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Slapen met Sokken, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Slapen met Sokken

A travel blog entry by lapre.travels


Kwart over zes zondagochtend 18 september… de geluidsgolven van de wekker boren mijn oren in, het wordt tijd om op te staan. Vandaag gaan we naar Jakarta! Last minute opruimwoede wil niet echt baten, want pa en ma staan voor ik het weet al voor ...

Alkmaar: From Cheese...., Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Alkmaar: From Cheese....

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


... from them? I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, the boat trip. This lasted about 45 minutes and took us around the canals of Alkmaar, pointing out the historic buildings as we went. It turned into a bit of an adventure trip as we passed under 22 low ...

Cheese Market in Alkmaar, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Cheese Market in Alkmaar

A travel blog entry by megs-anoop


... official scales and then sold. Nowadays, Friday mornings from April to September, the only two large-scale cheese producers in the Netherlands bring their cheese to the market to be weighed and sold as per tradition.  They lay the rounds of cheese ...

From Cheese to Shining Cheese, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

From Cheese to Shining Cheese

A travel blog entry by eblakemore


... but waking up early will be worth it when I'm nibbling on the free cheese samples given out at the famous cheese market in Alkmaar, Netherlands. The view out of the train window at first seems dreary, but once the gray mist and clouds have been sifted ...

The Dutch Countryside, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

The Dutch Countryside

A travel blog entry by tmm


Monday morning we woke up late to the faint clanging of plates and utensils and the whistle of the tea kettle. Lonneke was cooking up a healthy breakfast feast (much needed after our strict diet of french fries with mayo and pub food). We all sat around ...

I've got too much smoke in my eyesss, Haarlem and Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

I've got too much smoke in my eyesss

A travel blog entry by ivealis


Well today has been nice, we have gone to the towns Haarlem and Alkamaar, pretty little towns accesible by train, so we decided to make use of our rail passes. Alkamaar was about 25 minutes from Aamsterdam, so we went to that one first. It was small, ...

Alkmaar, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by emily_and_marko


Alkmaar turned out to be one of the most beautiful little towns that we have ever seen. Unfortunately because Alkmaar was such a small town it was hard to find a place to stay, and we were forced to rent a room in a 4 star Best Western Hotel. Oh well, it ...

Cheese Carrier's Guild / Flower Parade, Alkmaar , Netherlands travel blog

Cheese Carrier's Guild / Flower Parade

A travel blog entry by joanstravel


... still being used at the original weigh station on Friday mornings.  Then to the museum in De Cruquius showing how the Netherlands was reclaimed from the sea over the years.  Very interesting. At night on to the Bollenstreek ( bulb growing ...

licorice, Cheese and Bicycles, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

licorice, Cheese and Bicycles

A travel blog entry by amery


... of taste between very salty and very sweet. We love it. The photos start with a trip courtesy of our host Jacqueline to Alkmaar, a town famous for it’s weekly cheese market auction, and for us it was also famous for non stop rain that ...

Thursday, January 27: AMS-KUL, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Thursday, January 27: AMS-KUL

A travel blog entry by saintpaul

Early Thursday morning: time for adventure to start beckoning. Place of action: Schiphol, where Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 to Kuala Lumpur will depart at 12:00 pm sharp. But first Paul needs to pay a visit to the Malaysia Airlines counter, because the ...

Ride to the North Sea, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Ride to the North Sea

A travel blog entry by spicersineurope


The ride today is an 38km cycle to the western coast of the Netherlands through villages, and then through a forest opening up into massive hills and sand dunes before the North Sea.  The landscape reminded us of scotland by the sea, (never been ...

Vaccinaties en visum, Alkmaar, Nederland travel blog

Vaccinaties en visum

A travel blog entry by marjanbosma


Weer een stapje in de richting van mijn reis: prikken halen bij de GGD ( wat een hoop geld en wat je allemaal nog meer kan oplopen) daarna naar Amsterdam voor het ophalen van een visum. Erna had zich verslapen :) dus was te laat voor de GGD. Toen maar ...

Cheese, lots of Cheese, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Cheese, lots of Cheese

A travel blog entry by rudimim


This morning we were up early for we had to arrive in Alkmaar in time to see the opening of the Traditional Cheese Market.  It was fascinating to see the demonstration of how the cheese market operated.  It was also interesting to see 30,000 kg ...

Jean gets wet again!, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Jean gets wet again!

A travel blog entry by issywiz


... and demonstration of clog making.  I tried kibbling which is small pieces of fried fish and very tasty with a lovelysauce.  We left Alkmaar and another got soaking but steering the boat in a storm was good fun.  As the day went on the rain ...

First ride, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

First ride

A travel blog entry by spicersineurope


Second day and today ride total is 40km.  Purmerend to Alkamaar.  Past dozens of windmills, all preserved and restored, but duties replaced by electric pumps.  At least a thousand sheep, a few cows, and many dairy farms.  As it is ...

Video of Alkmaar on market day, Alkmaar, New Zealand travel blog

Video of Alkmaar on market day

A travel blog entry by shelleyjane


Here's a short video of a walk through parts of the weekly street market in Alkmaar, held every ...

Keukenhof, Space expo, Zaanse Schans, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Keukenhof, Space expo, Zaanse Schans

A travel blog entry by mpl73


... type of cheeses. If you are really interested only about windmills then perhaps Kinderdjik is better place, but if you want to see more of Dutch tradition then I suggest that you visit Zaanse Schans. Our hotels was in Alkmaar and tomorrow you know ...

Alkmaar, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by 2tillbrooks


La ciutat dels formatges, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

La ciutat dels formatges

A travel blog entry by freeriders


Tot i que nosaltres vam arribar-hi tard, en aquesta ciutat holandesa amb un centre de la ciutat encisador s'hi fa cada divendres al matí una mena de fira-exposició-mercat tradicional del formatge que no deixa de ser com un culte a aquest producte tant ...

Alkmaar Pt. 1- The Quest for Sinterklaas, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Alkmaar Pt. 1- The Quest for Sinterklaas

A travel blog entry by hallstrom


... the Netherlands is in Europe doesn't mean we should view it any differently. Final thought to summarize: I'm an American in the Netherlands.  I'm not going to project my values onto the society that has been so warm and generous in welcoming me as a ...

Alkmaar and surrounds, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Alkmaar and surrounds

A travel blog entry by mattlisagrace


... I'm told it has been a good summer but we have just struck it badly (it has rained every day of our time in the Netherlands!) Back in Alkmaar we backed up all our photos onto two external harddrives, so we could clear off the memory cards.  About 800 ...

Just say cheese !, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Just say cheese !

A travel blog entry by andy_lashbrooke


... the market is for now just for the tourists as the real cheese trading takes place elsewhere.       Getting into Alkmaar was the first challenge - cars everywhere and the rain lashing down on us. I'm thinking a holiday in the Maldives or ...

x, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by olympicemma

a ...

Alkmaar, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by divokyzapadjaz


Po noční cestě přes Německo jsme ráno dojeli do města Alkmaar kde se konají zajímavé sýrové trhy. Na náměstí je plno dřevěných nosítek s koláčema různých sýrů. Procházka po ...

Market Day, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Market Day

A travel blog entry by shelleyjane


... as possible. But we need lettuce, and onions and lemons. It's time to go shopping. Saturday is market day in Alkmaar. The streets are crowded with shoppers. Our normally cozy little town is transformed into a frenzied nightmare of consumerism. ...

Mijn reis naar Nepal, Alkmaar, Nederland travel blog

Mijn reis naar Nepal

A travel blog entry by marjanbosma


Vandaag heb ik mijn travelapp geinstalleerd onder leiding van dochter Ella! Vanaf nu ga ik leren ...

Jul 07, 2013, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Jul 07, 2013

A travel blog entry by richard.wolters


Rolling around the Netherlands, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Rolling around the Netherlands

A travel blog entry by nicpip


... Of the 58 potential riders on board only 33 ventured out into the inclement weather. This evening we are in the town of Alkmaar and tomorrow continue north. Today's highs and lows: Nic high: seeing the boat at the end of ride Nic low: riding ...

Koninginnedag 2008, Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Koninginnedag 2008

A travel blog entry by shelleyjane


Koninginne-- what? It's Dutch for Queen's Day. It's not Queen Beatrix's real birthday but it is an excuse for a party. It's the day the Dutch get down. Wear funny hats. Drink beer in the streets. Hold a gigantic national garage sale. Seriously. ...

Wat aan het vertrek vooraf ging..., Alkmaar, Netherlands travel blog

Wat aan het vertrek vooraf ging...

A travel blog entry by marsenpien


Dit jaar gaan we de Transmongolië-expres doen. Dat is eigenlijk de Transsiberië-expres maar bij Irkoetsk ga je dan zuidelijk door Mongolie naar China in plaats van rechtdoor naar Vladivostok. Nu moet je voor alle drie de landen een visum hebben en zo ...

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