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Sanctury Sojorn - packs, paths, peaks and pizza, Annapurna, Pokara, Nepal travel blog

Sanctury Sojorn - packs, paths, peaks and pizza

A travel blog entry by grahamandrach

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... after 12 days and an enjoyable Deepawali festival and not so enjoyable gut infection each, we parted company with Kathmandu bound for Pokara and the Annapurna sanctuary trek. Over the next 12 days we trekked, staying in lodges and carrying only 11kg, to ...

Annapurna Circiut, Pokara, Nepal travel blog

Annapurna Circiut

A travel blog entry by fiscarlos


... had my first bath in the hotsprings for 10 days. I walked a bit the last day, but i spend the most of the time in buses and a jeep with other tourist to get to the city og Pokara. That was pretty much the end of my trek, when I found a room at night ...

Kathmandu / Pokara / Annapurna trek, Pokara, Nepal travel blog

Kathmandu / Pokara / Annapurna trek

A travel blog entry by wijleweg


... doen, want je hebt er alles hetzelfde als in Kathmandu, alleen veel minder drukte en nog een paar graden warmer. Pokara is de tweede grootste stad van Nepal en ligt aan een groot meer. Je hebt er zicht op een enorme bergketen van +7000m, waaronder ...

Tour des Annapurnas, Pokara, Nepal travel blog

Tour des Annapurnas

A travel blog entry by alexetcecile


Pour avoir eu la tête dans les nuages à l´everest, nous l´avons enfin dans les sommets aux annapurnas, le soleil brille depuis 30 jours (ou presque). Pour nos deux premières journées, nous décidons de marcher hors des sentiers battus en donnant ...

Annapurna Circuit Trek, Pokara, Nepal travel blog

Annapurna Circuit Trek

A travel blog entry by joe.southin


... fresh landslides, buffalo plagued by leeches, and monkeys in the forest near Tolka. Altitude: 2100m Day 20: Deorali to Dhampus, then Pokara Final 3hour stint. Straight down into Pokara valley. Legs burning by the end. We pick up a taxi after having an ...

popcorn, Russians and hail storms, Pokara, Nepal travel blog

popcorn, Russians and hail storms

A travel blog entry by missouri

We jump on a bus to Pokara and arrive 6 hours later at our destination....or stuck in a traffic jam about 5 kms away from our destination. We look out the windows and for miles all we can see are buses lined up...and people(local and tourists) walking in ...

roadside tragedy, maoists and mountains, Bandipur, ABC, Pokara, Patan, Nepal travel blog

roadside tragedy, maoists and mountains

A travel blog entry by mwancer


... never stopped. His family is demanding reparations, legal action, some accountability - near impossible requests on the roads of Nepal. Until then, the family and friends refuse to let traffic pass.Interestingly the authorities dare not force their ...

You couldn't make it up!, Pokara, Nepal travel blog

You couldn't make it up!

A travel blog entry by squeak_1912

... we left for the trek we bumped into a guy called Scott who Dean travelled with in Sumatra 7 years ago. He now lives in Pokara and runs a paragliding business with his friend. Scott is a falconer and they do a thing called Parahawking which involves a bird ...

Pokara, Nepal, Pokara, Nepal travel blog

Pokara, Nepal

A travel blog entry by bowtie


My 1st day in Pokara means some walking around and discovering this place which is so different than Kathmandu. It looks pretty laid back and not so dusty and polluted as Kathmandu. In fact it is also quite touristy but in a relaxed, laid back sort ...

Pokara, Nepal, Pokara, Nepal travel blog

Pokara, Nepal

A travel blog entry by bowtie


I am happy to report that the bus trip from Kathmandu to Pokara was very uneventful!!  The hotel driver was waiting for me when I arrived in Pokara.  Again, luck was on my side and The Sacred Valley Inn was exactly as described by other ...

Run to the Hills, Pokara, Nepal travel blog

Run to the Hills

A travel blog entry by buddhabing

... finding himself and Laura a slghtly scatty and good humoured youth worker from Hull who reminds me somewhat of Roz I headed for Pokara early next morning. Predictably the bus broke down half way but that was fine as I got to talk to some locals on ...

Pokara, Pokara, Nepal travel blog


A travel blog entry by nicolaswurtz

Pokara ...

Nepal story 2004, Pokara, Nepal travel blog

Nepal story 2004

A travel blog entry by fiddlehead


... We were ready for town and the next day we headed all the way down to the end of the trek and got a taxi to Pokara, the 2nd biggest town in Nepal and one we liked so much with all of it's western food, shopping, and a carpeted room with hot ...

Full Circle, Pokara, Nepal travel blog

Full Circle

A travel blog entry by buddhabing

... as I was locked out!! Anyhow, to cut a long story short Adam, Hemme and I spent a few days loafing in Pokara, indulging in 'the heavy breakfast' , motorcycles, hilltop swimming pools and nowt much before the next adventure.........White Water ...

Impressie Nepal / Airborne, Pokara, Nepal travel blog

Impressie Nepal / Airborne

A travel blog entry by soncityholidays


Airborne in Nepal. Zonde dat ik daar niet bij kon zijn. Toch een paar leuke foto's om van de ...

................, Pokara, Nepal travel blog


A travel blog entry by flying-spirit

more to ...

Tourist Fix, Pokara, Nepal travel blog

Tourist Fix

A travel blog entry by harryabroad


Well we have taken a few days off and travelled up to Pokara, tourist central. There are really three destinations in Nepal, Kathmandu, Pokara and Chitwan NP.  So this is way more blue eyes (foreigners as the Nepalese call us), souvenir shops and ...

Beautiful Nepal, Pokara, Nepal travel blog

Beautiful Nepal

A travel blog entry by h2oz


... an elephant rolled on top of them, so now it has been stopped. October 21 We had a short 6 hour truck day to Pokara where we went through beautiful scenery and saw waterfalls, mountains and lots of lush forests. Children were playing with basic things ...

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