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Puttering around Patan, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

Puttering around Patan

A travel blog entry by djchurch

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Patan is just across the Bagmati River, south of Kathmandu. Its ancient name was Lalitpur, meaning "city of beauty". Patan is known for its beautiful Durbar Sqaure and the temples and buildings surrounding it. It is also known for its artisans, ...

The White Chhaang, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

The White Chhaang

A travel blog entry by wilsonheng


... dishes go, these tapas were fiery hot! Mouthwatering Tapas The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting a photo exhibition at Nepal Art Council. Interestingly, the exhibit chronicled the very same places of interest that I had visited in Nepal but through ...

Retreat to the Mountains, Boudha, Nepal travel blog

Retreat to the Mountains

A travel blog entry by wildwoman


The Roof. My life has become based around roofs. I wake and head to the roof to watch sunrise as I stretch and gather morning thoughts into my journal. In midday, I shower and then clammer up stairs to sit on a stool and flip my hair over to dry in the ...

New year, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

New year

A travel blog entry by mend1677


If you didn't know, Nepal has a different calendar. On April 12 of the gregorian calendar we celebrated new year! In Nepal is year 2065 now! Eventhough new year is not itself such a big deal, there are many festivities all week long around teh Kathmnandu ...

Kathmandu, Kathmandu - Patan, Nepal travel blog


A travel blog entry by yushim

I moved out of my Japanese friend's home (since he moved his home to the villages) to resettle in Patan, the suburbs of Kathmandu. I stay here with a Nepali family and ten orphaned ...

Kathmandu, Kathmandu - Patan, Nepal travel blog


A travel blog entry by yushim

A one hour bus ride back to my friend's ...

Red, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog


A travel blog entry by naxxer


... (in the previous week I was hopping the stairs, merciless Emei Shan). Wake up! I knew what to expect on the way to Patan (aka Lalitpur, Yala, etc..etc..etc..places, deities, persons or objects names multiply when it comes to this part of the world). I've ...

Old Patan, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

Old Patan

A travel blog entry by trent


... , is a city in Kathmandu Valley.  It used to be separate from Kathmandu, but is now joined due to urban sprawl.  Patan is known for having a rich cultural heritage and lots of arts and craft shops. It also has the "other" Durbar Square, a palace ...

SIRC, Bhainsepati, Nepal travel blog


A travel blog entry by jonneenpatricia


Na bijna een maand te hebben doorgebracht op SIRC (Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre), leek het ons tijd om er iets over te schrijven.  SIRC is verdeeld in een aantal ‘departments’; nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social, ...

Patan and another Durbar Square, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

Patan and another Durbar Square

A travel blog entry by camille_simon


Here are the pictures of Patan, just South of Kathmandu... Voici les photos de Patan, au Sud de ...

City of beauty, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

City of beauty

A travel blog entry by thessa_fred


We slept until noon and then changed to a cheaper hotel nearby. We went visiting Patan, south area of Kathmandu. The taxi rides are always interesting. They drive a bit crazy, on the left hand and buzz the all time. Patan Durbar Sq is similar to the one ...

Patan Durbar Square, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

Patan Durbar Square

A travel blog entry by jomakah


Eilisen päivän tapaan oli tarkotus lähteä bussilla kohden Patanin kaupunkia vähän Kathmandusta etelään. Eli ei muuta kun pysäkille ja huutelemaan busseille tällä kerralla vähän helpompaa sanaa. 20 minuuttia siinä seisottuani totesin, että ...

Elephant Man, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

Elephant Man

A travel blog entry by ifranz

... if he doesn't spend some money in purchasing something more tangible than pictures, blog posts and memories. So today after visiting tiny Patan's Durbar Square, I just went all the way to Thamel by foot (my lungs, nurtured by a decade of Lucky Strike ...

Final day/ night in KMD, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

Final day/ night in KMD

A travel blog entry by squawks_m


... was really beautiful and walked clockwise round it before heading to Pashputinath along the Bagmati river, the most important Hindu temple in Nepal where the cremation ghats are. We then went to Freak street for Belch to get her tattoo! She had met the ...

An ending to a journey., Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

An ending to a journey.

A travel blog entry by tracymiller


... .  It is similar to the Durbar square of Kathmandu but with a higher concentration of temples, stupas in a smaller area.  Patan has a long Buddhist history (that i wont get into and dont know fully) with most of the buildings being erected in ...

In the Valley of the Three Kingdoms, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

In the Valley of the Three Kingdoms

A travel blog entry by stubbington1


... may believe, this wasn't just to avoid us). Undeterred, this focused our attentions on Bhaktapur and Patan, areas with an important part to play in Nepal's history. The Malla dynasty ruled Nepal from Kathmandu until 1482 when Yaksha Malla died, dividing ...

Patan, Patan, Nepal travel blog


A travel blog entry by jkirby


... 't know what to say.  There are a lot families who need a lot of help right now in my hometown. It certainly puts into perspective my two frustrating days spent at Nepal Immigration and the Indian Embassy. Patan was nice; a lot like ...

A base de temples...., Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

A base de temples....

A travel blog entry by emeric.bensaci


... et au soleil pour bronzer un peu et fumer un joko. Puis continuons a deambuler dans les rues poussiereuses, mais superbes, de Patan. beaucoup de maisons ont des encadrements en bois cisele d'une beaute incroyable, des petits temples sont dissemines un peu ...

Katmandu sin exhaust, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

Katmandu sin exhaust

A travel blog entry by benandmela


... inspiring than the Durbar square in Kathmandu, well worth the journey for this alone. Other highlights were Kathmandu zoo (in Patan), a surprisingly good zoo and a fantastic Chance for Mela to take some cool photo's. The low-lite, without a doubt was ...

Patan, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog


A travel blog entry by superval


... largest town in the Kathmandu Valley and it's Durbar Square supposedly has the most visually stunning display of Newari architecture in Nepal (according to the Lonely Planet), so we took a day trip to Patan.  Durbar Square in Patan seemed much ...

Getting Our Freak On, Durbar Sq & Patan Statues, Patan, Nepal travel blog

Getting Our Freak On, Durbar Sq & Patan Statues

A travel blog entry by inoursuitcase


... to a statue beofre taking off in a cycle rickshaw to buy some of the beautiful copper and gold statues of the Buddha in Patan (Lalitpur-The City Of Beauty). The cycle driver ripped us off by taking us to the wrong place so we had to catch a ...

Besihar, Besihar, Nepal travel blog


A travel blog entry by stubo


Besihar was a 7h bus journey from Kathmandu just off the main road. We managed to get a free room if we ate at the place. We also had to pay an extautionate rate for the bus and the taxi to get there but i dont want to talk about that :-) We got an ...

The return to teaching...for a little bit!, Patan, Nepal travel blog

The return to teaching...for a little bit!

A travel blog entry by mikecollins

... days, and i will never forget the man with the excessively long legs and Kathmandu's only trance bar. For anyone planning a trip to Nepal, the funky buddha is ll it is cracked up to be....just dont order a Funky buddha special salad...Kitty and Nells, ...

Visite de Patan, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

Visite de Patan

A travel blog entry by macbab


... plus avoir. Pour le retour, nous prenons d'ailleurs un bus local: 25 Rps pour les 2. Ça va, nous avons fait une bonne moyenne :-) Patan: nous n'avons pas choisi le bon jour pour la visite. Il pleut, il pleut et il pleut. Ça n'a pas l'air de vouloir ...

Zoomandu, Patan, Nepal travel blog


A travel blog entry by mseid


... heard that some of them like to snap bags or even cameras.   In many ways the "wildlife" is more exotic in Nepal than in Norway, although I wouldn´t mind getting rid of the cockroaches it´s still fascinating with the monkeys jumping over your head ...

Bhaktapur & Patan, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

Bhaktapur & Patan

A travel blog entry by simonjessica


... days later. I still need to write her back and send her the picture we took together. After Bhaktapur we drove to Patan, another city outside Kathmandu famous for its temples. It's central Durbar Square boasts something like 12 temples, varying between ...

Temple visits, Patan, Nepal travel blog

Temple visits

A travel blog entry by mseid


We spent Friday afternoon in Kathmandu´s city center Thamel. Thamel is maybe the most populated and touristic place of Nepal. It´s a whole mess with lots of people, bikes and cars driving in the small streets, and the houses are completely covered by ...

Escapada a Patan, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

Escapada a Patan

A travel blog entry by leoivanier


... avenida dijo "llegamos" y no veíamos nada, así que no queríamos bajar, hasta que confirmamos con un nepalés que andana por ahí que efectivamente no nos estaba cagando. Luego nos dirigimos a un Monasterio llamado Kopan, que ...

Beetje oude cultuur, Patan (Lalitpur) - Boudha, Nepal travel blog

Beetje oude cultuur

A travel blog entry by michoriet


... zicht en ervaring daar nu nog in rond te lopen ... mooi en van een heel andere wereldsfeer!  Het Museum of Patan, spant de kroon! Sculpturen van Boedhistische en Hindoeistische origine  en Tantristische teksten, selectief, ...

Without Lalitpurpose, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal travel blog

Without Lalitpurpose

A travel blog entry by adamorjeff


... every two months. Enough moaning Anyway after this we went a took a walk around Patan which everyone calls Lalitpur and not Patan. Lalitpur even though only being literally across the river from Kathmandu, was its own independant state until ...

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