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Norway is amazing, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Norway is amazing

A travel blog entry by cobi

This is a top pick!

I decided to take my writing to an advertising-free space, so you can read about my Norwegian experience here: ...

Olympic Rings and lots of steps: Lillehammer, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Olympic Rings and lots of steps: Lillehammer

A travel blog entry by megbrodribb


... drink for me. The next day (Saturday, or yesterday), was a big walking day. As I just mentioned, Lillehammer, despite being the 3rd largest town in Norway, only has my population of around 27,000, and is most famous for hosting the 1994 Winter Olympics. ...

Kindness and hospitality without measure, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Kindness and hospitality without measure

A travel blog entry by felixandfloss


... even jamming out causing the valves to collide and bend. Finally we understand what has caused all our troubles since arriving in Norway, it must have come loose when the engine overheated once, and then moved up and down loosening the head around the ...

Trondheim slikovito norveško mestece, Trondheim, Norway travel blog

Trondheim slikovito norveško mestece

A travel blog entry by jana-petan


... 269;nico na vrh. Jaz pa zavijem v gozd in raziskujem trave, poljsko cvetje in občudujem jezero v dolini. Spustimo se v Lillehammer in se sprehodimo po ljubkem mestecu med stojnicami naloženimi s siri, klobasami, vloženo zelenjavo in suhim ...

mais despedidas, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

mais despedidas

A travel blog entry by betuca


Eu ja perdi as contas de quantas despedidas eu fiz parte aqui na escola na inglaterra. O que me parece meio estranho, ter varias despedidas do mesmo lugar em uma periodo de tempo de dois anos. Da pra acreditar que ja fazem dois anos que sai do Brasil? ...

Episode 6, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Episode 6

A travel blog entry by bennybeanbear


... the Americans could built a new embassy very close by despite a great deal of opposition from all the residents. May 17th is Norway’s national day, and a public holiday.  We had chosen this day to visit the 12th century ‘stave’ ...

Everything happens for a reason., Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Everything happens for a reason.

A travel blog entry by olsencv


... valuable lesson of always checking your area before you leave to make sure you have everything with you, especially a wallet. :o) Now Lillehammer. Though we tried to walk up to the Olympic museum and ski jumps and were unsuccessful, we definitely saw ...

And it just keeps getting weirder and weirder..., Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

And it just keeps getting weirder and weirder...

A travel blog entry by olsencv

... peace of this country. Even in the midst of a busy, stressful time, I am enjoying every minute. :o) Med beste hilsen fra Lillehammer, Christy :o) P.S. Pictures from this amusing adventure are now online at ...

Lillehammer - schöner Olympiaort, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Lillehammer - schöner Olympiaort

A travel blog entry by patricia.eifler


Als ich mir die Buspläne in Gjendesheim Richtung Lillehammer angesehen habe war mir bewusst, dass die Anreise mit Bussen um einiges länger dauern wird als mit der Anreise per Auto. Aber dass ich dann doch 8 Stunden gebraucht habe für eine Autofahrt von ...

Wanting out, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Wanting out

A travel blog entry by felixandfloss


... road and right now we were being offered help way past the normal expectations of your average dealer.  We got back to Lillehammer and unloaded Nina. Then a friend of Geir, visiting after returning from solo bike trip in Italy, reminded Geir of a man ...

Felix's birthday & getting it back together, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Felix's birthday & getting it back together

A travel blog entry by felixandfloss


... to explain the debacle of umming and aahhhring and botch job attempts to get us going again. The challenge of getting parts to Norway within a month is so freaking ridiculously hard I don’t know whether to laugh or cry - well actually that’s ...

I wanna try skijumping!!!, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

I wanna try skijumping!!!

A travel blog entry by ka.duncan

... worth a visit. Beautifully made and the Viking symbols add to the uniqueness of it. Lom is a cute town. We then drove onto Lillehammer. Not as spectacular scenery on the way so slept for a bit as was feeling very tired. Had an excursion at Lillehammer to ...

Hei hei fra Lillehammer!, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Hei hei fra Lillehammer!

A travel blog entry by olsencv


... more difficult for me to understand and communicate with someone with a dialect from western Norway), and the wife teaches at the Lillehammer Voksneopplæringsenter, where immigrants take Norwegian classes for 37.5 hours a ...

Olympische Winterspiele 1994, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Olympische Winterspiele 1994

A travel blog entry by andre583


Eine Besichtigung der Stadt in der 1994 die Olympischen Winterspiele stattfanden. Dazu gehoert natuerlich auch eine Besteigung der Skisprungschanze mit einem atemberaubenden Blick über Lillehammer und ...

Destination reached, Lillehammer, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Destination reached, Lillehammer

A travel blog entry by chooks

8th of June, Our trip with Rolf and Liv who promised us to see the west coast. We take the E6 to the north and at Dombas we turn west towards Andelness.We are very excited to see the first snow on the mountains and all the waterfalls and start making ...

This is crazy!!!!, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

This is crazy!!!!

A travel blog entry by jcastellan


After a few hours of driving, we arrived at Lillehammer for a ride in a bobsled on an Olympic course. A mini-van drove us to the top of the hill. There were four of us in each bob sled, which has been modified for use in summer- as there is no snow here ...

Lillehamar, Lillehamar, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by mannalie

So our class took a field trip up north to Lillehamar for a visit to the Nansen Academy, famous for it's work with dialogue between parties in conflict. I wish we could have come sooner. We got to hear some really interesting lectures about dialogue, ...

Bob-Bob-Bobbing along in Lillehammer, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Bob-Bob-Bobbing along in Lillehammer

A travel blog entry by sd0744


Lillehammer situated in central Norway on the northern tip of Lake  Mjøsa and home to the 1994 Winter Olympics, even though this small town of 20,000 people only held the ice-hockey, ski jump and some downhill skiing. Other disciplines were held in ...

Of Stave Churches, Ibsen and Skis, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Of Stave Churches, Ibsen and Skis

A travel blog entry by ricochet


... from way up and taking the lift down again. It's just another Ski Jump. We departed around 4.30pm and make our way to Lillehammer. While our hotel was a beautiful Radisson Chain, It was very far from the town center. A good old 30 minutes walk. We ...

Our entry into Norway, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Our entry into Norway

A travel blog entry by c.i.222


Map of Lillehammer . . . . . . . . . We coached into Norway today, and were introduced to the beautiful, green, mountainous landscape with snowy peaks.    ...

Da Trondheim a Lillehammer, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Da Trondheim a Lillehammer

A travel blog entry by alberto70


... consueto, ma poca cosa.  Il resto del tragitto il tempo è bello e la temperatura sta decisamente alzandosi. Giunto a Lillehammer mi sistemo nella stanza dell'ostello. Una struttura nuovissima praticamente un tutt'uno con la stazione anche essa nuova ...

Reiseruten, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by iselinra


Nå er det i underkant av fire uker til avreise, som er 5 Januar 2014. Karoline og jeg, skal sammen med kompanjongene Silje og Iselin ut på en lengre tur til sydligere strøk, nærmere bestemt Kariben og Asia.   Til sammen skal vi være borte ...

Driving south, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Driving south

A travel blog entry by jannettek


... point in our trip as we have gone as far north in Norway as we have time for and have now come south to Lillehammer.   We took a couple of diversions from the direct route to include some scenic roads. The first was the Tourist Route through Rondane ...

dd, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by olympicemma

s ...

Dzien 4 - Jedziemy  w kierunku fjordow, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Dzien 4 - Jedziemy w kierunku fjordow

A travel blog entry by lukaszslota


Przejezdzamy przez malownicze trasę turystyczna rendanen, po drodze przystanki i podziwianie pięknych widoków które z każdym kilometrem na północ, stają sie ładniejsze, przejezdzamy przed folldal, Fjord ...

Lillehammer, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by triptalk


... of course the longer I wait the less I am going to want to upload everything. So now I have to remember what happened a week ago. Lillehammer is a nice small town that happened to have the winter olympics in 1994. I walked up to the ski jump and saw guys ...

Re-Living The Lillehammer 94 Olympics, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Re-Living The Lillehammer 94 Olympics

A travel blog entry by dschoepke


... hotel was crowded.  Today we got a tour of downtown Lillehammer.  We walked the Main Street and Walking Street of Lillehammer.  Found a souvenir shop where we found a couple of small items.  They weren't kidding when they said Norway ...

In Norway, and It's Raining... Bummer!, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

In Norway, and It's Raining... Bummer!

A travel blog entry by agronomist


... Norway this morning, but continued traveling most of the remainder of the day.  Right now, we are in our hotel room in Lillehammer, with some time to burn before we have a group dinner in the hotel cafeteria.  Looking out the window, we can see ...

Oslo/Gaala, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by rerowand

... had to wait for our bus to leave the ferry before we could board. Once on the bus we headed out of the city towards Lillehammer. We had one rest stop before continuing. Later, we were crossing a bridge to the other side of the river, but we encountered ...

Kongsvinger - linnake Hamar-Lillehammer kandis, Lillehammer, Norway travel blog

Kongsvinger - linnake Hamar-Lillehammer kandis

A travel blog entry by tigekurikala

Aga veel samal õhtul lõpetasime me Hamari ja Lillehammeri vahel olevas väikeses linnakeses :) Olime päeva lõpul koperdanud ühe toreda norraka otsa, kes meile Hamari linnas väikese autosõidu tegi - näitas Lillehammeris toimunud ...

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