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Buddhist Child Home, Jorpati, Nepal travel blog

Buddhist Child Home

A travel blog entry by lizandkev

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... of 'real' Kathmandu called Jorpati) and went to BCH every morning at 8 to help the kids get ready for school, which starts at 10 in Nepal. Once they'd gone we were kind of on our own for the rest of the day. We went back to Durga's for lunch and then ...

Battling Buddhists in Bodhnath, Bodhnath, Nepal travel blog

Battling Buddhists in Bodhnath

A travel blog entry by djchurch

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... country depends on these two behemoths and their good will for a vast amount of their economic existence and territorial existence. Nepal has embraced the "One China" policy of Beijing, and acted decisively against the protests. One example of this ...

En lang dag i utkantstrøk samt siste ord fra Nepal, Boudhanath, Nepal travel blog

En lang dag i utkantstrøk samt siste ord fra Nepal

A travel blog entry by hjalmar


... også jeg, og det å gå noe som helst sted uten lommelykt er nå blitt noe jeg klarer å unngå ganske så ofte. Sjallabais Nepal. I overimorgen venter Burma, og jeg er nå meget spent. Har en noenlunde reiserute og plan klar, men det blir nok som alltid ...

3 day trek, Shivapuri, Nepal travel blog

3 day trek

A travel blog entry by squawks_m


At 7am we were collected by our guide from the hostel and walked the 25 minutes to the bus rank to catch the hour local (mini)bus to the start of our trek, near to Shivapuri National Park. We were lucky to get a seat because along the journey loads of ...

A glimpse of Tibetian Life, Bodhnath, Nepal travel blog

A glimpse of Tibetian Life

A travel blog entry by jbilocca


It was only a short 30 minutes ride from Kathmandu but we felt we had reached a totally new world as soon as we stepped in Bodhnath.  The village revolved around a gigantic stupa and is the religious centre for nepalis population of Tibetan ...

First impressions of Nepal, Thimi, Nepal travel blog

First impressions of Nepal

A travel blog entry by cazmar


... about all of the issues post earthquake and more about the unit in another post but I wanted these to be my first impressions of Nepal and my initial understanding where I'll be based for the next month. It already looks like it's going to be ...

The earthquake, Thimi, Nepal travel blog

The earthquake

A travel blog entry by cazmar

... stress being dealt with and it took a long time to move the last of the patients from a tent and back into the main building. Nepal had been expecting this earthquake and preparing for it, all of the physio's received training on what to do in case of an ...

Our 1st stupa, Bodhnath, Nepal travel blog

Our 1st stupa

A travel blog entry by thessa_fred


Jamal (from our guide's team) came to pick us up at the hotel to bring us to Himal's home/office to make the final arrangements for our Tibet & Bhutan trips. it is incredible how nice, kind and helpful they are with us. After, we head to ...

Buddha's Eyes Watch Us From A Giant Stupa, Bodhnath, Nepal travel blog

Buddha's Eyes Watch Us From A Giant Stupa

A travel blog entry by inoursuitcase


... So, we did the next best thing and were well happy to visit Bodhnath (Boudha) which is the religious centre for Nepal's considerable population of Tibetan exiles and feels like a Tibetan village. There was a fabulous, powerful energy surrounding the stupa ...

Thimi et son Sindoor Jatra, Thimi, Nepal travel blog

Thimi et son Sindoor Jatra

A travel blog entry by luclegrandexplo


... ;:30 am, j’étais à l’entrée du guesthouse pour me joindre à Eva et Cyril rencontrés la veille pour me rendre à Thimi. Les deux sont supers sympathiques et voyagent tout en faisant des capsules vidéo sur les différents pays qu’ils ...

Home again, Thimi, Nepal travel blog

Home again

A travel blog entry by cazmar


... sure I'll be awfully homesick after such a wonderful time at home, with the nice weather holding out and getting to wear nice clothes to a wedding. So it's with a small amount of trepidation I am heading to Nepal, but I know it's the right place to go. ...

Lovely locals, Sundarijal, Nepal travel blog

Lovely locals

A travel blog entry by alexhuchet


... to go. I finally opted for Mulkharka which is village development committee in Okhaldhunga District in the Sagarmatha Zone of mid-eastern Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 3719 living in 596 individual households. I got ...

Studying Tibetan Buddhism @ Kopan Monastery, Boudhanath, Nepal travel blog

Studying Tibetan Buddhism @ Kopan Monastery

A travel blog entry by inoursuitcase


... an invite to join the path of the Dharma, the Buddhist path to enlightenment. Part of our purpose for visiting Nepal was to attend an introductory Tibetan Buddhism course at Kopan Monastery near Boudhanath, on the outskirts of Kathmandu. There ...

Auslaufen in Nepal, Bauddha, Nepal travel blog

Auslaufen in Nepal

A travel blog entry by onthesunnyside


... dann komme wieder einmal der Stromausfall:-( Irgendwo in einem Hostal haben wir mal folgenden Scherz zum Thema gelesen: NEPAL bedeutet gar nicht Never Ending Peace And Love sondern Never Electrical Power Always Loadshedding (hier Stromumverteilung) ...

Tibetan Buddhism in action, Boudhanath, Nepal travel blog

Tibetan Buddhism in action

A travel blog entry by sachago


There is nowhere quite like Boudhanath. It is one of the few places in the world where Tibetan Buddhist culture is accessible to us. The enormous stupa, its monasteries ("Gompas"), workshops producing butter lamps, monks, pilgrims and students, songs, ...

Tour guidé de Kathmandou, Thimi, Nepal travel blog

Tour guidé de Kathmandou

A travel blog entry by mjmj


Encore une journée remplie d'émotions!!! Nous avons assisté à une cérémonie crématoire. Avons vu un corps brûler devant nos yeux. Avons escaladé le monastère des singes... Mise à jour du 2 mai: Quel ...

4e jour, Boudhan, Nepal travel blog

4e jour

A travel blog entry by macbab


Aujourd'hui direction Bodnath (Boudhanath ou encore Boudha, à vous de choisir la façon de nommer cette ville). Cette ville se trouve à env 30 min en taxi de KTM. Son attraction principale est l'énorme stupa autour duquel chaque jour des milliers de ...

Potters Heaven, Thimi, Nepal travel blog

Potters Heaven

A travel blog entry by new_lands


... abroad learning various glaze processes, using electric equipment and many new skills he has brought back not only to Thimi’s Potters Square but he’s brought back to Nepal and has helped so many people.       Not only do I get ...

Lukla here we Come...., Thimi, Nepal travel blog

Lukla here we Come....

A travel blog entry by bubblyb23


The bags are packed, and very heavy, so we organize another porter. We are ready to hit the road. We have tried several times to get a good stash or rule before we head up the mountain - this is harder than you think, ATM only allows 100AUS/withdrawal ...

What is love? or Zoe and the secrets of love., Budhanilkantha, Nepal travel blog

What is love? or Zoe and the secrets of love.

A travel blog entry by zoeraissakis

I think there is no single girl in this world who doesn't grow up with a certain idea of love.  Depending on your environment and your influences this ideal image gets shaped over the years as you grow older. Since I've never been exposed to ...

Happy Birthday Mr. Buddha, Boudhanath, Nepal travel blog

Happy Birthday Mr. Buddha

A travel blog entry by hubbardtim


... public 'square') and got swept into a current of clockwise circumambulating Buddhists doing laps of the largest Buddhist Stupa in Nepal. Amidst the resonant chants of 'Om Mani Padme Hum', prayer flags, incense and prayer wheels we had probably ...

Tag 3, Thimi, Nepal travel blog

Tag 3

A travel blog entry by walterk


... Tag wird zur Akklimatisation genützt. So begeben wir uns nach Syangboche ( 3720 m) wo es die höchste Flugpiste in Nepal gibt. Dieses Dorf war auch der lieblings Ort von Sir Edmund Hillary er hat die erste Schule und ein Krankenhaus ...

Bye Mum, Bye Nepal, Boudha, Nepal travel blog

Bye Mum, Bye Nepal

A travel blog entry by scroggins

... us in some way. On the way back to Boudha, the taxi driver cheered me up by chastising rich people. After that, Jeff and I only had four more days left in Nepal so we spent the majority of that time eating cake. Marie Antoinette was right about something. ...

Boudhanath, Boudhanath, Nepal travel blog


A travel blog entry by oreydc


Took a taxi to the hotel, checked in took a shower, let people know I'd made it then took a txi to Boudhanath Stupa...   Might as well take advantage of my  jetlag and post some pics! ...

Bodhnath, Bodhnath, Nepal travel blog


A travel blog entry by antonunterwegs


... kann. Von ihm stammt auch mein „umfassendes Wissen" über den Stupa. Nach seiner Auffassung  kommt keine andere Stupa in Nepal, wenn nicht weltweit, an diese heran. Von der weißen Kuppel, die übrigens täglich mittels Kübeln mit neuer Farbe ...

Glückskinder des Universums, Thimi, Nepal travel blog

Glückskinder des Universums

A travel blog entry by walterk


Wir sind absolute Glückskinder des Universums. Bei herrlichen Sonnenschein und tiefblauen Himmel sind wir Richtung Tengboche gewandert. Immer im Angesicht des alles überstrahlenden Mt.Everest und Lhotse Auf unserem Weg wurden wir auch von ...

Suicide ride, Budhanilkantha, Nepal travel blog

Suicide ride

A travel blog entry by zoeraissakis

I'm flying with closed eyes through the completely crazy, hectic and dangerous traffic of Kathmandu. Of course on the back of a motorbike, how else could you FLY through this congested city with its 24/7 rush hour.  I always thought I'm the ...

Mandarientjestijd !, Boudhanath, Nepal travel blog

Mandarientjestijd !

A travel blog entry by michoriet


... van de 15é eeuw. Als Kirtipur werd ingenomen, viel de rest van de vallei en zo ontstond het grotere koninkrijk Nepal. Van Noord-Oost tot het Zuiden da's een stoffige, vaak hobbelige, 'foggie' trip van een uur ! Verschrikkelijke stad, ...

Hilltop retreat, Baudhatinchule, Nepal travel blog

Hilltop retreat

A travel blog entry by markkacik


... with evening temperatures typically down to mid 40's and the sunny afternoons reaching 60 ish. I have not found a heated room in Nepal yet, so my sleeping bag is a treasured friend.  The hilltop view is inspiring with Kathmandu seen to the west, ...

Catch up before Christmas (or the apocalypse), Bauddha, Nepal travel blog

Catch up before Christmas (or the apocalypse)

A travel blog entry by adamorjeff


Apologies to all who have been waiting for me to write a new blog entry, Nepali electricity is reaching new levels of inconstancy and I have to wait for a free hour in the city to do my blog. Fortunately for you I have not been up to that much apart ...

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