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Amersfoort for work., Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog

Amersfoort for work.

A travel blog entry by stevefn

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Amersfoort ...

A Weekend with Thijs and Barbara, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

A Weekend with Thijs and Barbara

A travel blog entry by kimandmartin

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... than her English! They can also understand most dialects of German, since it is similar to Dutch. Housing in the Netherlands is very expensive. Barbara's guidebook indicates that there are, on average, 368 people per square metre, making housing a ...

North Sea Jazz and Amersfoort, Den Haag and Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog

North Sea Jazz and Amersfoort

A travel blog entry by chronometers

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... Sea Jazz Festival has been a 3 day festival held in Den Haag (The Hague). There are over 16 stages of performers in the Netherlands Congress Center (so inside, not out) with over 200 acts over 3 days. It's a little expensive and we weren't sure what to ...

chateaus and waffles, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

chateaus and waffles

A travel blog entry by twittg

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... 30. Ya, now you know why I lie about my age to some of the people I meet. Brugge Coming up is The Netherlands, Luxembourg and some more of Germany. I fly out of Amsterdam Nov 4 for Cairo. I'm still working on my round-the-world ...

Last Stop on the Globetrot of a Lifetime, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Last Stop on the Globetrot of a Lifetime

A travel blog entry by bonkers

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My god, this is the last place! Was meant to meet up with another Dutchie here but I didn't catch her in time, so England tomorrow! The last days have been filled with reminiscence of what has past, and I can't stop thinking about whats to happen in the ...

We eat some nice steaks, Culemborg, Netherlands travel blog

We eat some nice steaks

A travel blog entry by tonyandmarina

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... lives in Culemborg. He makes us delicious steaks with the help of Alessandra, another ex-colleague. The next day, we go to Utrecht, have some bitterballen and drive to Antwerp to buy my new backpack and lots of other travel stuff. The traffic is heavy ...

Operation shooting star: who would've ..., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Operation shooting star: who would've ...

A travel blog entry by endeuro2000

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OPERATION SHOOTING STAR: Who would've thought? I'd been checked into the Hotel Strowis, Utrecht, for all of five minutes when who should walk in but Chris Tucker, the guy from The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis and Rush Hour with Jackie Chan. We chatted ...

College Town Hospitality, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

College Town Hospitality

A travel blog entry by whereshegoes

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... us, even offering us personal tours. We were enjoying the breathtaking church garden when we met Godwin from Nigera who immigrated to the Netherlands 12 years ago. He was all smiles and I was sorry we had to turn down his dinner invitation. I had such ...

Counting the days..., Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog

Counting the days...

A travel blog entry by jdvegmond

The day of departure is getting closer! And preparations have really started. I bought a good backpack 2 weeks ago, and today I bought a camera. And I also booked a hostel in Sydney for the period around Christmas and New Year's Eve. Because Sydney is a ...

Rockin out in the B+B, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Rockin out in the B+B

A travel blog entry by thesaxman

... of French Toasty, or as Polish Bart might call it, 'Eggy Breads'. If i thought it was humourous that i was still in Utrecht last friday, then it's damn laughable that i find myself STILL here, taking advantage of the free food, free wines and general ...

Food and Music Boxes and Fashion and Tunnels, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Food and Music Boxes and Fashion and Tunnels

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... as Cloves and Nutmeg that originated there, the long colonial history of the Moluccas and their passage by ship to the Netherlands. Individuals can tell their stories further on, where the originals suitcases of their journey are kept and displayed. Over ...

I Dig Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

I Dig Utrecht

A travel blog entry by thesaxman


... of limited itinerary and movement, though i did enjoy a lengthly walk with Maiike around the canal-lined bike tracks of Utrecht, through parks, gardens, and other leavy, idyllic surrounds. The Dutch certainly have no shortage of places to get away from ...

Home..., Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by jdvegmond

Well, here I am. Back home. Partly I am glad to be home, but an other part of me wishes I had never gotten on the plane home. :-) I'll try to stay up till my normal bed time, because of possible jet lag. I'll see how it goes. And tomorrow I can start the ...

Volendam & Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Volendam & Utrecht

A travel blog entry by kaylz


... Dom was very impressive.....learned lots about it on a little tour inside the main church. A lot of the churches in Netherlands, and I assume in Germany, went through a lot during the Reformation so many aspects of the original churches were destroyed or ...

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by gbliss80


I went to Utrecht last weekend.  Utrecht is a city in the Netherlands that takes about 30 minutes by train from Leiden.  (btw, I'm loving the train system here - why doesn't california and every else in the US have such great public ...

Tulips, Tulips, & more Tulips!!, Keukenhoff, Netherlands travel blog

Tulips, Tulips, & more Tulips!!

A travel blog entry by kelseylynn


Our class took our 3rd field trip to the Keukenhoff Gardens near Amsterdam. It is the most famous tulip garden in the world and if you look at the pics you will definately see why. We spent about 5 hours just walking around the gardens looking at all the ...

WALIBI WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

WALIBI WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

A travel blog entry by thesaxman

... , a nice closure to the afternoon of thrills galore. Indeed, it was a fine day, the perfect way to close the Utrecht experience, close the Holland leg, the last pitstop before London, and subsequently, back home to Melbourne town. Arriving back at the ...

All Kinds Of Romance, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

All Kinds Of Romance

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... school in Rotterdam and they are on a day trip to Utrecht. One teacher is originally from Canada, two from Italy, one from Netherlands and one from Australia. She moved about ten years ago to be an English teacher and never looked back. The view from the ...

cold again, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

cold again

A travel blog entry by tsukasa


Why is it that Dutch people prefer to give wrong directions rather than to simply say "I don't know"...?? Has been an unsolved mystery since the first day I got here. And yes, it is once again COLD. I realise that I haven't stopped talking about the ...

Crafty History and Soggy Feet, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Crafty History and Soggy Feet

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... (the Dutch being among the richest of the union) we should spend it on things we don’t need. The shopping centre in Utrecht is one example of this need to build. No one in the community thought it was necessary, but houses were destroyed ot make ...

Back to Belgium, Zeist, Netherlands travel blog

Back to Belgium

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


... extraordinary) and at Mark's place we watched a movie... On Sunday I gave a lift to some of my friends, and when we arrived in Utrecht Kadi from Estonia asked me if she could join me for a ride to Brussels. But first I had to pay a visit to some ...

Update, Maarn, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by milenarachel

Hallo allemaal, Zo, alweer bijna een maand voorbij. Zoals de meeste van jullie weten ben ik druk met alle voorbereidingen. Dat houdt voornamelijk veel papieren invullen en geregel in. Mijn laatste weken afstuderen zijn ingegaan en de spanning ...

Braintree to Utrecht via North Sea, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Braintree to Utrecht via North Sea

A travel blog entry by lintonandjames


... our first dutch windmill. The final push to Utrecht was tough as by the time we reached our friends apartment in Utrecht we realized we'd cycled 175km in 27 hours, Jim's knee hurt. Getting to the apartment in Utrecht though is just a ...

Hangin around like a bad smell, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Hangin around like a bad smell

A travel blog entry by thesaxman

... a big fan of clubs as it is, but damned if im tipping any bouncers. After a sterling run of glamorous, bronzing weather, Utrecht finally copped a bit of a cool change today, as the clouds came out in relative force and threw down a spray of the wet ...

“Robert. Your girlfriend stresses me out...

“Robert. Your girlfriend stresses me out..."

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


Sunday catches up with me, I sleep in and bum around for most of the day, skyping with someone wonderful and playing uke with Robert. He's committing a lot of time practicing for a concert he and his fellow Swinc. members have coming up. Rehearsal today ...

Day 2: Finally we have arrived

Day 2: Finally we have arrived"

A travel blog entry by ccbridge

... at Vierslag (which I'm sure I spelled wrong). Vierslag is the Atlantic Bridge house where we spent our first night in The Netherlands. We had a quick walk around the village and then it was time for dinner. We were served a spaghetti goulash type of meal ...

Wait, What's Going On? A Tale of Confusion., Utrecht, Nijmegen, Netherlands travel blog

Wait, What's Going On? A Tale of Confusion.

A travel blog entry by sarah.birnbaum


... train to Goffert Park in Nijmegen.  (And I have no idea how to pronounce that.)  We stopped at the halfway point: Utrecht.  I figured we'd walk around, have a quiet lunch.  WRONG AGAIN.  As it happened, the Tour de France (you ...

Back West, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Back West

A travel blog entry by roamingwilliam


... on a communist train, or concentration camp like hostels.  So were do we go, back to one of our favorite cities, Utrecht.  Rented bikes and cruised the street, see the Dutch dikes and canals. Took a day trip to Amsterdam yesterday, but spent ...

Amsterdam, Diemen Zuid, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by dunlop.ben


... stuff, would have been very painful. saw a neck breaking machine, but possibly the best was the ball breaker contraption, clever idea. Netherlands is play france tonight in the eurocup, should be another good night, i think well watch it home, but we ...

Living like the locals, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Living like the locals

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... history. She showed us some of the buildings and then we made our way to the Dom Tower; the tallest church tower in the Netherlands. It's 112.5 metres high and is part of the Cathedral of Saint Martin. Rianne headed off to a session at uni, but luckily ...

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