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Week 7, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Week 7

A travel blog entry by seawellk


... we sat around and read (i had to prepare for an exam for monday), went to Marburg, then Frankfurt to catch my train back to Arnhem. I simply read the entire train ride back, I didn't meet anyone intersting on this trip. Iarrived back in Arnhem at 10:30 pm ...

Taking the tram to Rotterdam, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Taking the tram to Rotterdam

A travel blog entry by devos


... to go and see, and none will disappoint! On Monday after first taking Ben to the rail station in Amersfoort, we went on to Arnhem and spend the rest of the day wandering through the Open Air Museum. It was a very interesting place, they had some ...

Week 4, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Week 4

A travel blog entry by seawellk


  Week 4   Week four brought along with it my second week of classes. I am taking six courses and with those courses come a different group to work with. These courses also bring a lot of homework. It has led to quite a bit of time spent ...

One week to go, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

One week to go

A travel blog entry by liesaap


Woaa, only one more week to go before I'm off to London! Starting to get quite excited now.. I'll write in English so everyone can read it, for the Dutchies: Google Translate will do just fine. There's still quite a lot that needs my attention: ...

Christmas in Holland, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Christmas in Holland

A travel blog entry by seawellk


Here are some pictures from my Christmas time in Holland. Included are... Christmas Gala Christmas Market (Germany) Frosted Wonderland Enjoy!!! I will be back really soon! Merry ...

Who Drives From Munich To Amsterdam?, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Who Drives From Munich To Amsterdam?

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... do not wish to break up his collection, but cannot refuse the offer, so decide upon one to take with me. A small piece of Netherlands to carry carefully, I sit it on the table beside my bed, back upstairs with the DVD collection, the beanbag and guitar in ...

Winterzon here we come!, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Winterzon here we come!

A travel blog entry by ajzelf


Nu in Nederland de NS weer begint door te glijden over de bladeren en de winterbandenwisselweken zijn aangebroken, zit ik af te tellen om heerlijk naar Aruba te gaan met Suus en de kleine man! Lekker op bezoek bij Bart, Jarre en Matthijs en daar heerlijk ...

Netherlands.... First stop Arnhem!, Arnhem, The Netherlands travel blog

Netherlands.... First stop Arnhem!

A travel blog entry by eirantrethowan


... for a week's stay, we are staying here until the wedding on the weekend which is at a hotel in the country side. Dudok apartments Arnhem are brilliant right in town centre, bit of a pain that they are in the pedestrian street to get your bags to in the ...

A day out in Arnhem, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

A day out in Arnhem

A travel blog entry by tofor85


After a really solid night out on the town on Thursday with Jonathan in Arnhem, I was feeling weak and weary this morning (Friday). Woke up, had breakfast and off I went in the car with Joke to see some things. Our first stop was the Openluchtmuseum (open ...

Family Findings, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Family Findings

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... day with Oma's sister’s daughter (niece for all you playing at home) Eline and here husband Marien. They live in Arnhem, which I am told is the place of forests and the slight incline considered mountainous terrain by Dutch standards. The walk to ...

Week 6, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Week 6

A travel blog entry by seawellk


... , but the weather was quite horrid and they wanted to leave very early in the morning. Instead of going to that town, I gave Jen a tour of Arnhem. It was her first time seeing the city, so that made it a lot of fun! It was very rainy and wet, but we made ...

Week 5, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Week 5

A travel blog entry by seawellk


Week 5:   If I had written this yesterday before bed, I would have very little to write. My week was about the same as last week. School was extremely stressful and the internet was done, so homework was quite the task at times. I lived at school ...

I got a bit behind!, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

I got a bit behind!

A travel blog entry by seawellk


... last week. He is friends with some of my friends back home. I also met the guy who is from stout and coming to Arnhem next semester randomly because he found my friend Heather on myspace. One of my friends here from Germany studied in WI in high school ...

Wrapping up an Amazing Tour!, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Wrapping up an Amazing Tour!

A travel blog entry by andersonve65


... a bus tour of the town of Arnhem, site of the famous WWII campaign codenamed Operation Market Garden.  Students visited the Arnhem Bridge, the bridge featured in the film A Bridge Too Far, and had our tour guide Chris explain about why this battle ...

Arnhem (Again), Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Arnhem (Again)

A travel blog entry by shearers

... there were 3 others in our secluded spot. This time we were the only occupants! We may lounge around site, go to the Kroller-Muller Museum with its art collection or visit Arnhem itself if Tom Tom can find us a parking place. That’s for ...

Arnhem, The End of The Roadtrip?, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Arnhem, The End of The Roadtrip?

A travel blog entry by shearers


The Fat Lady is starting to sing and remind us that it's all over for another trip. We went in to the town centre and had a wander round and lunch at Dudok (a version of Weatherspoons) Noticeably absent from most riders of scooters and pushbikes were any ...

Week 2, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Week 2

A travel blog entry by seawellk

... this morning and went to school right away. My friends and I walked there together. We had our orientation for ABS (Arnhem Business School) all day. First we met the international office staff, and then the international student event committee, then we ...

Week 1, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Week 1

A travel blog entry by seawellk


... breakfast and we sat and ate it while I waited for Twan (Petra's ex husband.) He came to pick me up at 8 am and we drove to Arnhem together. It was an hour drive and he is not a good driver. I was a bit scared actually. We got to town fine, but then got ...

Openluchtmuseum, Arnhem, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Openluchtmuseum, Arnhem

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


... picked mum up and headed out of the rain towards Arnhem. The Openluchtmuseum is a collection of old buildings from all over the Netherlands. They show life at different times from 300 years ago to the present and they range from the wealthy farmer to the ...

International House Of Pancakes?, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

International House Of Pancakes?

A travel blog entry by shearers


... the decision that 200 miles is the optimum for a realistic distance at 50 mph and allowing for hold ups the trip to Arnhem was completed easily within those guidelines (thankfully!) Weather was good all of the way and we found the campsite located just ...

Return to Holland, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Return to Holland

A travel blog entry by tofor85


Well despite all the controversy with organising flights ive finally arrived back in the Netherlands. This time to explore more of the country and get to know my Dutch background and relatives. I touched town at Schiapol airport near Amsterdam around ...

Open Air Museum in Arnhem, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Open Air Museum in Arnhem

A travel blog entry by megs-anoop


... bikes to get there along the designated, traffic-free bike paths. These bike paths, devoid of all traffic, are all over Belgium and Netherlands and it is no wonder that nearly everyone owns and rides a bicycle here. As soon as we entered the museum, we ...

Dutch road trip ..., Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Dutch road trip ...

A travel blog entry by clgs


... the car and headed for the hotel for a well-earned beer! Who can resist a Belgian beer when staying in the Netherlands! Aren't they the same country?? Dinner tonight is booked for Samhoud Places Streetfood ... looking forward to it. Street food and ...

Maid in Africa, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Maid in Africa

A travel blog entry by johannahoog


Als groep van 8 Nederlanders hebben we onder leiding van onze reisleidster Ellie Kroon een fantastische en onvergetelijke reis door het zuid-westen van Afrika gemaakt. Een impressie van onze vele ervaringen en ontmoetingen met mensen, dieren en natuur ...

Final preparation and saying goodbye, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Final preparation and saying goodbye

A travel blog entry by chasingthesun


Dear family, friends, aquiantances, strangers and fellow travelers You are most welcome to read my new travelblog; "chasing the sun" First of all, the name of my blog. I was brainstorming with my good friend Chad about a name for it, when I came up ...

Voorlaatste berichtje, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Voorlaatste berichtje

A travel blog entry by koendeschacht


Hey Wat gaat de tijd toch snel! Ondertussen ben ik al in Arnhem, en zo is deze fantastische fietstocht bijna ten einde gekomen. Aangezien de route sinds Gotenborg in Zweden toch door iets minder schilderachtig landschap ging (alhoewel Denemarken nog wel ...

Het begin, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Het begin

A travel blog entry by rianjorg


Beste vriendjes, mamma's, pappa's, oma's, opa's en overige familie. het is vandaag 1 juni. We zijn de hele dag al druk bezig met alle (!) voorbereidingen. De spullen zijn gepakt, alles staat klaar. Morgen gaan we nog effe feesten op de bruiloft van ...

My Statue Friends, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

My Statue Friends

A travel blog entry by showme


Pictured are some of the statues I met, became friends and had a great time with at the World Statues 2007. These photos have been found from various sites on the internet. After the festival we at together and went out into the nightlife of Rotterdam, ...

Stillman Theater: World Statues, Holland, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

Stillman Theater: World Statues, Holland

A travel blog entry by showme


Stillman Theater was invited to be a part of the World Statues Championship in Arnhem, Holland. I flew from Vienna early on the morning of the event as I had a gig the day before, and arrived tired but recovering in time for for my shows. They put the ...

A  Bridge Too Far, Arnhem, Netherlands travel blog

A Bridge Too Far

A travel blog entry by blemings


If you have ever seen the movie 'A Bridge Too Far', you know the significance of Arnhem, Holland. This is where the Allies attempted to get into Germany (after France) through a narrow corridor; they had several bridges to seize first. They were very ...

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