" til Sleneset. Turen tok en knapp time. Ombord i den nye ferga koset vi oss med vafler og kaffe, og så var vi ...

Vi reiser til Lovund, Lovund, Norway travel blog

Vi reiser til Lovund

A travel blog entry by turida


Det hadde regnet i natt, men da vi sto opp var det opplyst igjen. Etter frokost pakket vi koffertene og gjorde rent i rorbua. Vi ble kjørt ned til kaia, men underveis ble det en tur til Petter Dass-kapellet som lå på et utsiktspunkt hvor vi hadde ...

Vi jakter på lundefugler, Lovund, Norway travel blog

Vi jakter på lundefugler

A travel blog entry by turida


Vi spiste frokost på hotellet, fordi vi bor på et rorbuhotell. Lasse og Petter dro på en ekspedisjon til lundeura, mens Signe og Turid dro på en litt kortere tur. Sistnevnte traff en mann som merket stier. Han gikk sammen med oss Vassvika, hvor vi ...

Shipboard, Nesna, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by billieandsherm


Ship ...

Port Call 11:00 - 11:15 + Talks, Nesna, Norway travel blog

Port Call 11:00 - 11:15 + Talks

A travel blog entry by royston4040

Had two Astronomy talks today first on on Sir Patrick Moore, very interesting and the second one was a round up of the weeks aurora photos. This included was what John Mason (our astronomer) thought to be the first aurora photos shot from the top deck of ...

Naar Stokkvågen, Lurøy, Noorwegen travel blog

Naar Stokkvågen

A travel blog entry by wehman


We worden wakker en het plenst. We zijn vroeg op om de veerverbinding van 10 voor negen in Horn te nemen. We hebben er vandaag nog twee. Het is jammer dat het zo regent, daardoor kunnen we de 7 zusters niet zien. Dat zijn 7 hoge stijle bergen. We rijden ...

Slapen, wassen en solderen, Lurøy, Noorwegen travel blog

Slapen, wassen en solderen

A travel blog entry by hartwork


Een vrije dag met genoeg te doen. Zelfs een stukje gefietst. Boodschappen gedaan, 4 ...

Eeeep and double eeeep!!, Sandnessjoen, Norway travel blog

Eeeep and double eeeep!!

A travel blog entry by monkeypants This link is from the local norweigan news paper.  Massive storms on Friday....stay away from coast....possible 100 metre wave!  That is where we are!!!! We ...

Gale force from Rørvik, Sandnessjoen, Norway travel blog

Gale force from Rørvik

A travel blog entry by hatleskog


Bodø , Ørnes , Nesna , Sandnessjøen , Brønnøysund , Rørvik .  Absolutely horrid weather from the off . Rain , sleet, snow and wind so lost time between ports. Didn't venture out all day , just a lazy day in our cabin watching seaguls fly ...

A little town, a bit more suburban., Sandnessjoen (N66˚ / E12˚), Norway travel blog

A little town, a bit more suburban.

A travel blog entry by luckydux


As you can see from the photos, we have crossed back over the Arctic Circle and can now see the sun again.  This has been a big treat for us since we've only seen twilight since last week.  I wouldn't mind returning to Scandinavia when the ...

Day at sea, Sandnessjoen, Norway travel blog

Day at sea

A travel blog entry by monkeypants

Day at sea today....we slept in late for once....It started to get really rough again at about 8am, lost a few things off the shelves but nothing like the other night. The day at sea has been largely uneventful because we are taking an inland ...

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