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Those Adorable Meerkats!, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog

Those Adorable Meerkats!

A travel blog entry by globedecker

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He Said: Yet another long drive (Namibia is a HUGE country!) brought us south to the dusty town of Keetmanshoop. It is a rather quiet place with a large church, a main street, and many boarded-up shops. Actually, it looked almost identical to a lot of ...

More Desert, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog

More Desert

A travel blog entry by cpricci

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We left the canyon for Keetmanshoop and the ancient Quiver Tree forest. These trees are only found in this region and are actually aloe plants. They grow among rocks and acacias, living for many hundreds of years. We didn't stay too long. We wanted to ...

Trees & Rocks, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog

Trees & Rocks

A travel blog entry by goodrichodyssey

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... trees in the park were between 200 to 300 years old. Modeling of Aloe dichotoma (scienific name) in South Africa and Namibia has contributed to understanding of protected area needs in response to climate change. Known as Choje to the indigenous San ...

In Namibia, Grunau, Namibia travel blog

In Namibia

A travel blog entry by goodrichodyssey

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Made our way thought the border and stayed a farm for a few ...

Flowers, Trees, and Desert Landscapes, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog

Flowers, Trees, and Desert Landscapes

A travel blog entry by nomadic-brands

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... yellow grass, rocky hills and mountains, cacti, and deep canyons. After stopping for lunch en route we continued up to Keetmanshoop where we had come to see the Quiver Trees…strange succulent plants with tree trunks growing several metres high ...

Second Biggest Canyon, Ai-Asi, Namibia travel blog

Second Biggest Canyon

A travel blog entry by goodrichodyssey

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... is the second largest canyon in the world and the largest in Africa, as well as the second most visited tourist attraction in Namibia. It features a gigantic ravine, in total about 100 miles long, up to 342 miles wide and in places almost 1,800 feet ...

Crossing the Namibian border, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog

Crossing the Namibian border

A travel blog entry by tonyandmarina

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... a picnic area where there is a garbage bin, so no paper is left in the nature. We find the Canyon Lodge in Keetmanshoop easy enough. They have 2 computers with internet connection at the reception. Then the room dance starts. We asked for a double bed ...

Giant's Playground, Giant's Playground, Namibia travel blog

Giant's Playground

A travel blog entry by izzie

Giant's Playground ...

A dirty great big hole in the ground ..., Fish River Canyon, Namibia travel blog

A dirty great big hole in the ground ...

A travel blog entry by leinsterman

... landscape made by nature ...   That night I pull two park benches together to sleep out under the stars ... Orion protects me as I drift off with dreams of wonders beheld and yet to come ... This is my last night in Namibia ... ...

Cheeky Cheetahs, Quiver Trees & Giants Playground, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog

Cheeky Cheetahs, Quiver Trees & Giants Playground

A travel blog entry by badams


We arrived late in to the Rest Camp after a long day on the road.  There weren't any upgrades available to stay in the "spaceship" accommodation, which is basically white round buildings taken from the railways which have been customised.  It ...

Fish River Canyon, Ai Ais, Namibia travel blog

Fish River Canyon

A travel blog entry by sarahfey


We drove across the border into Namibia. The border crossing went extremely smoothly and we were through in no time at all. Not many people use this crossing and only two other people came through in the 30 minutes that we were there. As soon as we ...

Nekoč je bilo tukaj morje, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog

Nekoč je bilo tukaj morje

A travel blog entry by bibka


Jutranje čebljanje najinih ptičkov v drevesu pod katerim kampirava, naznanja, da se bliža jutro. V spalnih vrečah je prijetno toplo, vsaj za stopinjo topleje kot zunaj (7 st.) in kar nič me ne mika, da bi vstala. Toda ...

Fish River Canyon spectacular, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog

Fish River Canyon spectacular

A travel blog entry by cocksafrica


Again drove through sparse grassed plains and visited the quiver tree forest (these are strange trees with aloe like folliage on the top).  The bushman used the very light wood to hold their arrows.  Some were hundreds of years old.  The ...

Die Geschichte von Anneliese, Albert und Rudolf, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog

Die Geschichte von Anneliese, Albert und Rudolf

A travel blog entry by mandrela


... Time to go. Bevor Madame wieder ersichtlich ist. Pati holt noch Apfelkuchen. Onomnom ist das Ding gut. Weiter gehts nun Richtung Keetmanshoop. So fahren wir Kilometer um Kilometer. In Seeheim machen wir eine Pause. Es ist der letzte grössere Halt ...

Sesriem and Fish River Canyons, Hobas, Namibia travel blog

Sesriem and Fish River Canyons

A travel blog entry by vermaakjeanne


11 April 2009 - Saturday We woke up at sunrise at the sound of the last calling geckos and early rising birds. We quickly packed up our tent etc, though there wasn't too much to pack up to begin with, and left the camp. Our first stop, Sesriem ...

Do ostankov fosilov, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog

Do ostankov fosilov

A travel blog entry by bibka


... spremeniva načrt in se odločiva, da greva tankat v Keetmanshop, potem pa naprej do Quiventrec oz do Messosaurus Camp -a. Keetmanshoop je znan po tem, da ima največ bencinskih črpalk na prebivalca. Torej bova tudi to težavo ...

Keetmanshoop, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog


A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


Departed for Keetmanshoop and saw lots of wild horses by the road, otherwise all we saw was cows, calfs, birds and goats. There were some Quiver trees that we passed, most unusual with tall yellow trunks. We have been watching for them as they only grow ...

Hello Namibia!, Grunau, Namibia travel blog

Hello Namibia!

A travel blog entry by bonthorn


... some from our reserve tank). Ai-Ais was closed due to renovations so we had to turn around. While trying to decipher Namibia's road numbering, I took us in the wrong direction back towards the border! 60 precious kilometres were lost because of it. ...

Sossusvlei, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog


A travel blog entry by beattie99


... . I really sad to be finishing. Said goodbye to our new friends and headed out in the scorching heat. Great dirt road ride again, perhaps feeling a little too confident... Just a few reminders who is boss! Keetmanshoop, oh dear...who lives in these ...

Kalahari, Kalahari, South Africa travel blog


A travel blog entry by cfirkus


The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is Africa's first cross border park, created in 1999 with the merger of South Africa's Kalahari-Gemsbok and Botswana's Gemsbok Parks.  It is a giant park at 37,000 sq km and is made up completely of the semi-desert ...

Air Mattress Flat, Seeheim, Namibia travel blog

Air Mattress Flat

A travel blog entry by dr_jay_onabike


... and there were hills and beautiful scenery. I arrived early at the Seeheim Hotel. This hotel was a stop on the railroad from Keetmanshoop to Ludentzbucht. There are photos of the opening of the railway in 1908. An Afrikaans couple now runs the hotel and ...

Namibia day 1, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog

Namibia day 1

A travel blog entry by carlos.quijano

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... for Africa” map diamond appears to indicate an attraction in the area.  There are three attractions on the way to Keetmanshoop.  First is the Mesosaurus Fossils.  The owner of the farm, Giel Steenkamp, who calls himself - “Giel ...

Desolation Road, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog

Desolation Road

A travel blog entry by phileasfarx


This title's for you Des. First day of our road trip round Namibia. A group of four and one vehicle had turned into a group of nine in two.  Four Brits, one American, two Finns and two Israelis set off south through stunning countryside. Descending ...

Fish River Canyon, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog

Fish River Canyon

A travel blog entry by linda.g


... as we headed westward, with lots of mountains in the distance, especially in the afternoon as we approached the national park. Namibia only has a population of 2.2 million, with about 4,000 (white) farmers with many very poorly paid workers. We passed a ...

Fish River Canyon, Namibie, Fish river canyon, Namibia travel blog

Fish River Canyon, Namibie

A travel blog entry by chiel_maas


Fish river canyon, ...

Entre pedres i dragons, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog

Entre pedres i dragons

A travel blog entry by scastellvi


... , un sandwich i mig de formatge i galetes i xocolata. Els plątans estaven gelats!! No ens quedem i sortim direcció Keetmanshoop i una vintena de km abans parem al Garas Quiver Park campsite. Fem un passeig pel "bosc" de quivers i muntem ...

Birthday!!!, Luderitz & Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog


A travel blog entry by daveandmarit


... In the morning we headed off to Luderitz pennisular for a drive and to spot more seals and penguins before heading to Keetmanshoop, where we got some supplies and headed to Quiver tree forest camp (Quiver trees are the national emblem of Namibia and ...

Namibia Road Trip - Day 4, QuiverTree Forest, Namibia travel blog

Namibia Road Trip - Day 4

A travel blog entry by iantrickett


DAY 4  AI-AIS TO QUIVER TREE FOREST We did a quick drive up to the Quiver Tree Forest, just north of Keetmanshoop.   We stayed in the pools at the Ai-Ais resort a bit too long and ended up making it to the quiver tree forest a just in time for ...

Three weeks offline, Keetmanshoop, Namibia travel blog

Three weeks offline

A travel blog entry by mickoobyrne


... of game drives interspersed with South African's favorite pastime, eating. A long days drive took us south thru most of Namibia to Keetmanshoop then on to Tswalu where Doug is working on a nature conservation project. The reserve has a big farm house for ...

Namibia, Windhoek, Keetmanshoop, Luderitz, Sesriem, Namibia travel blog


A travel blog entry by gordy_gopher


After a painless 2 hour flight, Gord rolled into Namibia. It's a vast country, and home to much of the worlds coffee table book photographic scenery (the most famous example being the sand dunes at Sossuvelei). In order to reduce logistic hassles, I ...

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