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The Chapa to Vilankulo, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

The Chapa to Vilankulo

A travel blog entry by myjob

This is a top pick!

... were still roasting in the sun. It was at this point we decided to take a Chapa. For 100,000Mt they would take us to Vilankulo, now there was the chance it could break down and leave us stranded, but we decided to roll the dice and soak up some ...

Up the Mozambican coast, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

Up the Mozambican coast

A travel blog entry by marinafaycal


... is that it is very very touristic and in season it is supposedly horrific, and everything is more expensive than elsewhere in Mozambique. I don't mind paying a bit more for tomatoes on the market if it goes straight to the market ladies pocket, but paying ...

Finally at the beach again, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

Finally at the beach again

A travel blog entry by mrewkowski

... This seemed really to be behind the market and completely away from the rest of the town. As we ate, we both remembered that Mozambique was described as generally safe but to avoid isolated areas and situations. Here we were, just the two of us, well out ...

White sands and turquoise seas, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

White sands and turquoise seas

A travel blog entry by kazntrsawsmadvn


... sand and a crystal clear Indian ocean aside, stopping in Vilankulos has allowed us the opportunity of a rare rest so far in Mozambique... and it certainly is a special feeling being able to sleep in until the outrageous hour of six in the morning. ...

mmm ... salty, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

mmm ... salty

A travel blog entry by zammer

... are unimpressive. I'm getting used to the Mozambican vibe, and it took some getting used to after South Africa and even Swaziland. Mozambique is a beautiful country, but then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder is I. Back in ...

Archipel de bazurato, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

Archipel de bazurato

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Le Mozambique veut privilégier le tourisme de luxe, mais heureusement on peut encore voyager pour pas cher dans ce pays. Après tofo, voici un autre coin de rêve. On peut faire des excursions en bateau suivi de poissons grillés sur la plage (ou des ...

oh .. oh is it?, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

oh .. oh is it?

A travel blog entry by zammer

... getting pummeled by the next 2+ meter wave. Fantastic time. Partied with people from Czech Republic, Australia, Spain, France, Mozambique, Australia, Uganda; I think it may have been the multinationalest party I've ever partook in .. what else .. smells ...

14 months and counting, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

14 months and counting

A travel blog entry by mrewkowski

... of the stuff they saw and they really enjoyed it. It made for some great conversation as well. Grande is incredibly patriotic and loves Mozambique very much and is proud of it. He gave us the inside scoop on what it is like for foreigners to own land and ...

V nearly rides a Sea Turtle, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

V nearly rides a Sea Turtle

A travel blog entry by virginieandpaul


I have to say that Mozambique has been everything we expected and more. It is a spectacular country rich with culture, with stunning beaches and aquatic life, which has not yet been touched by mass tourism. This means that the people are very friendly ...

Riding with giants...and Bernard, Mozambique, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

Riding with giants...and Bernard

A travel blog entry by mrduss


More pictures Bernard wanted to join along the trip where it would not be too strenuous (i.e., no hike) and where he could enjoy some relaxing time off. The coast of Mozambique ...

Sailing to white sandy beaches, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

Sailing to white sandy beaches

A travel blog entry by foz.kristy


Vilankulo for a few days of snorkeling and sailing. A very laid back place. Oh, and Kristy managed to blow up the gas bottle here - oops! ...

Hitch hiking - what's all the fuss about?, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

Hitch hiking - what's all the fuss about?

A travel blog entry by maclaren


... a briefing conversation with the driver and his mechanic (later I would find out that two staff are standard procedure in Mozambique) and ensuring everything look kosha Matthias and I boarded. This was relative luxury, when compared to any bus I have ...

Beach time, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

Beach time

A travel blog entry by cerimattrtw2006


... of driving before reaching the much anticipated Mozambique coast and two weeks of relaxation, or so we thought. Vilankulo is one of Mozambique's top beach destinations because of it's white sand, turquoise waters and it's gateway to the Bazaruto ...

sunblock by day, mosquito repellant by night, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

sunblock by day, mosquito repellant by night

A travel blog entry by millarmotortour

Near the tropic of Capricorn, we arrive in the popular town, Vilankulo, after about 400km and another 8 hours driving. The highway was good! We were driving when school lets out (at noon!) and it was unbelievable how many kids there were! They walk for ...

Eintritt in die lusitanische Welt, Tete-Chimoio-Vilankulo-Linga Linga-Inhambane, Mozambique travel blog

Eintritt in die lusitanische Welt

A travel blog entry by juttachris

xxx ...

On the coast again, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

On the coast again

A travel blog entry by glassmerchant


... is a small town on the banks of the Limpopo, just north of the capital Maputo. As soon as we leave Maputo the floodplain of the Limpopo gives way to the low hills of Swaziland. The exit from Mozambique and entry to Swaziland are free from any ...

Vilankarma, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog


A travel blog entry by farnie10


... no wifi here (and the neighbour's connection was ridiculously expensive). I needed to formulate a plan... Camping is illegal in Mozambique unless the accommodation provider has the proper licence. Smuggler's didn't possess such a licence but I thought ...

Vilankulo, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog


A travel blog entry by paddyfetherston


We spent the rest of the first day recovering from the ordeal on the bus, and spent the second day relaxing on the excellent beaches. The third day we visited Magaruque Island which has to go down as the most beautiful place we have seen on our travels ...

Beautiful Vilankulo!, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

Beautiful Vilankulo!

A travel blog entry by dana-mozambique


What does Vilankulo have to offer?, Vilankulo, Mozambique travel blog

What does Vilankulo have to offer?

A travel blog entry by maclaren


... floated me 500metres down the coast. If you swam against the current you stayed in virtually the same position. Offshore from Vilankulo sits the Bazaruto Archipelago, so the ocean is funnelled into a small stretch of water, explaining the strong currents, ...

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