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Last Hurrah, Weesp, Netherlands travel blog

Last Hurrah

A travel blog entry by traveled


... on the road, we arrived to our B&B. The host was extremely friendly and suggested dinner in a small nearby town with canals called Weesp. It was as lovely as he said it would be. We ate dinner at a table outside, where we could see the canal. I ate ...

Queen's Day, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Waterway Canals, Amsterdarn, Netherlands travel blog

Queen's Day, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Waterway Canals

A travel blog entry by mande


Amsterdam 30 April to 5 May How did we arrive in Amsterdam?  By Eurolines bus from Paris... a long and restless night for Maija, while Ernie slept like a baby.  AND the day we arrived also just happened to be THE Queen's birthday - a great ...

Below Sea Level, Den Haag, Netherlands travel blog

Below Sea Level

A travel blog entry by will_share


... something very like that anyway) at United Nations, so he and Ngaire took us to Delft.    "Tile Land" of the Netherlands is maybe how its best known, but in fact Delft is full of historic buildings dating back to the 13th ...

Weesp..whiffs of Weed, Weesp, Netherlands travel blog

Weesp..whiffs of Weed

A travel blog entry by englishanddrunk


... reaosn I went- I badly needed a piss but didn't want to fork up 50 cents to Amsterdams fascist pay toilet regime, so I went to Weesp hoping their toilet would be free- it wasn't, but if you're not gonna travel 15km to avoid paying 30p, you're just a ...

Klokke in weesp to vinke in Vinkeveen, Weesp, Netherlands travel blog

Klokke in weesp to vinke in Vinkeveen

A travel blog entry by bigjo


... week and then start volunteer work at the YFU office in Vinkeveen the next Monday. I had spoken to Bob Poel about a internship in the Netherlands a few weeks earlier and before I could say " keep in touch with the dutch" I was at the front door of YFU. I ...

The Countryside, Weesp, Netherlands travel blog

The Countryside

A travel blog entry by l_schultz


... I saw today. This has been by far my favorite day in Amsterdam. I took the train outside of the city to a town called Weesp. It is a small village about 8 miles from Amsterdam situated on the Vecht river. One local I spoke to explained that it is ...

Holland via France and Belguim, Tunersen (thats how it sounds), Netherlands travel blog

Holland via France and Belguim

A travel blog entry by helen.gray

... bar that even remotley looked like it had involvement with drugs or prostitution.  After asking her why she chose The Netherlands as a destination for a long weekend, she finally found the deadest pub in toen which met her approval. It appears ...

Netherlands: Tulips, Windmills and Canals, Weesp, Netherlands travel blog

Netherlands: Tulips, Windmills and Canals

A travel blog entry by ana_sharma

Netherlands: Tulips, Windmills and ...

Soooo cute-Weesp, Weesp, Netherlands travel blog

Soooo cute-Weesp

A travel blog entry by melyandd


Weesp, like Delft and Haarlem, is yet another cute town about a half an hour away from the Dam and originally the plan was to check this town out and ride some bikes but to our wonderful surprise, the town was tiny and it was just super easy to navigate ...

Beautiful bicycle rides, Weesp, Netherlands travel blog

Beautiful bicycle rides

A travel blog entry by katemagnolia


... our gorgeous bikes, paid the minimal hire fee and returned to Amsterdam full of happiness. I will be very sad to leave the Netherlands tomorrow. Credit to N for the photos today, he is much more coordinated on a bike than I We had emailed a hotel ...

Penultimate day on the water, Weesp, Netherlands travel blog

Penultimate day on the water

A travel blog entry by bbusch


... lots of villages. It should be more interesting. There were castles here but no places to moor so the lock operator suggested we go to Weesp. Really glad we did. Found a nice tie up spot and the harbourmaster was amazing. He met us at the dock and tied us ...

Family Party, Muiden, Netherlands travel blog

Family Party

A travel blog entry by robertbeddow

Pake's 88th. P&B 64th wedding anniversary T&W 31st ...

Arriving home, Weesp, Netherlands travel blog

Arriving home

A travel blog entry by ashleysa

We arrived at 10 am in15 degrees, a whole 10 degrees cooler than Toronto but like always it was nice to be home and have your own bed again.   It was really a good holiday, easy to travel there and the people are very friendly. I now realize how ...

Back to Weesp, Weesp, Netherlands travel blog

Back to Weesp

A travel blog entry by ashleysa


... with our new boarding cards. We had dinner and left just before 9 pm. We landed at midnight and just made the last train to Weesp. Remko's dad actually stayed up to pick us up from the station, that was a nice bonus after the huge delay. We went straight ...

Hogeway Care Home, Weesp, Netherlands travel blog

Hogeway Care Home

A travel blog entry by damo100


First care home visit of my study tour - Hogeway in a small town Weesp, south-east of Amsterdam. The building itself is unremarkable, built in 1975 and in the middle of a council estate. The ground floor is admin and ancillary accommodation, living ...

Day 5:From Weipoortse Vliet to Amsterdam, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, Nederland travel blog

Day 5:From Weipoortse Vliet to Amsterdam

A travel blog entry by yviphotonl

Today we went to Amsterdam, the camping we are staying is called Gaasper Camping, we stay here for 2 nights. When we were settled at our spot we took the metro to Amsterdam Centre and had some diner. After that we did some grocerie shopping and went back ...

Family first., Weesp, Netherlands travel blog

Family first.

A travel blog entry by dawn16


... dish. Papa was pacing around with butterflies in anticipation for the family day. With a bus and train connection we were in Weesp in no time and nearly everyone was there. Festivities kicked off immediately and a buffet was set and ready for eating. No ...

Saint Nicolas's evening at Druten., Weesp, Netherlands travel blog

Saint Nicolas's evening at Druten.

A travel blog entry by dawn16


After Oma went to her French conversation lesson, papa went to pay his respect at the war graves in Oostvoorne, expecting to see Australian Airmen but to find none were there which in a way is good news. We left after lunch in a clean car that papa ...

Along De Vecht River we will go, Weesp, Netherlands travel blog

Along De Vecht River we will go

A travel blog entry by heidi.brown


... that once I find out more about the castle.. out to the entrance to IJmeer and Popmous Island and then back down towards Weesp and followed the UtrechtsWeg along the the pictures you will see along the way are houseboats and people swimming in ...

Time to go..., Weesp, Netherlands travel blog

Time to go...

A travel blog entry by bistromath


Set my alarm, but it didn't go off for some reason. Slept very well, excellent breakfast and then had a long interaction with the ticket machine until I got a ticket (didn't want my money. Was using the wrong machine). Found a bottle of Jenevers to take ...

Museum x3, Weesp, The Netherlands travel blog

Museum x3

A travel blog entry by bsanchezfrance


Rembrandt's house, Dutch Resistance museum and an evening at VAn Gogh museum. ...

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