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Hiking the Fjordlands, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Hiking the Fjordlands

A travel blog entry by charmedlife

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Wow, Norway just keeps getting better. Balestrand is a fantastic little place amidst the fjords. I took a boat from Bergen and went along through Sognefjord, Norway's longest, deepest fjord. Along the way were stupendous waterfalls, massive walls of ...

Balestrand, Balestrand, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by ggtort


Balenstrand es uno de los muchos pueblos que nos podemos encontrar por los fiordos, con la particularidad que está muy bien situado. Se trata de un lugar donde se respira la paz por cualquiera de sus esquinas, únicamente rota por la llegada de alguno ...

More dramatic sunsets and skies, Bergen and fjords, Norway travel blog

More dramatic sunsets and skies

A travel blog entry by brian-chalk


More amazing sky scapes as we sail ...

Sognefjord Majesties, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Sognefjord Majesties

A travel blog entry by melepua

... .  Finally the bus rolled around the corner and picked me up.  My next destination – a remote fjordside town called Balestrand, not reachable by train.  The town is conveniently connected to the real world by an express boat, but the ...

Down to the Fjord!, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Down to the Fjord!

A travel blog entry by tomdart07

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... ;Broken Nutshell” tour involves trains, ferries, and a rental car along with hotels in the less (international) touristy town of Balestrand. We awoke fairly early to get our backpacks loaded and headed down to breakfast. We had a good meal and Dart ...

Explorations, Balestrand, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by tomdart07

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... trails, and roadways, we never fail to keep ourselves entertained. Of course, there are none of the well-known rental companies here in Balestrand, so I arranged to rent from a local that started out with one car a few years ago and is now up to eight or ...

Sognefjord in a nutshell day 1, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Sognefjord in a nutshell day 1

A travel blog entry by pyres

We had to wake up early in the morning to catch the 8 am express boat going to Balestrand. The boat took about 4 hours and it went through rugged and majestic Sognefjord, the largest fjord in Norway! The boat is called "express" for a reason: it was going ...

Sailing into the Sognefjord, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Sailing into the Sognefjord

A travel blog entry by bbusch


... it is very quiet and the scenery is gorgeous. It is going to be a couple of lovely days in fjord country! Our room at the Balestrand Hotel is on the second floor right on the fjord. We have a lovely balcony to sit on and admire the views. After relaxing ...

Happy Independence Day From Norway!, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Happy Independence Day From Norway!

A travel blog entry by schwanman


... celebrate their independence from Sweden, which they received in 1905. It's been interesting and fun to watch. We're now in Balestrand, Norway, a small town of 13-hundred on a fjord that stretches 100 miles or more inland and is something like 200 ...

Fjord feast, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Fjord feast

A travel blog entry by euroschos


... could have stayed there all day. Always say that I'll do more when I get home so if anyone is up for some walks I'm there. Balestrand is lovely would love to be here in full blown summer and also winter, can see how it changes! Norway seems to be question ...

the fjord segment, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

the fjord segment

A travel blog entry by khorsman

... fairly flat, but quickly becoming mountainous. From Myrdal we took a very steep descent to Flam, and then a boatride from Flam to Balestrand, where we stayed last night and will also stay tonight. This is part of the famous 'norway in a nutshell' ...

The real thing, Balestrand,  Norway travel blog

The real thing

A travel blog entry by tntontour


After yesterday's warm up, we decide to tackle something more difficult. Following a Nordic breakfast of cereal, croissants, eggs and ham, we booted up and headed for the hills. We were informed that the lookout at Klukshaug (490m) was well worth a ...

Beee-a-u-tiful!, Balestrand, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by sarah.mansergh


... Oslo-Myrdal then all aboard the Flam railway that transports you down the hillside to the fjords.    A ferry across to Balestrand for a fabulous 2 night stay at the Kviknes-an old style hotel where you wonder if a set of twins may appear at ...

Fjords, Balestrand, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by tntontour


... the fjord at 1300m. We arrived at Balestrand on time at 1150, where the green Volvo was waiting to carry our bags to the Balestrand Hotel. Ben Tours had booked us a mountain view room, so we were surprised when our 3rd floor room overlooked the fjord. On ...

The fingers of Josterdalsbreen, Fjaerland, Norway travel blog

The fingers of Josterdalsbreen

A travel blog entry by minggaang


Fjaerland, The Booktown of Norway. Small town with only 2 ferry connections to Balestrand per day, one minimarket cum money changer cum the only cash withdrawal access in town (no ATMs), but claimed to have more than a dozen second hand bookshop including ...

What Time do We Leave for Balestrand?, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

What Time do We Leave for Balestrand?

A travel blog entry by hotelviger


... the 9 PM service.  Our hotel was not the grand old hotel, once the Kaiser’s place, but near by, the Balestrand Hotel, a bit more reasonable, modern and comfy.  It had great blackout curtains, avoiding the necessity of waking up to my wife ...

Fjord Heaven!, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Fjord Heaven!

A travel blog entry by calo4


... it turns out the young man working the desk at the tourist information center was from Seattle and was spending his summer in Balestrand (apparently his girlfriend is from the region). We boarded the boat and cruised the fjord for about an hour and a ...

Fritz slept here, Mundal, Norway travel blog

Fritz slept here

A travel blog entry by bdsaly


... short drive to Flam where to our surprise (shock? horror?) we found the Queen Mary 2 docked. This tourist trap (“Norway in a Nutshell”), gloriously located was jammed solid with thousands of people and car parks full of tour busses. We had ...

The Fjords of Norway, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

The Fjords of Norway

A travel blog entry by pohearn818


... port area and find a bench on the water and decide to just relax, pull out my kindle and read with a view, while watching the Balestrand residents on their boats and the kayakers in the water.  After a while, get up and see what the options are for ...

Day 9, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Day 9

A travel blog entry by yviphotonl


Today we left Geiranger. It was very cloudy, de fjord was covered in clouds, but along the way the weather got better. We drove through Breidalen to Grotli from there we took a tourist route, these road was very beautiful, we drove along the mountain ...

Norway in a Nutshell!, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Norway in a Nutshell!

A travel blog entry by jrcinms


... the fjord level at a town called Flam. From Flam we caught a high speed ferry to our destination on the Sognefjorde of Balestrand.  The rest of the Nutshell route is consists of finishing the fjord loop by going down the most scenic part called the ...

Boat to Bergen!, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Boat to Bergen!

A travel blog entry by sojanet


... as the fish cake we eat in Korea, except softer and pretty bland. They sold whale meat (apparently they sell whale meat everywhere in Norway? Like you can get it at a local Kiwi..), but the one place that sold whale burgers was too busy. So next time! Oh ...

Start of Sognefjord in a Nutshell, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Start of Sognefjord in a Nutshell

A travel blog entry by ozray


... at the two burial mounds of Viking warriors with one having a statute of a Viking which was donated by Willem II of Germany who spent many holidays in Balestrand.  An early night as we were both pretty tired and have another early start ...

Fjords galore!, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Fjords galore!

A travel blog entry by euroschos


Meg- Cags quote of the day while holding my camera. "0h I hate when electronic things talk to me!". Then she took a photo on her iPad like one of those people. Lol. And the other day "oh this rain's wet" no shit lol. Love this whole area, it's just looks ...

Flam to Balestrand, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Flam to Balestrand

A travel blog entry by minggaang


Grocery shopping in Balestrand.   Your cabin, "Kraben".... Norwegian meatball and pasta for dinner, with the dining table overlooking the fjord...... Postcard sent to colleagues in Sydney : "You know where to find me if you dont see me back ...

Jul 29, 2010, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Jul 29, 2010

A travel blog entry by theallansons


Let the Jaw-dropping scenery begin!!!, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Let the Jaw-dropping scenery begin!!!

A travel blog entry by calo4


... a table in the lobby lounge and ordered some food. Everyone was a bit tired, as it had been a long journey from Oslo to Balestrand. Dad was certainly exhausted, as at one point he tried to pour some Coke from his bottle, into a glass, and completely ...

Visiting a Medieval Viking Church, Balestrand, Norway travel blog

Visiting a Medieval Viking Church

A travel blog entry by jrcinms


... frequently took the name of the area as their surname and the church is in the area of Hopperstad. After returning to Balestrand we rented bikes and went for a beautiful ride down along the fjord. We had incredibly beautiful weather and really enjoyed ...

Nordfjord - Stryn - Jølster, Lunde, Norway travel blog

Nordfjord - Stryn - Jølster

A travel blog entry by tengen

Lunde-Fjærland-Skei-Astruptunet-Vassenden-Moskog-Rørvik-Eldalsosen-Hov/Eldalsdalen Dro først til Fjærland for å gå på bre-museet, som var vel verdt et besøk. Spesielt filmen som vistes i 180 grader var flott og ga et godt inntrykk hvordan det ...

Scandinavia Travels + Germany Part 3 (The Fjørds), Fjords of Norway( Oslo to Balestrand), Norway travel blog

Scandinavia Travels + Germany Part 3 (The Fjørds)

A travel blog entry by beverlystravels


   Day 8 ,  Thursday  August 30, 2012 Oslo to Myrdal to Flam to Balestrand, Norway   We were up early and fortunately, since it was raining in Oslo, the train station was but less than half a block from our hotel. The train ...

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