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Taking a break in Leiden, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Taking a break in Leiden

A travel blog entry by susan_g

This is a top pick!

... outskirts, followed by loud smoke puffing factories.  Much of the ride was spent a long side a 6 lane motorway - not exactly the Netherlands that one dreams of, but cities are the same all around the world and it can only be ...

leiden pin, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

leiden pin

A travel blog entry by elsewhere

This is a top pick!

leiden pin ...

Pics from today, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Pics from today

A travel blog entry by gbliss80


Today we woke up and it was another beautiful day.  Irina and I did a little shopping and a little sightseeing.  Here are some pics!  Sidenote:  We definitely need bikes.  You will read in every travel guide about the bikes ...

Leiden, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by ditchthecube


Today is the day in between Belgium and Amsterdam, so we took off to the nearby college town of Leiden. School still hasn't started in Leiden, but the streets are packed with all kinds of people. The Dutch women are so tall. I'm still getting used to ...

Too much work, not enough fun!, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Too much work, not enough fun!

A travel blog entry by beccaboyer

Wow. I have certainly been sucking at updating this lately! Things here have been really crazy! I had 2 ridiculous term papers and a GIANT final exam that have been occupying my time, but have no fear, yesterday was officially the last day of ...

I'm On a Boat!, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

I'm On a Boat!

A travel blog entry by hachbach


... by October 3 the city was flooded and the Spanish (not comfortable with the water) fled.  October 3 is a HUGE celebration in Leiden, and I will definitely have pics and stories to share when we experience it.  Incidentally, the Dutch King at the ...

Just About Finished!, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Just About Finished!

A travel blog entry by beccaboyer


... quiet. I'm really grateful to have the people here that I do, and we've managed to sneak in a little fun here and there :) Webster Leiden had its 25th Anniversary Party. It turned out to be really fun ... not that it is hard to have fun w/ loads of free ...

At the water's edge, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

At the water's edge

A travel blog entry by roamingfree


... Until the cycleway hit the dunes!  The beach is called Schwenginen and it is apparently the most popular beach in The Netherlands...and you had better believe it.  It was crawling and I mean...crawling.  Literally there were thousands and ...

Mom's Birthday and visit with Elise in Leiden!, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Mom's Birthday and visit with Elise in Leiden!

A travel blog entry by pyauch


... played game of monopoly! The next day we went on our first real excursion: a trip to visit Trish's stepsister Elise! We traveled to Leiden, and had a great time with Elise! She knew tons about the city, and showed us some really cool places to ...

Oy Vey!, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Oy Vey!

A travel blog entry by hachbach


... mac&cheese soup, before I crash into bed. Now, for a few observations of this trip, country, and room...... 1)  The Netherlands LOVES their windmills, wind-turbines, wind generators, you name it they have it.  As evidence of this I provide a ...

Flowers in Keukenhof, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Flowers in Keukenhof

A travel blog entry by katevoss


This was just a day trip between Amsterdam and Den Haag.  On the train down I got off at Leiden, about halfway between the two places where I left my bags and then got a bus to Keukenhof - the spring flower show in Holland.  Here are the many ...

Out of here....., Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Out of here.....

A travel blog entry by hachbach


... my FB comments knows).  But this is just a quick send off.  I can't believe its been 8 weeks already, but I'm leaving Leiden today.  Last night we had a fantastic night at my Law professor's house with him an his family.  Yesterday I ...

Need a good Leiden (lie down), Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Need a good Leiden (lie down)

A travel blog entry by gayley

We are now resident at Chris and Sander's. Their little flat is cute and the town is lovely too. We walked around the medieval centre of the town today and it is a typical university town. Very picturesque with canals etc. We headed off quite late ...

Orientation, Pancakes, and more., Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Orientation, Pancakes, and more.

A travel blog entry by hachbach


... bed at 12:45 to meet several ladies in my cohort at 1:30 for lunch and a discussion about our reading.  We walked around Leiden until we found a lovely café off a park, were we had lunch and coffee, ended up not talking about the readings, but were ...

Leiden, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by julienrl

I spend a fiew days in Leiden, where I have not ben able to get a job, I have no money left so I start using the money my parents had given me before the trip in case I needed any. I spend the 3 days siting around recovering from what had hapened, and of ...

Welcome, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by carretera

Hi, this is our first entry, we wellcome you! See our full story at ...

The trip and day 1, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

The trip and day 1

A travel blog entry by beccaboyer


Hello from Leiden, Netherlands! Minus a few (or a lot of) tears at the airport, my trip went pretty well! Both of my flights were more or less on time. My flight from St. Louis to Detroit seemed like it took all of 10 minutes, and no one sat next ...

messed up couple of days, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

messed up couple of days

A travel blog entry by julienrl

... loose and we spend the next three days heading towards paris where nick and I part ways, he goes back home and I keep going towards Leiden near Amsterdams, in the hopes that I can work at the flying pig in exchange fo a bed and food. I only get there ...

Class, upcoming attractions, beer....., Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Class, upcoming attractions, beer.....

A travel blog entry by hachbach


... of this, it has been quieter the last few nights. Anyway, last Sunday night, after questioning the attrition rate of Webster Leiden Undergrads, we walked over to Asian Palace restaurant.  The assumption on our part was “gee, college town, Asian ...

Voorbereidingen, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by blownaway


Nu de oliebollen achter ons liggen is er niks meer dat er tussen ons en de reis staat. Met nog precies twee weken te gaan. Tijd voor een eerste blog! Eerst maar even de originele planning: We're blown around the world in een oostelijke richting (na een ...

So long, farewell...., Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

So long, farewell....

A travel blog entry by gayley

... in all of Utrecht (and trip over it) much to chris' amusement. Most of the other incidents have involved bicycles in the Netherlands - I keep stepping out in front of them or standing where they want to go (and they don't stop.) Sander had to yank me ...

Leiden Under Siege!, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Leiden Under Siege!

A travel blog entry by hachbach


... to my room, took a VERY hot shower because I smelled like beer, cigarettes, pot (yes pot, it was everywhere, this is the Netherlands, I kept walking through clouds of smoke.  yuck) and lord only knows what else and then tumbled into bed and slept for ...

Wet Play, Leiden., Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Wet Play, Leiden.

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


... many Dutchmen. My old friend Rob was waiting for us, his Welsh dragon flag proudly displayed in the window, despite having lived in the Netherlands for the past 17 years. Rob is not only a good friend, but also a force of nature. He talks pretty much ...

Leiden - vertrek, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Leiden - vertrek

A travel blog entry by renate

-- ...

The Tulip Fields, Leiden and Haarlem, Netherlands travel blog

The Tulip Fields

A travel blog entry by weasel


... commented "he was showing his sons what a real man is!" A perfect end to out tulip quest! After returning our bikes in Leiden we jumped on a train to Haarlem to find some food for dinner, on arriving in Haarlem we realised this was actually the place ...

bad night, good night, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

bad night, good night

A travel blog entry by gbliss80


... to Central Station.  But when we got to Central Station, we had to transfer buses and we got on the wrong bus!  We toured Leiden on the bus until it put us back at Central station.  Then we tried to walk home.  Bad idea - it was super ...

Arrival In Leiden, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Arrival In Leiden

A travel blog entry by gbliss80


... nbsp; Otherwise, I think the house was a great find.  After we explored the house for a bit we went to walk through Leiden.  The weather was beautiful.  The town is absolutely georgous as well.  Here are a few pics that I took that ...

In Leiden joining Laura, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

In Leiden joining Laura

A travel blog entry by maplefanta


... the journey and after another slightly longer waiting its a man who approach me to offer the lift to the direction I was going which is Leiden. Finally, he drove me all the way to Laura's place in the middle of Leiden so I got directly at the door of the ...

Keys to the City of Heaven, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Keys to the City of Heaven

A travel blog entry by cattawa87


... from Liverpool Street Station to Harwich International Port and from Hoek van Holland (Hook of Holland) to anywhere in the Netherlands on the trains (Leiden in my case).  I very highly recommend the ferry.  It costs the same as a flight (£50), ...

Beaches and Leeches, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

Beaches and Leeches

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


... a lot. It must have been about 32C and humid too. Eventually, as the heat of the day left, we picked up a Chinese from Leiden town centre and Rob told us about the history of the town, which was really interesting. I wish I'd written it down. It was all ...

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