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Visiting Mike in Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Visiting Mike in Groningen

A travel blog entry by yah27

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... rugby championship games to riding bikes to the farmer's market, I'll miss my time here. Coming to Groningen helped me understand more about Netherlands than I could ever learn in Amsterdam. Satisfied with the time spent, I picked my next destination, ...

Hallo from the polders of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Hallo from the polders of Groningen

A travel blog entry by tavini

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... Amsterdam's canals, we are taking a detour through the much more quiet and friendly reaches of northern Holland (the province of Groningen to be more precise), where we are staying with some of Virginia's relatives. They have been exceedingly kind to us, ...

weathers improving in Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

weathers improving in Groningen

A travel blog entry by peter_maggie


Woke today with a promise of fine weather, but around 2.30 it started to spit a bit, it's expected to be 35 on Wednesday, as people here don't need air conditioners it's going to be HOT!!  not complaining, after all, it is summer here and it wont be ...

Wonderful world., Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Wonderful world.

A travel blog entry by devos


... great. Yesterday we visited  our nieces Marian,Anneke & Yvonne and their family in their home near Groningen where they have a large shoe store called  Devos schoenen. They are well known here, because they specialize for people ...

Finally.. Officially a Dutchie!, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Finally.. Officially a Dutchie!

A travel blog entry by shannoncoade

No photo's this time guys! I just wanted to share the fantastic news with you all that I am officially a Dutch resident. The lawyer called us with the news on Monday morning. We are ecstatic. This means I can reapply for a five year residency in July ...

The Verdict....thus far., Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

The Verdict....thus far.

A travel blog entry by shannoncoade

... for residency has been accepted....yay!!! The immigration department has put a new sticker into my passport to say I can stay in The Netherlands until the 20th of August 2009 however, they seem to think that I will have an answer within three months as ...

Counting the days..., Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Counting the days...

A travel blog entry by sisteract


Het is hier koud en leeg, de verhuisdozen zijn bijna vol en wordt echt tijd om te gaan... Wie had serieus echt gedacht dat we zouden gaan...? Toen wij meer dan een half jaar geleden opeens kwamen met het plan om weg te gaan... Ik weet zeker dat er ...

wet wet Groningen., Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

wet wet Groningen.

A travel blog entry by peter_maggie


Couldn't sleep as I was worried about catching the train to Groningen with 2 suit cases, imagining all sorts of things, but need not have worried, it was a breeze, well kinda, when trying to sleep your mind seems to play tricks and come up with the most ...

Alpha Twins & Noisecontrollers @ Huizemaas,, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Alpha Twins & Noisecontrollers @ Huizemaas,

A travel blog entry by shannoncoade


On February 28th, a local club here in Groningen hosted a hardstyle dance party called "¤ndicator". This featured two of my favourite hardstyle acts, Alpha Twins and Noisecontrollers. The event was awesome besides the fact that there was absolutely no ...

The Vaderland!, Veendam, The Netherlands travel blog

The Vaderland!

A travel blog entry by superhamster


Off to the Vaderland! What a day! It's unreal to think about how much driving we've done over the last couple of weeks, but today we made a roughly 600km round trip to Veendam, Holland! You may be asking "why Holland, and where the bloody hell is ...

In the beginning......, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

In the beginning......

A travel blog entry by roberc02


... and chilling out with friends in Groningen after a mad dash onto the Dutch flyer overnight ferry and then connecting trains to Groningen. My friend Helen and I left from Liverpool Street station London, on Thursday the 23 July, and ...

Amidst the distress., Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Amidst the distress.

A travel blog entry by shannoncoade


Hey guys, Well, I have just celebrated my first Queens Day in Holland and it was fantastic. Amidst the distress of being rejected by the Immigration Department on my residency application and deciding to contest it, I have discovered that Queens Day is ...

A stop at Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

A stop at Groningen

A travel blog entry by maplefanta


... in the middle of the Afsluitingdijk and crossing it all to Fryslan afterwards. The Afsluitingdijk is the huge dyke project that protects the Netherlands of the sea, it goes as a wall cutting the sea for about 30 km long with the North sea in one side ...

I'm a little Dutch Girl, Sauwerd, Netherlands travel blog

I'm a little Dutch Girl

A travel blog entry by karawilson


... . It felt right and so wonderful to hang out with them. The day started in the backyard on one of the hottest days the Netherlands has ever seen. We chitchatted about what everyone one back home was up to. We then moved to the playground ...

Our first full day at sea, North Sea, Netherlands travel blog

Our first full day at sea

A travel blog entry by sunniebgi


Waking up in a suite was a wonderful thing.  While we have cruise before, we have never before enjoyed this kind of luxury.  big comfy bed, large bathroom area, nice living/dining area and a a separate room for the kids.. not that they slept in ...

Let the adventures begin!!, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Let the adventures begin!!

A travel blog entry by olsencv

Hello everyone! Greetings from Groningen, Netherlands! Yep, that's right-- Christy Olsen has now made her first step onto the soil on continental Europe. :o) I am currently sitting in the cozy guest room above the garage at Jessica's aunt's house, ...

Not so good, first interview., Groning, Netherlands travel blog

Not so good, first interview.

A travel blog entry by shannoncoade


... further developments. I have included some photos, one of which is a dish which we regularly eat here in The Netherlands called Boerenkool (pronounced Booren Coal) which consists of Mashed potato, Green Cabbage (Dutch), Pickled Herring, Pickled onion and ...

Groningen Museum., Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Groningen Museum.

A travel blog entry by shannoncoade


Hey guys, Today, Petra and I visited Groningen Museum and took in some of the artwork of J.W. Waterhouse. Amazing stuff! Some of the paintings actually looked like photo's!! A lot of Waterhouse's works cover topics such as the Roman empire, King Arther ...

The Medievil markets of Bourtange., Bourtange, Netherlands travel blog

The Medievil markets of Bourtange.

A travel blog entry by shannoncoade


On Saturday the 8th of August Petra, her mum and I went to Bourtange. Bourtange is a medievil village that is just on the Dutch/German border and is still inhabited today! Once a month they have a Medievil market in Bourtange complete with knights, ...

Sep 25, 2006, Sellingen, Netherlands travel blog

Sep 25, 2006

A travel blog entry by michael_bromby


Club Hard was awesome., Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Club Hard was awesome.

A travel blog entry by shannoncoade


... time. This was fantastic as you ate what you wanted to cook yourself. Very Tasty. All of Petra's friends are very friendly and welcoming and have made me feel very much at home here in The Netherlands. Oh well, thats all for now guys, Speak ...

Yah Hello, we are in Hollant!, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Yah Hello, we are in Hollant!

A travel blog entry by philvandyk


Sprekt de Nederlans? What country is this? Netherlands? AmsterDAM! We're still in Holland! I forgot to say in Amsterdam we ate at the Hans and Grietje cafe. (I picked it because, Grietje is my mom's real name I think) I had croquetten and apparently ...

Echte Dutch, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Echte Dutch

A travel blog entry by philvandyk

... not get her to play and sing for him. I'll have to check the music out when I get home. We headed out on the town Groningen style....The evening started at 10:00 and we headed to the Irish pub but it was really busy. The city has a energy about ...

Cartoons and Bicycles!, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Cartoons and Bicycles!

A travel blog entry by peillsonwheels

... at the Dutch Comic Strip Museum in Groningen, and we were making our way there. Arriving at the train station in Groningen, we were immediately amazed by the number of bicycles all around.  There was a huge, underground bike parking lot just off the ...

Groningen again., Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Groningen again.

A travel blog entry by philvandyk

After waking up today, we did some much needed Laundry. Groningen is turning out to be very refreshing. We haven't accomplished to much today. We went looking for Panakooken and a kupje koffee for breakfast. On the way I stepped in the biggest dog crap ...

Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by marce


... recorrido turistico por la ciudad. Fuimos a la torre Martini, una torre bien alta a la cual subimos y desde arriba se ve todo groningen. Despues pasamos por el museo (entre otro dia antes pero todavia esas fotos no las pude conseguir), y como no podia ser ...

Groningen, 14/15 June 2016, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Groningen, 14/15 June 2016

A travel blog entry by mcloughlin

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We drove from Heelsum to Groningen, in the northeast of the Netherlands, which took about 2 hours.  It was freeway all the way and we kept driving through rain showers, some quite heavy, so it wasn't the most exciting journey.   Groningen is a ...

Daan, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by sylviaenjeroen


... gebeld hebben voor een afspraak. In a big hurry written: At friday 26 of march our sun "Daan" is born at the hospital in Groningen. Mom and Daan are completely ok but have to stay a few days in the hospital. Hereby in a big hurry some pics. Lots ...

Spanje, Bretagne, Kanaaleilanden tot Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Spanje, Bretagne, Kanaaleilanden tot Groningen

A travel blog entry by sylviaenjeroen


... feestje vieren. Helaas regent het de hele dag maar vrijwel al onze vrienden en familie zijn van de partij. Dan varen we de boot naar Groningen en leggen haar in de stad, 300 meter van ons huis, waar we dus niet in kunnen. We wonen een maand in een ...

Party time, Groningen, Netherlands travel blog

Party time

A travel blog entry by dagroove


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