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Baja California, Tijuana,Ensenada,Sta Rosalia,Loreto,Cabo StLucas, La Paz, Mexico travel blog

Baja California

A travel blog entry by marc-patty

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... cultures, and here we're going to cross that divide by foot, and in minutes. The border is really relaxed in the US-Mexico direction, but really strict the other way. In fact, you just walk through some turnstyles and that´s it, you´re in Mexico, no ...

Crossing the border, Loreto, Mexico travel blog

Crossing the border

A travel blog entry by greg-adrienne

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... - seeing the sights in LA: Melrose Avenue, Sunset Strip, the Santa Monica Pier area and the Getty Center; - arriving in Mexico! - obtaining a 6 month tourist visa: the customs offical in Tijuana told us that we could only have a 90 day visa. He ...

9 Months, Loreto, Mexico travel blog

9 Months

A travel blog entry by thelees

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9 months on the Road Lees Travelled. We could've had a baby in that time. We didn't but Sandi back in Cape Town did! Congrats, dear friend! We're so happy for you! Welcome to the world, ...

Red Moon Rising, Loreto, Mexico travel blog

Red Moon Rising

A travel blog entry by thelees

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More than slightly disappointed by Loreto's lacklustre town centre and inaccessible, rocky beaches, we decided to push on in the dark to the Bahia de Concepcion (Bay of Conception - speaking of babies ;) But we'll always remember Loreto for the panoramic ...

New Years in Loreto, Loreto, Mexico travel blog

New Years in Loreto

A travel blog entry by darkstar


Mike's Bar is jammed full of drunk and depraved tourists, just as the local dressed in pristine white cowboy gear told us it would be. The party spills out into the street, where young Americans drink and dance on the sidewalk. The bar is crammed with ...

Safe and sound, Loreto, Mexico travel blog

Safe and sound

A travel blog entry by tambrogdon


Well we made it thru the roads today down to Loreto. We are in a campground here called Shores of Loreto. Just wanted to let everyone know we are safe and plan to make it to La Paz tomorrow. Thanks for checking on ...

'haggling' with a beach vendor (or not), Loreto, Mexico travel blog

'haggling' with a beach vendor (or not)

A travel blog entry by roadtrip2010


... away after dinner.  The guy was probably giddy to find part of his job done so neatly for him. The drive south from Loreto passes some beautiful beaches (aka ‘RV army’ hangouts).  We stopped at one that had a small off-shore island ...

San Javier, San Javier, Mexico travel blog

San Javier

A travel blog entry by modernnomad67


... .  Like most mission churches in Baja, San Javier is rather stark compared to more opulently decorated urban churches in mainland Mexico, but its thick stone walls and towers blend well into the harsh landscape its canyon oasis. "Oh, I have plenty of ...

Loreto, Loreto, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernnomad67


... de Giganta's serrated peaks. And then comes Loreto, set on a beautiful bay full of islands, a location so ideal that Mexico's tourist board's (FONATUR) computer programs identified it several decades ago (like Ixtapa, Cancun, and Los Cabos) as a spot ...

Magical Mexico, Loreto, Mexico travel blog

Magical Mexico

A travel blog entry by swedishvagabond


... about hazards, muggings and any other terrible thing that can go wrong) whereas, I myself, have been fortunate enough to have traveled Mexico several times, starting in my teens as one of my aunts live in Mexico City. I love Mexico and it's people and ...

I wish I had more time, Tomatlan, Mexico travel blog

I wish I had more time

A travel blog entry by macrosse1


Finally, a solid surface. I snapped off a couple photos and rode around town for a little while until I figured out which way the freeway ...

It never hurts to ask, Loreto, Mexico travel blog

It never hurts to ask

A travel blog entry by roadtrip2010

... and was frequented more by seagulls and herons than by guests.  While we had dinner at the poolside restaurant there was a Guadalajara/Mexico City soccer game on the TV.  These happen to be the two top college teams in the country, AND big time ...

Baja, Loreto, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by tour-46


Baja, probably the best place in the world... so ...

BuenaVentura, 20 miles South of Mulege, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by tambrogdon


We left Guerrero Negro Saturday intending to stop in Mulege. The roads were ok all the way in with the exception of a few washouts. The campground we stopped at had not completely recovered from the hurricaine a few months ago so we continued on to ...

None of these towns are on the map, I have no Idea, Mexico travel blog

None of these towns are on the map

A travel blog entry by macrosse1


This is funny. I started driving through some really small towns but they weren't on the map and the towns on the map didn't exist. I think they were there to confuse people. They would have a split in the road and no signs. That makes it hard when you ...

Bahia Chamela, Bahia Chamela, Mexico travel blog

Bahia Chamela

A travel blog entry by dirkwitkamp

zondag 15 februari, Bahia Chamela We komen 's avonds in het donker aan op de radar. De radar geeft een perfect beeld waar de rotsen en boten liggen. Er zijn namelijk boten die hier onverlicht ankeren. Het is pikkiedonker zonder maan, dus die radar ...

St Elisabeth, St Elisabeth, Mexico travel blog

St Elisabeth

A travel blog entry by dirkwitkamp


Dinsdag 14 februari St Elisabeth Zondag om 1 uur vertrek uit Mazatlan. Er is weinig wind, ik neem de wacht over van Floyd, kijk naar de windvaan en gooi alle zeilen los, motor uit die herrieschopper, vijf knopen, ok, we hebben geen haast. Het is 80 nm ...

Loreto, Baja California Sur, Loreto, Mexico travel blog

Loreto, Baja California Sur

A travel blog entry by epijuarez

... but enjoy the sun and surf. I must warn any woman that comes down to these parts...I guess anywhere in Baja and some parts of Mexico. The men here seem to have a problem with staring...a lot!! You would think they have never seen a woman in ...

Meep-meep, Loreto, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by jillsy


... boys out in their cars with stereos blaring doing 'bog laps' up and down the malecon/beachfront. We did a trip out to the Loreto Bay Mrine Protected Area, and had some good snorkeling saw loads of starfish, sealions, and rays, then parked up at the most ...

Holy Muthaf*****g Horse, Loreto, Mexico travel blog

Holy Muthaf*****g Horse

A travel blog entry by tour-46


Oh dear, Chris would appear (even to the untrained eye) to have decimated his front sprocket. This spells poo, really deep poo. After temporary desert repairs and modification, the valiant steed known as the industrial revolution (Chris`bike) was ...

Days One Eighty-One through One Eighty-Three, Loreto, B.C.S., Mexico travel blog

Days One Eighty-One through One Eighty-Three

A travel blog entry by happywayfarer

Posada San Martin for N$250 per noche, From Mexico Highway One, Loreto is an unimpressive wide spot in the road with a few llanteras and what appear to be mostly dirt roads. However, once you turn off the highway this community of 10,000, the earliest ...

Bienvenidos Mexico!, Loreto, Mexico travel blog

Bienvenidos Mexico!

A travel blog entry by pura-vida


Da waren wir nun, an der meistbefahrenen Grenze der Welt, unweit der berüchtigten Stadt Tijuana und stoppten unser Büssli vor einem gut gelaunten US Beamten. Dieser entnahm uns, ein wenig erstaunt darüber dass wir nicht mehr zurückkehren werden, die ...

Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by camryna


We finally got to our house that we rented in Loreto. The village is very friendly and reminds me a lot of Sun Peaks. The house is Amazing. I love the layout of it. I wish we could stay longer, but in two days, we have a house rented in Los Barriles. We ...

Sophia, Loreto, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by camryna


Today, we had a semi-relaxing day. In the morning, we drove to downtown Loreto. I was disappointed with the shopping, because all the dresses I tried on were made for shorter and smaller people. Later that day, we went for dinner at the coolest Mexican ...

More of Baja South, Loreto, Mexico travel blog

More of Baja South

A travel blog entry by frankandrita


... Monday morning we decided to head off to Loreto for fancier digs. More winding roads and mountainous desert landscape, Baja scenery is becoming boring. Loreto is a town of 190,000 on the Sea of Cortez. Found a sweet spot in a deluxe RV park with WiFi, 21 ...

Further, onward, downward, Loreto, Mexico travel blog

Further, onward, downward

A travel blog entry by ddgfraser


This day started out with dense fog, and mountainous terrain as we left the Pacific side of the peninsula for the east, and the shores of the Sea of Cortez. A long drive, but we wanted to get south asap (Hora Feliz, you know). Loretto is going through a ...

Loreto - home away from home, Loreto, Mexico travel blog

Loreto - home away from home

A travel blog entry by gareth.alanna


... ; Later in the afternoon we ventured off the beaten tourist path to Juancilito, a neighbouring village about 23km away from Loreto.  It's a small community set in around the mountains along a beautiful bay.  There's no electricity so solar ...

Days One Seventy-Eight through One Eighty, Bahia Concepcion, B.C.S., Mexico travel blog

Days One Seventy-Eight through One Eighty

A travel blog entry by happywayfarer

Mulege, Mision Santa Rosalia de Mulege, dolphins, Alberta Charlie and other old Canadian drunks, roast lamb, Crazy Swede and his German girlfriend ...

Oh Baja-ve, Austin!, Loreto, Mexico travel blog

Oh Baja-ve, Austin!

A travel blog entry by dinojay2


... t-shirts you'd like to trade for some blood diamonds, just let us know.   Our first night in Mexico was spent on Saldamando Beach, a bare, open campground that has gorgeous views from sites located high ...

We are reaching the limit /Wir erreichen das Limit, Loreto, Mexico travel blog

We are reaching the limit /Wir erreichen das Limit

A travel blog entry by infiniteroad


... Leonardo ok. Heute ist es ein wenig über 200 km was eher zu viel ist. Wir entschliessen dafür einen Ruhetag einzulegen. In Loreto fahren wir in einem Tagesausflug in die Berge und treffen ein nettes Paar aus Frankreich. Sie fahren mit dem Fahrrad in ...

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