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Surabaya to Nunukan to Tawau, Tawau, Indonesia travel blog

Surabaya to Nunukan to Tawau

A travel blog entry by leeandcathy

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... Bank, internet, food and Olympics on the TV (thank you malaysian TV) while away the evening. Expenses - Rupiah: Boat Nunukan to Tawau 90000, departure tax 15000, water 2000 Expenses 7 Ringgit / pound: internet 2, accom 50, taxi 3, dinner 13, bus ...

Diving with the biggest fish in the world..., Sipadan, Malaysia travel blog

Diving with the biggest fish in the world...

A travel blog entry by worldofbintang

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After leaving Indonesia we headed straight to Semporna which is a little fishing village on the North East coast of Sabah. This is the jumping-off point for some more great diving at Sipadan & Mabul islands, the reason we had come here. We signed up ...

AirAsia, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tonyandmarina

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Get off plane, jump in ...

Sipadan - Diving Heaven, Sipadan, Malaysia travel blog

Sipadan - Diving Heaven

A travel blog entry by abbadabba


The diving here is outrageous. Between fish and invertebrates that represent every color of the rainbow, there are schools of fish a plenty and a constant highway of turtles cruising past the reef. For the photo of the Pygmy Seahorse I used a ...

Tawau, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by damiansinead

... Sndakan by bus and had we known our itinerary was going to work out the way it did, we could have flown to Sandakan from the gate beside ours that morning 5 minutes before we took off for Tawau and saved ourselves the day on a bus! The joys of ...

My thoughts on Malaysia, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

My thoughts on Malaysia

A travel blog entry by oshioshi


My 2-week visit to Malaysia has come to an end. I am sitting at Tawau airport, after successfully making it on time despite the flat tire our taxi experienced on our way here. As I'm sitting at the gate waiting for the late plane to arrive, I decided ...

Tawau, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

... and as soon as the a/c came on I was freezing. The journey was none descript. Arrived into something resembeling a bus station in Tawau in the early evening. Some weird famiy stood about 7 yards away staring at us while Charlotte sorted out her bag. We ...

Diving on Sipidan, Borneo, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

Diving on Sipidan, Borneo

A travel blog entry by gemmakonrad


This is the first of 2 new entries from Borneo and also look at the last entry for Mount Kinabalu because I have added in some pictures because I am back in Singapore with decent speed computers! Sipidan is one of the top 5 dive sites in the world and ...

So Long Malaysia!, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

So Long Malaysia!

A travel blog entry by smallcatfun


We've reached a milestone in our adventure with the end of the Sail Malaysia Rally in Tawau. There is quite a sense of accomplishment for us, as we’ve travelled more than 2500 NM on this rally and overcome a number of issues that could have ...

Back to Indonesia again tomorrow, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

Back to Indonesia again tomorrow

A travel blog entry by richierich33


... to Nanukan leave every morning and to Tarakan every other morning and so in hindsight i should have taken a night bus and that way would have saved myself the nights hotel accommodation in Tawau. I would thus recommend any future travellers to do ...

The View From Kapalai Hurts Our Eyes, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

The View From Kapalai Hurts Our Eyes

A travel blog entry by abbadabba


... to our arrival on a resort 40 minutes out to sea by speedboat (we did actually rest for about 10 hours at hotel in Tawau last night, but that doesn't count!!!). The resort is built on stilts and the abundance of life in the waters below each ...

Visa Day, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

Visa Day

A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

... out to the Indonesian embassy at 8am, we had heard that it could take as little as an hour to process the visa, the boat out of Tawau was at 11am so it would be a push. The place was packed when we got there with people taking forms, the guard informed us ...

Danum Valley Conservation Area, Danum Valley Conservation Area, Malaysia travel blog

Danum Valley Conservation Area

A travel blog entry by jon_lyall


Danum Valley - Next I went to the Danum Valley Conservation Area. I had managed to get a space at the research centre, so got a cheap trip, instead of having to pay big money and stay at the official tourist lodge. The Danum Valley is one of the ...

Crossing over, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

Crossing over

A travel blog entry by s.lukaszewicz


... patience too. I only kept asking myself if it's all worth it. My destination? Sulawesi! Where?? I have no clue!!  Ship from Tawau to Indonesian side Nunukan was crazy! I had no idea about Indonesian people and here I am, on a top deck surrounded by ...

Jungle is massive, Kinabatangan River, Malaysia travel blog

Jungle is massive

A travel blog entry by dolly_would...


So after all the umming and arring, I finally filled the last place for a 3 day, 2 night tour up river to the jungle camp.  It was great to have a group again and I felt like I'd known the Redcar for ages.  Uncle picked us up (actually this ...

Scuba Diving at Mabul/Sipadan Island, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

Scuba Diving at Mabul/Sipadan Island

A travel blog entry by karli


... We did meet some very nice people that stayed on our resort.  They were from all over the world, China, Japan, Malaysia, U.S., England.  It was fun getting to know the people and even though the diving might have been overrated (and overpriced) ...

En uventet, bizar juleaften, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

En uventet, bizar juleaften

A travel blog entry by elinatroels


... Daniel; en britisk gut, som sammen med sin bedre halvdel Anthony, i form af en kinesisk-britisk ven gennem mange aar, er immigreret til Malaysia og har her koebt sig et forladt 'beach resort' et lille stykke udenfor byen Tawau, der ligger lige op til den ...

Maliau Basin, Maliau Basin, Malaysia travel blog

Maliau Basin

A travel blog entry by ordinaryjoe


... by towns of 60's concrete carbuncles whose layout and atmosphere we didn't really understand.  It was difficult to see what Malaysia was?  For our 4th wedding anniversary we stayed on one of the many idyllic, Robinson Crusoe islands off the ...

Sipadan Last Day, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

Sipadan Last Day

A travel blog entry by abbadabba


It was our last day of paradise and we went diving again right off the island of Sipadan. There is a wall of coral that is teaming with life. Turtles and fish and coral and reef sharks made up our day. We dove with a  new group today. Five Italians ...

Windowless Luxury, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

Windowless Luxury

A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

I should be able to whizz through this one. Woke up at 9. Realised we actually did have an 18th century air conditioning unit. Left around 10:30 and got a taxi to the Shervinton. Checked in and went to our posh room, for 20 it's a bargain, only no ...

Aug 04, 2011, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

Aug 04, 2011

A travel blog entry by lionelrishi


Last day in underwater paradise!, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

Last day in underwater paradise!

A travel blog entry by kamsani



Sipadan and life on the rig, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

Sipadan and life on the rig

A travel blog entry by jamesharrison

... 're pretty dangerous to divers too. We headed back ate and then jumped in a boat back to the mainland, where we got transferred to Tawau and where I am now. Just as we got to the main land I realised that I'd left my rash vest and swimming shorts on a ...

On the road again, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

On the road again

A travel blog entry by charlotterowley

Time to head off again on another adventure! After one final day of hanging out on the island, a 45 minute boat ride back to the mainland and a quick dinner, I waved goodbye to Semporna for a few days! As before, when I left, this again is my first ...

Tor zum Diver's Paradise, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

Tor zum Diver's Paradise

A travel blog entry by marlene1


Day 33: Travel and Rest Day in Tawau, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

Day 33: Travel and Rest Day in Tawau

A travel blog entry by jason_m_smith

We had an early start from Turtle island with no more turtle sightings on the way and got the boat to Sandakan where we got a flight to Tawau in the south east of Sabah.  We stayed in a nice hotel for the night and I was sadly excited to once more be ...

First day at Danum, Danum Valley Research Station, Malaysia travel blog

First day at Danum

A travel blog entry by ali_m


... profitable for the country. If it can be shown that regenerating a primary forest with higher biodiversity has tangible benefits for Malaysia, then perhaps the policies might change. Still the outlook is pretty bleak, so I'd better enjoy this ...

Leaving a Big Island for a Little One, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

Leaving a Big Island for a Little One

A travel blog entry by tigereye

... where I was then able to catch a bus across the border into Singapore.  I love it when a plan comes together. Malaysia was a pretty cool country.  It's not quite developed, but it's getting there.  Accordingly, things were a little more ...

Flight Tawau - KL, Tawau, Malaysia travel blog

Flight Tawau - KL

A travel blog entry by cagonu


Hoy cogimos el autobus desde Semporna hasta el aeropuerto en Tawau. En el aeropuerto nos encontramos con Darwis, un malayo que conoci en el acuario del Dragon Inn. Este se ofrecio a llevarnos en su coche, aparcado en KL, hasta nuestro hotel. Nos costo ...

Malua II, Malua, Malaysia travel blog

Malua II

A travel blog entry by ali_m


Not much new to say here. I spent pretty much the whole week helping Philippe harvest seedlings from the shadehouses, which was pretty tedious. I had to carefully collect the leaves and stems, then wash all of the clods of clay from the roots of each ...

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