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Geiranger to Molde, Molde, Norway travel blog

Geiranger to Molde

A travel blog entry by leeandal


... Molde is well known for having been completely destroyed by Nazi bombs during World War II. When the Germans first came into Norway the Norwegian King and his court escaped from Oslo along with the country's treasury of gold. They moved to Molde which ...

The Atlantic Road in fog, Molde, Norway travel blog

The Atlantic Road in fog

A travel blog entry by ahartry


... on board a ship, to raise the "Pilot on Board" flag and receive the fee. We saw a sandy beach (which is very unusual in Norway), red deer, sheep, and cows. We learned that each tractor egg weighs about one tone, which is a lot of grass, and that farmers ...

Der WOW Tag, Molde, Norway travel blog

Der WOW Tag

A travel blog entry by different9


... einer weiteren Fährenfahrt. Doch die Bauarbeiter haben eine letzte Überraschung für mich. Der letzte Tunnel direkt vor Molde wurde nur wenige Minuten vor meiner Ankunft für Arbeiten gesperrt. Dies beschert mir eine Extratour von 40 Kilometer. ...

Campement, hébergement et nourriture, Molde, Norway travel blog

Campement, hébergement et nourriture

A travel blog entry by solive


La plupart de nos campements sont sauvages, en pleine nature, avec un beau point de vue, une rivière tumultueuse, une kyrielle de moules ou des framboises à gogo. Jamais tout à la fois mais toujours un immense plaisir de se poser dans un lieu bien ...

Going to the land my Grandpa left in 1927, Vikebukt, Norway travel blog

Going to the land my Grandpa left in 1927

A travel blog entry by mannalie

... just really different from anything I'd heard so far. It took me a while to adjust to several words. Solveig's boyfriend is from Molde (something like 12 miles away across the water) so his dialect is just a bit different (I couldn't tell the difference ...

Dreary Molde, Molde, Norway travel blog

Dreary Molde

A travel blog entry by tofor85


... in Norway where it can be helped. We were so tired we even napped for a couple hours before gym and dinner. We have two more stops in Norway before heading back to Southampton. Tomorrow we will hike to a glacier in Olden. The forecast is mostly ...

First night with Bertram, Molde, Norway travel blog

First night with Bertram

A travel blog entry by starlagurl


... beautiful scenery. As a rule I do not take pictures out of moving vehicles. I am alwas disappointed. Sorry. When we got to Molde Bertram was waitng there with his weird truck. I sat in the back with  bunch of woodworking and fishing equipment with ...

From the inland fjords to the coast line, Molde, Norway travel blog

From the inland fjords to the coast line

A travel blog entry by johan.maes.1426


... the ferry to Valldal rather than follow the route, this is a twice a day ferry that goes over the most famous fjords in Norway, Geiranger fjord with the majestic mountains that border it and some of the smaller side fjords that link to it.  While ...

Molde, Molde, Norge travel blog


A travel blog entry by knarrevik


Tried to find bmw dealer to fix my cigarette lghtr, Molde, Norway travel blog

Tried to find bmw dealer to fix my cigarette lghtr

A travel blog entry by dannyriebeek


I dont smoke but my camera ipad phone need juice. Staying at a camping place now. eventually fixed it myself. ...

Day trip to Molde - Day 7, Molde, Norway travel blog

Day trip to Molde - Day 7

A travel blog entry by the-gibbons


Another stunning drive. 2 hour trip to Molde then back on the ferry. Road signs warn about Mousse and Reindeer, unfortunately we have only spotted cats!  Mark decided to let me drive for 25 miles, he was extremely nervous and I had to let him take ...

Urodzinowe podróże, Molde, Norway travel blog

Urodzinowe podróże

A travel blog entry by iamwalrus


... ąca w piękne widoki za oknem. Potem zamiast wracać tą samą trasą pojechaliśmy do Molde, a dokładniej do Varden - punktu widokowego. Ale zrobili nas w balona i zrobili parking dobre kilka km wcześniej więc ...

Molde, Molde, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by pegannon


The next day  brings us to Molde. Today is kind of a slow down day for us. Ryan isn't feeling well so he stays on board while Chris and I go into the town. A quaint town reknown for its roses. In front of the town hall at the flower girl statue ...

Molde - City of Roses, Molde, Norway travel blog

Molde - City of Roses

A travel blog entry by finnegan


... it is possible to see 222 mountain peaks when standing at the lookout point of Varden.  In 2005, the Atlantic Road was voted Norway's construction of the century.  It was completed in 1989.  We walked in Molde from the pier to the Tourist ...

Molde, Molde, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by sandjtravels


... stopped off at the Romsdal Museum.  This is a collection of houses from the different parts of Norway, very rustic.  After this we walked to Molde cathedral, it had very colourful stained glass windows and a ship hanging from the ceiling which ...

alesund, Alesund, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by lynda.sullivan

alesund ...

BOTTLE RECYCLING....a new sport!, Molde, Norway travel blog

BOTTLE RECYCLING....a new sport!

A travel blog entry by tracks_travel


... set and is only a distant glow on the horizon! NEW YEARS EVE: 0645: We docked at Trondheim at 0600hrs. This is Norway's 3rd largest City with around 180,000 inhabitants. Our cabin is a hive of on the go.....maps and charts spread ...

Mt Varden, Molde, Norway travel blog

Mt Varden

A travel blog entry by andygailtravel


Raining again. We were given the choice of cancelling our tour due to the rain but we decided to do it anyway. The bus took us to the top of Mt Varden,, we could see the view but only just. The bus departed and we started our walk back down to the ship. ...

Trollstigen, Molde, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by colldavesophevi


... a journey through the alpine meadows in all their stark autumnal beauty, we came to the Trollstiggen, the most visited road in Norway. The Trollstiggen (which means troll’s ladder) is a road that through a series of 11 hairpins plummets 1,300 ...

Islands, Midges and Fjords Galore, Alesund, Norway travel blog

Islands, Midges and Fjords Galore

A travel blog entry by off_road_clara

... the girls' families. They made us feel so at home and gave me a troll doll which has been staring at me from my shelf ever since. Norway is certainly a beautiful country, and a place i long to return to and explore in more detail now that I am an ...

Hello Norway, Molde, Norway travel blog

Hello Norway

A travel blog entry by kolinger3


Granny-We have arrived today (Thursday) in " the city of jazz and roses", Molde, Norway. Although the roses are blooming all over town, we have just missed the jazz fest that is held each July.  Not matter though, as we are just happy to be in a ...

Trollstigen - Moen, Eide, Noorwegen travel blog

Trollstigen - Moen

A travel blog entry by jimminez


Vanochtend wakker geworden met een prachtig uitzicht over de bergen en de vallei. We zijn eerst naar het uitkijkpunt over de Trollstigen gegaan vermits het nog vroeg was en we zo de massa voor waren. Hier eventjes wat gewandeld en toen een stukje ...

Droga Atlantycka, Fræna, Norwegia travel blog

Droga Atlantycka

A travel blog entry by iamwalrus


Dzisiaj wyruszyliśmy w stronę Oceanu. Nie można narzekać na brak punktów widokowych bo było ich pełno. Na naszej trasie było parę dłuższych tuneli, przeprawa promem ale przede wszystkim widowiskowe ...

* fk, Molde, Norway travel blog

* fk

A travel blog entry by naghign2steaua

gr e STE  2-0  MOL  (Chiriches, Rusescu) MOL  0-2  STE  (Chipciu, Latovlevici) ...

Great Atlantic Road, Molde, Norway travel blog

Great Atlantic Road

A travel blog entry by marqual


... great Atlantic road, a recently built road connecting many islands with bridges that has become on of the top tourist attractions of Norway.  On a neighboring island, we stopped at the stave church in Kvarnes.  There are only a couple dozen of ...

Trondheim to Hurtigruten, Molde, Norway travel blog

Trondheim to Hurtigruten

A travel blog entry by traveltragic


... Taxi to Hurtigruten Sailed at 10am Wonderful rugged scenery, variable weather! Short stop at Kristiansund, then longer at Molde Walked through the town, soaking up Jazz Festival atmosphere, searching in vain for a Tshirt for Paul! Nice ...

Molde, Molde, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by strudrz97


Not a lot to say about Molde, the City of Roses. Went into the 11,000 seater Akron football ground and saw a bit of Molde v ???. Town reminded Mum and Dad of Bexhill. At the evening meal Captain Bumble (Captain of the Dining Area) came over to our table ...

Nothng day, Molde, Norway travel blog

Nothng day

A travel blog entry by starlagurl


... surfers...And showing us some of his beautiful woodwork. Which was nice. We went to bed early to make an early bus out of Molde. One good thing about Bertram is that he would call my dad out when he was being particularly difficult to deal with. At least ...

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