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Our Little Corn Adventure, Little Corn Island, Nicaragua travel blog

Our Little Corn Adventure

A travel blog entry by jackdrury

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... to run. Little Corn Island, long known as a port of call for Colombian drug smugglers, sits 85 km off the coast of Nicaragua in the Caribbean Sea. The guide books say Little Corn is a tropical paradise, a diving jewel. But those same guide books say ...

Deep Lakes, Old Fellas and Young Women, Laguna de Opoyo and Las Penitas, Nicaragua travel blog

Deep Lakes, Old Fellas and Young Women

A travel blog entry by jackdrury

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Apoyo Lagoon or Laguna de Apoyo, not far from Granada Nicaragua, was formed 23,000 years ago when a strong volcanic explosion left an enormous hole measuring 6 km in diameter. Apoyo is conical, like an inverted volcano, 200 metres deep at its centre. Over ...

Mighty Rio San Juan, Sabalos, Nicaragua travel blog

Mighty Rio San Juan

A travel blog entry by losbrowns

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... (so we made every effort to stay on his good side). We spent most of our days in hammocks, doing a little kayaking and visiting El Castillo. After a brilliant time on the Rio San Juan we are traveling back up river into the lake, to the Solentiname ...

Boaco, Boaco, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by simonjames


... in the middle of the park, Alvaro, has been looking out for me. He found me the family iīm at now. So the plan is to stay here at least 2-4 weeks, then try and get out to the carribbean in Nicaragua and Honduras. que bueno adios muchachos, ...

corrrrecto, Juigalpa, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by ldegolia


yet another rainy day here in juigalpa...REAL shocker! although a community member told me that on July be will stop raining for one month exactly.  Amazing how good they are at predicting the weather.  I went to visit a ...

Two brothels, a BBQ and a dwarf, Jinotega, Nicaragua travel blog

Two brothels, a BBQ and a dwarf

A travel blog entry by sainty1

With a dutch couple we jumped on the local bus to Jinotega, at the foot of the coffee plantations. Itīs not quite what we had in mind. The īnicestī hotel was about 16 dollars and was undergoing renovations. We couldnīt quite understand why he was ...

Puede ser...el gallo pinto con cujada?, Juigalpa, Nicaragua travel blog

Puede ser...el gallo pinto con cujada?

A travel blog entry by ldegolia


... coming out of the plane! But Alex did give me some very good travel advice in regards to were to go and what not in Nicaragua.  But Getting back to Juigalpa was great after Managua, just not a fan of that city! very dirty and crowded.  We ...

day 3 swimming with the pigs, Laguna de Apollo, Nicaragua travel blog

day 3 swimming with the pigs

A travel blog entry by sstrauch

Yesterday, Mel and i decided to pack a backpack with a few things and head out to laguna de apollo, a 15 minute drive from granada and one of nicas cleanest lakes. To start, we had to find a ride. Being saturday, buses were hard to find so after ...

Senor Jeff Gordon aqui, Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Senor Jeff Gordon aqui

A travel blog entry by ktowell


... ? No sir-eee. Turns out that tomorrow, the day we need to get to the airport, is a big National holiday in Nicaragua. Every July 19, Ortega shuts down public transporation and uses those buses to ship thousands of people into Managua to celebrate his ...

rabble rousers, Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

rabble rousers

A travel blog entry by ktowell


... here.) We managed to make it to our hotel which is an amazingly beautiful place on top of a hill overlooking Lake Nicaragua and owned by a friendly, competent, problem-solving American couple. We have our own little cabina with a hammock and ...

Relaxing on Ometepe, Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Relaxing on Ometepe

A travel blog entry by clandybar


... empty but was packed by the time we reached the first town. At the highway, we met a nice guy from Barbados that was living in Nicaragua and helped us figure out how to get to the border. We were going to catch a regular bus but it passed us by without ...

Too Much Fun, Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Too Much Fun

A travel blog entry by margreet98


I finally arrived at Hacienda Merida yesterday and they had a dorm bed for me.  I settled in and spent the afternoon catching up on the blog and drinking beer.  I inquired about the kayak tour of Rio Istian and got the impression that it wasn't ...

Lesson 42 - donīt ignore the coin of destiny, El Cua, Nicaragua travel blog

Lesson 42 - donīt ignore the coin of destiny

A travel blog entry by sainty1

... comes in the bus, itīs not important. These buses are incredible, theyīre like trucks, they get up anything. Anyway. We arrived in El Cua at about 4 pm hoping to get a connecting bus to a small lodge weīd heard about, about 18km away. But no luck. ...

FINALMENTE una casa!, Juigalpa, Nicaragua travel blog

FINALMENTE una casa!

A travel blog entry by ldegolia

After being in the cowboy town of Juigalpa now for about a week (mas o menos) we have FINALLY found a house! the best comes with furniture! Otherwise we were gonna live on pastic furniture, which, in this heat really isnt such a bad ...

Finally done, San Isidro, Nicaragua travel blog

Finally done

A travel blog entry by nicastinkas


The hall is finally done and we're all really proud of our new little and I emphasize little hall.  We had a lot of visitors from the neighbors our first night and they all think its the most beautifull building inside and out in their ...

Bye bye Casa Feliz, Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Bye bye Casa Feliz

A travel blog entry by heidsontour


I guess it was going to be difficult for the next place to live up to where we had just come from but we really were`nt pushed on this place.  It was OK though.  The first day we did a horse-back tour along the "beach" and went up to visit the ...

LEAVING THE UK FOR NICARAGUA, Matiguas, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by davidseaton


... cut the country from north to south some still active, others, dormant monsters dominating the landscape for miles around.  Nicaragua also boasts the second largest lake in Latin America - Lake Managua being some 100 miles long and 80 miles wide. ...

traveling the rio san juan, Rio san juan, Nicaragua travel blog

traveling the rio san juan

A travel blog entry by mrlee


... it would have been like, had we had to paddle. We exited Nicaragua by stopping at the final military checkpoint and having our ...

more, Mombacho Volcano, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by ktowell


Yesterday we were walking around in a cloud forest on top of a volcano that is supposedly dormant but still smells like sulfur and has steam vents spewing sauna-quality steam. We'd arrived at the volcano, Mombacho, after a little kerfuffle back at the ...

Boaco week 2, Boaco, Nicaragua travel blog

Boaco week 2

A travel blog entry by simonjames


hanging out in the internet cafe with my two homies! see pics. theyīve run off with my camera though i should maybe chase them down. now theyīre taking pictures of everyone in the cafe. you can attribute those photos to them... Boaco is great, ...

Nicaragua - Isla Ometepe and More, Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Nicaragua - Isla Ometepe and More

A travel blog entry by cweigand



Climbing for fun and profit, Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Climbing for fun and profit

A travel blog entry by ktowell


... . Gas prices climb. Taxes. Tensions. Not me. But Sally assured me that we could turn around at any point. And we are in Nicaragua.  So what the hell we decided to "climb" up Maderas Volcano. Our guide was a 67 year old man named Saul ...

Twin peaks, Isla de Omatepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Twin peaks

A travel blog entry by sainty1

Everyone rages about this place. It's an island formed by two volcanoes in the middle of enormous Lake Nicaragua.  I can't get my head around just how big that lake is. You take a 'ferry' - it's a loose term as the boat is practically sinking, the ...

Ometepe, Moyogalpa, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by ctkoeppel


... of a guide would be ill-advised, we hatch a plan to rent one of those obnoxious dirt bikes we've been seeing all over Nicaragua. If these bikes are good enough to run entire fruit-stand enterprises and haul families of five to and from church-yes, both at ...

Las Peņitas!, Las Peņitas, Nicaragua travel blog

Las Peņitas!

A travel blog entry by wavegirl77

We came back to our favorite Nicaraguan beach that we were at a year ago on Thanksgiving holiday.  The beach, the vibe, the food... all as fantastic as ...

Charco Verde, Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Charco Verde

A travel blog entry by margreet98


The bus dropped me off at the turn off to Charco Verde...Green Lagoon.  There is a nature preserve here and I was hoping to kayak the lagoon and see some birds and monkeys.  I hoisted my pack and started walking down the dirt road towards, I ...

Biking and Kayaking, Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Biking and Kayaking

A travel blog entry by margreet98


... a particular piece of paper.   And yet in reality these fluctuations affect people's lives hugely.  And Nicaragua is still struggling to recover from the economic games of the past 25 years. The next stop was the ...

Trying to get to Merida..., Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Trying to get to Merida...

A travel blog entry by margreet98


... then it had started to drizzle so I wasn't too excited about sitting there for 3 hours  so...Plan C: Walk another kilometer to El Porvenir and hope they have a room for me there.  I had read about this hotel and that they had petroglyphs on the ...

SHOTGUN (& AK47) WEDDING, Matiguas, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by davidseaton


... out of the way, the ceremony proper began.  The judge gave a rather nervous speech about how fortunate the poor people of Nicaragua were to be honoured by the presence of a person from a country as wealthy and developed as the United Kingdom. ...

Visiting the house of sculptor, Esteli,, Nicaragua travel blog

Visiting the house of sculptor

A travel blog entry by travellerdalton


... They had a plastic pool and I played in the pool. Here is a spanish rhyme I thought of A mi me gusta la rana, a ti te gusta el gato, a el le gusto el perro, pero muchos perros no son bueno. The place we are at, we see plenty of sunsets, in ...

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