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The Journey to Tofo, Xai Xai, Mozambique travel blog

The Journey to Tofo

A travel blog entry by myjob

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"It's a miracle we actually fit in this cab" As I watched our cab driver ram sack 4 packs into the boot. The cab itself was typical, broken door, no seat belts and cheap. It took 10 minutes and 10 Cdn dollars to get us to our destination but we arrived ...

Pit stop em Xai-xai, Xai-Xai, Mozambique travel blog

Pit stop em Xai-xai

A travel blog entry by foradecasa


... 'ão original, chegando a Tofo! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Siga nossos passos:  Hospedagem: Guesthouse Xai-xai. Outras opções: Ao norte do hotel em que ficamos havia dois outros ...

Mozambique - See and eat everything under the Sea, Inhambane/Tofo, Mozambique travel blog

Mozambique - See and eat everything under the Sea

A travel blog entry by virginieandpaul


... on the week before. It's a big city with a long beach front. We hung out at the beach and got our visas for Mozambique. To be honest, while South Africa was a beautiful place with its amazing coastline, for V and I it didn't feel like Africa. Most ...

Malaria Dreams, Xai-Xai, Mozambique travel blog

Malaria Dreams

A travel blog entry by mviglianco


... as long as possible in the morning but not such a good idea considering the nightly storms on the coast of Mozambique. This was my second night in Xai Xai and last night's storm was even bigger than the first's. The days are hot with an incredibly strong ...

Capetown to... MOZAMBIQUE!, Captetown, South Africa travel blog

Capetown to... MOZAMBIQUE!

A travel blog entry by globalgirl

... to explore Mozambique - with nary a clue where I'll wander. But the "plan" is to head up along the coast to Xai Xai, Tofo Beach, and especially the Bazaruto Archipelago (a string of islands off the northern coast of Mozambique.) No doubt I'll have ...

Lingering Longer, Tofo Beach, Mozambique travel blog

Lingering Longer

A travel blog entry by jesshiggins


... waves against the shore, certain that life does not get any better. In the days that followed, Theo, Frank and I celebrated Mozambique Independence Day and the Full Moon, wandered blind into the ocean under a dark sky, tortured Theo with endless games ...

Holiday Route 8, Tofo, Mozambique travel blog

Holiday Route 8

A travel blog entry by penny_d

yay, a week chilling on a beach. what could be ...

The Journey to Paradise, Inhambane, Mozambique travel blog

The Journey to Paradise

A travel blog entry by tlaffredi

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When we woke up, it was very early and still dark out even. We got our stuff ready to go to the bus station. We took a cab and after he tried to overcharge us, we got there. It was absolutely CRAZY! There were people everywhere. There were like 4 huge ...

Get On The Bus, Xai-Xai, Mozambique travel blog

Get On The Bus

A travel blog entry by hewharris

... walked to the main road from Megan's house.  We flagged down a chapa on the side of the road and took it ~10 mins into Xai Xai, the provincial capital of Gaza.  From Xai Xai we took a second chapa another 10 mins up the road to a gas ...

A Day in Paradise, Tofo Bay, Mozambique travel blog

A Day in Paradise

A travel blog entry by tlaffredi

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... East Troy Bluegrass Fest T-shirt. I think I got ripped off but it was fun to think that that T-shirt will be worn in Tofo Bay, Mozambique. We couldn't get any money because it was in the safe, and the safe is only opened a few times a day, so I told ...

I Do Not Wear Polyester Hair, Unlike Some People, Xai-Xai, Mozambique travel blog

I Do Not Wear Polyester Hair, Unlike Some People

A travel blog entry by hewharris


... local church, complete with speeches, singing, dancing and the slaughter of 4 cows.  Beef, it's what's for dinner.  Also in Xai Xai, just 10 km up the road, was an art and culture festival in which each province of the country was represented in ...

Feeling the Sea Breeze, Xai-Xai, Mozambique travel blog

Feeling the Sea Breeze

A travel blog entry by jcastellan


... there were no animals around. We asked the reception desk a few questions - Is there a pool? Are there many animals around? How far to Xai Xai? Etc, his answers helped us make up our mind – we were off to Xai Xai. Bring on the beach!   So now ...

Our first taste of Mozambique, Xai-Xai, Mozambique travel blog

Our first taste of Mozambique

A travel blog entry by debbiewaldman


... pot hole after pot hole.  It sure was an interesting/boring day.  Finally, by 4pm we reached the coast in Praia do Xai-Xai, a resort area in the off-season.  All we saw of it was the sandy road which parallels the beach next to huge red ...

Tofo beach bum, Tofo, Mozambique travel blog

Tofo beach bum

A travel blog entry by lcridd


After walking around the streets and visiting the townships around the city, Mary and I headed north to a beach town called Tofo. The beach is stunning. It is the image of paradise: palm trees, grass huts, sun sets, crystal clear water and laying in ...

GOODBYE MOZAMBIQUE, Xai-Xai, Mozambique travel blog


A travel blog entry by 1life


April 20 317 KM  to XAI-XAI Mozambique has a much better bus/taxi service between towns than the previous countries we visited, which had virtually nothing.  Like Asia, they pack as many people as humanly possible, (and then 2 more) ...

Beached at Xia Xia, Xai-Xai, Mozambique travel blog

Beached at Xia Xia

A travel blog entry by ronamoon


... late afternoon I found my way up to the lighthouse overlooking the Limpopo River mouth - it is the oldest light in Mozambique by all accounts Legendary Outback Expeditions (LOE) run trips thru remote Australia and southern Africa - for more details go ...

Traveling to Xai Xai, Xai-Xai, Mozambique travel blog

Traveling to Xai Xai

A travel blog entry by carlosherbane


... as well as the occasional mango tree. The landscape was flat and changed very little as we pressed on south on the N1 to Xai Xai. On the truck today, my thoughts have ponder on things I have gained from this experience. It has been a physical adventure. ...

Just a Stopover, Quissico, Mozambique travel blog

Just a Stopover

A travel blog entry by andreasontour


1 ...

Roadtrip!, Contracosta, Mozambique travel blog


A travel blog entry by g.akker


... allemaal iets aanboden. Na deze grensovergang die iets minder soepel verliep dan de voorgaande reden we door naar de hoofdstad van Mozambique, Maputo.  In Mapotu aangekomen hebben we een hotel gezocht en zijn we naar de vismarkt gegaan. Hier liggen ...

Peace Corps SOS, Xai-Xai, Mozambique travel blog

Peace Corps SOS

A travel blog entry by eastafricacycle


... so as his front panniers increased wind resistance. I slowly increased the gap in search of food and water. As I crept closer to Xai-Xai I noticed a group of women selling bananas on the bridge. Salvation was close. I handed the last of my change which ...

Sol, praia, cerveja e camarão, Xai-Xai, Mozambique travel blog

Sol, praia, cerveja e camarão

A travel blog entry by mikeandmhairi


... be a fantastic spot for diving, but we won’t be rushing back!  We stayed the next night at Zona Braza, close to Xai Xai.  For R500, we were given a fully kitted out chalet for 4, with magnificent sea views.  This is not the best ...

WORLD VISION, Xai-Xai, Mozambique travel blog


A travel blog entry by jakeyboy1989

TBA ...

Moz, we are here!!!, Chidenguele, Mozambique travel blog

Moz, we are here!!!

A travel blog entry by vermaakjeanne


... cashew nuts!! When someone sells coal, then EVERYONE sells coal!! Nothing like some healthy competition all round.  I'm relieved when we hit Xai-Xai. This is the first place's name I recognise. We're making distance!! Only 70km to go!! As cashews are ...

Mosambique New years 99/00, Xai-xai, Mozambique travel blog

Mosambique New years 99/00

A travel blog entry by davidianatasha

Mozambique ...

Mozambique, Xai xai, Mozambique travel blog


A travel blog entry by landoverafrica

Moz ...

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