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Jungle BBQ, Kapit, Malaysia travel blog

Jungle BBQ

A travel blog entry by zee

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Marco met up with me again in Kapit and we hung around until the permit office opened. We couldn't go any further up river without one, so we were stuck in the tiny trading post for 4 days. The ride up had been fascinating- huge barges carrying bits of ...

Sibu (Sarawak, Borneo) - Day 153, Sibu, Malaysia travel blog

Sibu (Sarawak, Borneo) - Day 153

A travel blog entry by christosp

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... 't want to miss it. The boat left at 8.30am from the docks and I made it with plenty of time to spare. Arrived in Sibu early afternoon and found a place to stay directly opposite the docks called the Riverview hotel. The location is handy as I need to ...

Kapit (Sarawak, Borneo) - Day 154, Kapit, Malaysia travel blog

Kapit (Sarawak, Borneo) - Day 154

A travel blog entry by christosp

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Three hour express boat journey 150km down the Rejang river to the small logging town of Kapit. The Rejang river is the longest in Malaysia at 530km and drains the vast rainforests in the interior, in parts it's over a mile wide. The river is lined with ...

Bintulu (Sarawak, Borneo) - Day 155, Bintulu, Malaysia travel blog

Bintulu (Sarawak, Borneo) - Day 155

A travel blog entry by christosp

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A three and half boat ride from Kapit back to Sibu (150km). Two buses totalling 4 hours from Sibu, and a short taxi ride to reach Bintulu (220km). Staying at the Garden Inn in the centre of town. Bintulu is booming due to the discovery of natural gas. ...

Journey into the Heart of Borneo, Kapit, Malaysia travel blog

Journey into the Heart of Borneo

A travel blog entry by rcys

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We are on a 3 day journey up the Batang Rajang River into the heart of Borneo. We first took a boat from Kuching to Sibu across the South China Sea into the Rajang Delta. We only did a quick pit stop in Sibu to have lunch before boarding another boat to ...

Stay in Kapit and living life the Kapit way, Kapit, Malaysia travel blog

Stay in Kapit and living life the Kapit way

A travel blog entry by mauddespoisse


... not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into!! Kapit is an important river town in East Malaysia, in Sarawah more specifically. You cannot go there by any other means than boat... The ...

Great apes and tribal vibes, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, Malaysia travel blog

Great apes and tribal vibes

A travel blog entry by ashley_and_erik


Arriving in Kuching in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, was a delight.  There seemed to be no taxis, tuk tuks, baggage handlers or anyone else interested in us and the airport was surprisingly pleasant.  We'd read that it was a shabby run down old ...

Jungle of Tulai, Sibu, Malaysia travel blog

Jungle of Tulai

A travel blog entry by abdul_a


Tulai estate is located about 50 km south Sibu - crossing Sg Rajang thru Lanang Bridge - towards Sarikei. Managed by Mr Dubline who was transferred from Melugu Estate on July 2006. Mr Dubline is an Ibanese but can speak English - quite difficult to ...

A lesson Taoism, Sibu, Malaysia travel blog

A lesson Taoism

A travel blog entry by nas.latif


The Rejang River is nearly a mile wide and there is a lot of river traffic of various descriptions. there are tugs towing barges containing logs, coal, machinery etc etc as well as express boats to several villages up and down river, so its very busy. ...

Kuching -> Sibu -> Kapit, Kapit, Malaysia travel blog

Kuching -> Sibu -> Kapit

A travel blog entry by france_rejean


... fait venter toute la journee. 2 heures en mer de chine. Petite vague mais le bateau balancait pas mal. Puis la deuxieme partie de Sibu a Kapit un autre 3 heures dans un genre de grosse chaloupe avec un toit et en gros metal. Presqu'un sous marin. La coque ...

Planes, trains, and automobiles, Sibu, Malaysia travel blog

Planes, trains, and automobiles

A travel blog entry by ninedeuce

After Kuching I took a flight to Sibu (1/2 hour vs. 5 on a boat but only $5 more).The plane was called a Fokker-50. Ha! So Sibu means "swan" kind of like Kuching means "cat," but Sibu is a rough bird. The town was full of riverboat types, if anyone ...

Skuzzy Sibu, Sibu, Malaysia travel blog

Skuzzy Sibu

A travel blog entry by 2totango


Arriving in cities at night is one of my least favourite things. This time, we asked the taxi driver to take us to a certain street, and he decided to drop us at one of his commission hotels. So not only did we have to scout out for a room, we also had ...

Borneo to...Cambridge, Sarawak, Malaysia travel blog

Borneo to...Cambridge

A travel blog entry by travelingurl


Well, the trip's over, and I thought i'd better assure those i havn't been in contact with that we did actually survive Borneo, and aren't stranded somewhere wasting away from some strange tropical disease.... Im in Cambridge, having a lazy, summery, ...

Sarawak, Kuching, Sibu, Miri, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by reece_and_elle

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... to eat and we repaid the favour by buying drinks after.   Thats about all we done here, off on a bus journey up north to Sibu. Boring! What a stop over, we got here at 5am and managed to find a hotel. We were worried they were going to charge us for ...

Ahora si que no hay nada que ver...Sibu!, Sibu, Malaysia travel blog

Ahora si que no hay nada que ver...Sibu!

A travel blog entry by clvillar


... la pagoda… encontramos el clásico mal malayo, con buenos restoranes y almorzamos… y sería… debut y despedida de Sibu. Sobre explorar el río, finalmente desistimos, ya que era muy caro y la calidad de los alojamientos era muy ...

Busbusbusbusbus, Sibu, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

... 'official' shifted her, utter utter utter utter utter cunt, I'm not one to throw generalisations around willy nilly but everyone from Malaysia is a fucking piece of shit, except for the 4 or so people we have met that have been nice. Stopped at some ...

Stalactites, stalacmites and stalac-frights, Gunung Mulu, Malaysia travel blog

Stalactites, stalacmites and stalac-frights

A travel blog entry by ashley_and_erik


During that trip, we hatched a plan with "our Swedish mates" to head north to explore the jungles and caves of Sarawak so after another night in Kuching we hopped on the night bus to Miri - 15 hours north.  At first we were thrilled with our front ...

About Packing and Fishing, Sibu, Malaysia travel blog

About Packing and Fishing

A travel blog entry by kevandhazel


... and the flat is now really almost empty. However between Kevin's last day in the office and packing we spent two days fishing in Malaysia. We have done this before and thought it would be a good get away before we fly off (something like a pre-holiday ...

Another10hr boat trip, Kapit, Malaysia travel blog

Another10hr boat trip

A travel blog entry by ceriandsteve


... go at 55km/hr and somehow avoid all the debris in the water! It was fairly built-up for a good few miles out of Sibu and I was wondering whether we would see any of the rainforest.  Boats were coming down the river laden with massive trees and there ...

Celebrating Chinese new year in my hometown, Sibu, Malaysia travel blog

Celebrating Chinese new year in my hometown

A travel blog entry by lok


... / driver / one of the matchmakers-wanna-be, Paul and I took the flight to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, across from the South China Sea. To all my relatives and friends who so generously helped made this an extraordinary and ...

Native Frogs and Noodle Fatigue, Sibu, Malaysia travel blog

Native Frogs and Noodle Fatigue

A travel blog entry by mynameisden


... by the hostel staff. An early start to catch the ferry, a 4 hour trip across the South China Sea, and then upriver to Sibu, our current location. Has the feel of a prosperous frontier town and we have spent the afternoon hat shopping. On Sunday we take ...

Sibu, Gateway to Batang Rejang, Sibu, Malaysia travel blog

Sibu, Gateway to Batang Rejang

A travel blog entry by chrismcg


... to be very ordinary indeed, very bumpy.  I can understand why the locals are so unimpressed with the government in mainland Malaysia, as the roads over there are very good.   Poor old Sarawak and Sabah have only a single lane main highway ...

Not Enough Water in the River?  (Malaysia), Sibu, Malaysia travel blog

Not Enough Water in the River? (Malaysia)

A travel blog entry by usatexan


... about stopped. I didn't see anything on the trip and almost froze. I am just glad to get off this boat. Sibu is still in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia on Borneo. It turns out to be not much more than a stop-over for people traveling between Kuching and ...

Sibu Revisited, Sibu, Malaysia travel blog

Sibu Revisited

A travel blog entry by chrismcg


... 1987, and looks fantastic at night all lit up. We were hoping to go to visit one of the local longhouse settlements nearby Sibu today but, unfortunately, Arthur has eaten something that didn't agree with him (and he didn't even try the olives or the ...

Transport troubles, Sibu, Malaysia travel blog

Transport troubles

A travel blog entry by finn_steve

The 4x4 that was going to pick us up from Bintulu to go to Belaga along the Batang Rejang only had 1 seat inside and it was raining so we headed onto Sibu and spent the night ...

Iban Longhouse, Longhouse, Malaysia travel blog

Iban Longhouse

A travel blog entry by kevandrach


We left Miri in search of an Iban Longhouse experience so we took a 6 hour bus to a place called Sibu, a city that wasn't very pretty nor particularly friendly, but we knew that upriver were many villages home to the Iban and other indigenous groups and ...

Searching for a longhouse, Kapit, Malaysia travel blog

Searching for a longhouse

A travel blog entry by finn_steve

--- ...

Bye, bye Venetia!, Sibu, Malaysia travel blog

Bye, bye Venetia!

A travel blog entry by 3girlsinasia


... the Simunjan (a bay of the South China Sea) from Kuching to the mouth of the Bajang(river) Rejang and then up that river to Sibu - approximately 4 and 1/2 hours (it took us 5). Up at 7am - wake up Erin (to pack and get ready) and Venetia (so she could ...

Journey along the Batang Rejang, Sibu, Malaysia travel blog

Journey along the Batang Rejang

A travel blog entry by annek


... we passed today still appear to be using tractor felling, a method that destroys about five trees for every saleable tree felled. In Sibu we headed off to find the Hoover Hostel, which we had heard was good, only to find that it doesn't exist any ...

Living with Headhunters, Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia travel blog

Living with Headhunters

A travel blog entry by nixchambers


... in the house, we were looking forward to getting back to civilization! Next stop was Gunung Mulu National Park, one of Malaysia's World Heritage Sites, and home of Southeast Asia's largest cave system and the largest cave entrance chamber in the world ...

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