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Mountain Cabin, Eggedal, Norway travel blog

Mountain Cabin

A travel blog entry by lfish2489


On Thursday I repacked my stuff and we left for their family's mountain cabin. We were there with my host mom's sister and her family. There was also a family there who were friends with my family. There are two cabins. I shared a room with Silje. ...

Fjord cruise, Nesbyen, Norway travel blog

Fjord cruise

A travel blog entry by c.i.222

According to my itinerary, we had a fjord cruise, and climbed Norway's steepest road on our way to Hallingdal Valley.   I'll have to go and find those pictures.    3 I couldn't find any pictures of the fjord cruise; sorry.  ...

The Rotegård Cabin, Uvdal, Norway travel blog

The Rotegård Cabin

A travel blog entry by bfarley64


... : Gunnulf, Stein, Julie, Tobias, Christopher, Me (packing Elias) , Christine, Hannah and Annika. I just love these hikes in Norway, stunning scenery, clean air and good company. The whole while hiking, I'm thinking of my mom's Country magazine which has ...

Mar 11, 2011, Langedrag, Norway travel blog

Mar 11, 2011

A travel blog entry by alexey.zimarev


Heading for OsloGetting late again, Nesbyen,  Norway, Norway travel blog

Heading for OsloGetting late again

A travel blog entry by david.seldon


... below us, and if you went over the edge, your clothes would be last year's fashion before you hit the bottom... But Norway really is an amazingly beautiful country, and whilst I used to wonder at their seemingly profligate use of timber for everything, ...

Hiking, Hallingnatten, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by kukiong



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