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A Saturday afternoon drive, Friesland, Netherlands travel blog

A Saturday afternoon drive

A travel blog entry by chronometers

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... had our second Dutch lesson, got some things done around the house, and took a day trip to Friesland. Friesland is the northeastern part of the Netherlands. We drove up to it hoping to take a ferry to the Wadden Islands -- very remote islands with ...

PART IV (PRIORITY CHANGE?), West Terschelling, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus

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... was mostly nature reserve and that its name was something like "Trouillez." Luckily, there aren't many islands in the Netherlands, and one is called Terschelling. Unfortunately, Terschelling has about a hundred hotels. My heart fevered as I tried to ...

Sep 08, 2014, Terschelling, Netherlands travel blog

Sep 08, 2014

A travel blog entry by tintin38


Episode 13, Leeuwarden, Netherlands travel blog

Episode 13

A travel blog entry by bennybeanbear


I am sitting outside a McDonalds in Thisted Denmark and it's hot in the sun.. I gave up on that stupid thing that shows where you are on the map. Episode 3 Well, finally some progress so it seems.  A ferry booking has been made so I'm told for ...

Amsterdam to Leeuwarden, Leeuwarden, Netherlands travel blog

Amsterdam to Leeuwarden

A travel blog entry by deb.garrett

Sunday morning is no time to sleep in. We are ready to move on to more adventures. We walked to the tram stop and rode back to the P R Parking (inexpensive overnight parking, in case you're ever traveling here). A short drive north brought us to our ...

Voorbereidingen & Afscheid., Kollumerzwaag, Netherlands travel blog

Voorbereidingen & Afscheid.

A travel blog entry by perrynauta


Al sinds mijn eerste jaar als student in Groningen wilde ik na afloop van mijn studie een reis rond de wereld gaan maken. Nu is het dan eindelijk zo ver.  Afgelopen zomer heb ik mijn studie afgerond en na een heerlijk relaxte vakantie in het zonnige ...

Save the date, Goingarijp, Netherlands travel blog

Save the date

A travel blog entry by berndendaphne


... waarin de verschillende locaties nog een keer handig terug te vinden zijn: Mochten er naar aanleiding van bovenstaande vragen leven geef het dan vooral aan via ...

Winsum Y Groningen, Winsum, Netherlands travel blog

Winsum Y Groningen

A travel blog entry by marce


Hola a todos. Les escribo esto desde la casa de Isis en Winsum. Un pueblo de unos 10.000 habitantes, aunque como todo aca esta re bien economicamente y super modernizado. Hay, como en toda holanda muchos molinos, canales, y bicicletas. Winsum queda a ...

Half way there, Drachten, Netherlands travel blog

Half way there

A travel blog entry by amyandlily


... you, I have never been so pleased to see a car park of VW CAMPERS AND VW BEETLES! I honestly could have cried! The guy at Friesland kevers ( spent the next hr or so trying to figure out how he could fix the broken part. When his aunt ...

Lisse and Joure, Joure, Netherlands travel blog

Lisse and Joure

A travel blog entry by janterry


Tuesday July 5th This is very much a business day for us and we are treated to a tour of delphinium growers, flower breeders and perennial plant producers by Luc and the "Green Team". We find that they could sell many tens of thousands of our plants ...

Back where it all began, Oentsjerk, Netherlands travel blog

Back where it all began

A travel blog entry by reinder.prins

Yup, indeed... After 21 months, 73.000 Kilometers and 35 countries, I am home again. For a bit, that is.... It's been an exhilarating period, with many adventures embarked upon, lovely people met, and lots of fun to be had. I had to come home to attend a ...

Juggle Day!, Leeuwarden, Netherlands travel blog

Juggle Day!

A travel blog entry by lisaajane


Today was a very quiet day and the weather played a huge role in that.  It was shite.  We got about an hour of cloudy dry weather, so Casper and I bolted to the park to juggle.  I tend to say I can't juggle...mainly because if you say you can ...

Colour, Leeuwarden, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by lisaajane


After a relaxed breakfast with Tom and a nice delay waiting for a bus because the trains weren't running, I got on my way to Leeuwarden. To see a circus friend.  Who was meeting me there at 1:30 and despite being half an hour late leaving I was ...

An amazing engineering achievement, Afsluitdijk, Netherlands travel blog

An amazing engineering achievement

A travel blog entry by d-ashworths


... to experience some brilliant Dutch countryside. We found out that Dutch people call their country Holland. Everyone else calls it the Netherlands, or Nederland. Their license plates have NL as country of origin and that's the country's title, but anyway, ...

Northern Netherlands, Friesland, Netherlands travel blog

Northern Netherlands

A travel blog entry by penns

... , and get to our hotel.  We drove over the Afsletdijk on the way there, which is very long, very famous dyke in the Netherlands and is entirely handmade.  We finally got to Amsterdam, found where to drop off the car at the airport, and somehow ...

Vacation in Holland, Vlieland, Netherlands travel blog

Vacation in Holland

A travel blog entry by margreet98


Jack and I spent a relaxing week in a vacation cottage on the island of Vlieland.  I met Jack in Utrecht and from there we took the train to Harlingen where we caught the ferry to Vlieland.  It was a wild ride over there!  Once on the ...

A day trip to Dokkum - Just some photos, Dokkum, Netherlands travel blog

A day trip to Dokkum - Just some photos

A travel blog entry by aliceandmac


... of about 15km from Lekkum took us to Dokkum which is a dutch fortified town in the municipality of Dongeradeel in the province of Friesland. Not very big about 15,000 people. This town (city) is also one of the eleven cities that form the 200km skating ...

Preparations, Oentsjerk, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by reinder.prins

Due to some things that happened and didn't happen, it has been decided that I am going back to Australia! But, of course not without a bit of sightseeing on the way. I'll be flying to Jakarta in a few weeks time and then.... I'll do it all over again! ...

Day Trip to Harlingen, Harlingen, Netherlands travel blog

Day Trip to Harlingen

A travel blog entry by aliceandmac


... (locating the graves of Alice's infant brothers) so we took off and drove to Harlingen.  Harlingen is the harbour of Friesland and a gorgeous little place.  Lots of beautiful boats waiting to cross the Wadden which is the sea between Friesland and the ...

A walk and canal trip around Leeuwarden, Leeuwarden, Netherlands travel blog

A walk and canal trip around Leeuwarden

A travel blog entry by aliceandmac


From Alice's diary, "TUESDAY – LEEUWARDEN – 07.07.09 Christien, Cor, Mac and I were very slow to get started after all the excitement of yesterday.  Cor did go and play tennis for an hour but the weather was not to good. Rain and wind a ...

Almost time to leave, Oentsjerk, Netherlands travel blog

Almost time to leave

A travel blog entry by reinder.prins

Time for departure is drawing closer... I've wrapped up my 2 year Belgian adventure in fashion, with enough great beers and delicious food consumed in the last two weeks to last me another 2 years... I've got everything sorted that I can think of and am ...

Home to Skutje Sailing boats and Friesland Lakes, Grouw, Netherlands travel blog

Home to Skutje Sailing boats and Friesland Lakes

A travel blog entry by aliceandmac


From Alice's Diary "WEDNESDAY – LEEUWARDEN / GROUW – 08.07.09 The weather has turned sour but never mind we certainly can't complain as we have only had 3 slightly bad days in 5 weeks.  Easy morning although I did spend a bit of time ...

Vertrek, Bloque van Kuffeler/Friesland, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by psteerenberg


... problemen hebt om in alle vier de entries te komen. Verder zet ik er voor Marry en Bert de foto's van hun nieuwe boot, in Friesland. Hun vissermanaak is 13 meter lang en wordt op dit moment getuigd. Na de vakantie gaat Bert er mee charteren, dus als je ...

With Alice's family and walking the local area, Lekkum, Netherlands travel blog

With Alice's family and walking the local area

A travel blog entry by aliceandmac


Some comments from Alice's diary whilst with her family "MONDAY – LEKKUM – 29.6.09 We are now relaxing.  Pieti and Durk's backyard, beautiful weather, what more do we want.  I was up early as per usual but knew where to find the tea and ...

Drizzly, Delightful Dokkum and Dutch Zondag Dins, Dokkum, Netherlands travel blog

Drizzly, Delightful Dokkum and Dutch Zondag Dins

A travel blog entry by jbowles


Happy Christening Jamie! We didn't wake till gone 9, despite a relatively early night. Lazy! Up, showered and decamped and off to Dokkum. Although it was only two nights, we've loved it here. It's very chilled and being off season, we've had an entire ...

De laatste daagjes Nederland, Scharsterbrug, Netherlands travel blog

De laatste daagjes Nederland

A travel blog entry by frijling-bosma


Leeuwarden, Leeuwarden, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by paula_rod

... a much needed clean and chilled out in the sun.  Just out of Den Haag there is a miniature version of The Netherlands, 'Madurodam'.  The detail was quite amazing and it means we saw every building that was important... only on a smaller ...

Visservaria, Cuyk en Schettens, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by soncityholidays


Jan had eens zin in wat anders. "Lekker onstpannend rijden zo'n ding, hoor!! Ik ben er maar gelijk op naar Utrecht gereden en de volgende dag naar door naar Goor in Overijssel. Later weer terug naar Cuyk natuurlijk. Geen centje pijn." Jos: "Een dagje ...

on the long dam, Long dam, Netherlands travel blog

on the long dam

A travel blog entry by piso

we cross the see on the ...

Het beste van 11 maanden, Scharsterbrug, Netherlands travel blog

Het beste van 11 maanden

A travel blog entry by frijling-bosma


Bijna een jaar geleden pakten wij onze spullen in, lieten alles achter ons en vertrokken wij naar het grote onbekende. De ultieme droom van ons ging eindelijk in vervulling. Dit was iets dat wij moesten doen. Besluit gemaakt, spullen achtergelaten, ...

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