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I talk about food way too much...., Serembin, Malaysia travel blog

I talk about food way too much....

A travel blog entry by shannon

It's Wednesday.  The campers are great - most Chinese.  They almost all speak Katangese, Mandarin, Malay, and the other Chinese dialect (H -something) but some speak more.  A girl named Bee Lim is in my room with Amanda.  She's 21, ...

Malaysian camp, Serembin, Malaysia travel blog

Malaysian camp

A travel blog entry by shannon

... got through it.  It was really good.  Then Kelly talked about the importance of this camp.  He said that since Malaysia is a Muslim country, they are allowed to worship, but not to spread their faith in any way.  Basically it is ...

KL: don't trust the trains, Seremban, Malaysia travel blog

KL: don't trust the trains

A travel blog entry by sumnerp

... Gold. The next day, we decided to risk the trains again and go to Cyberjaya and Putrajaya - the federal administrative capital of Malaysia. We caught the fast train to destined for the airport (which was much faster than the one the previous day) and ...

Uncle Fatty und die Stundenhotels, Seremban, Malaysia travel blog

Uncle Fatty und die Stundenhotels

A travel blog entry by zwanzigdreizehn


... Tagen bis zum Rückflug ab Singapur und zu wenig interessanten und gleichzeitig machbaren Zielen in Malaysia legen wir nach Kuala Lumpur einen Stop in Seremban ein, der beschaulichen Hauptstadt der gleichnamigen Provinz. Der Ort ist nur eine Stunde von ...

White devils (again) and shitty maps, Seremban, Malaysia travel blog

White devils (again) and shitty maps

A travel blog entry by cavalierx

... navigate the streets as none of my maps seemed to corrspond with what I could see! None the less, I had some nice food, good chill out time and some good KFC! Still I spent two days around Seremban before catching the first possible train to Kuala Lumpur. ...

Going round in circles, Seremban, Malaysia travel blog

Going round in circles

A travel blog entry by heathermills

... in the Malay state of Negeri Sembilan, so we decided to take the train to the capital of Negeri Sembilan, the town of Seremban.  The day started well as we took the monorail down to the KL Sentral station from which we would board the Seremban bound ...

The Dusun - Great place to hang out for a bit, Seremban District, Malaysia travel blog

The Dusun - Great place to hang out for a bit

A travel blog entry by nigeljbennett


Around the Dusun amazing place to stay.  We have been here almost a week,  which we origionally thought would be too long but we have loved the jungle, the people the local food in the villages everything.  Highly recommend coming here if ...

Trek to water fall, Seremban District, Malaysia travel blog

Trek to water fall

A travel blog entry by nigeljbennett


... the Jungle highly recommend if you are in Kuala Lumpur to take the 90 minute ride out to this area.  It is old Malaysia with small villages serving Roti Channai and many other Malay dishes...the people are amazing in all the small communities of this ...

N. Sembilan - various places and ocassions., Seremban, Malaysia travel blog

N. Sembilan - various places and ocassions.

A travel blog entry by stephentan_82

NS - tampin, port dickson, ...

Seremban, Seremban, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by stefanieandalex

... Erinnerung hatte, aber trotzdem waren sie sehr huebsch. Danach ging es zurueck ins Hotel, wo wir dann einfach ein bisschen relaxten. Seremban ist auch nicht wirklich eine Touristenstadt. Es gibt zwar jede Menge Hotels, aber uns ist nicht klar, warum. Die ...

From Toronto to Seremban, Seremban, Malaysia travel blog

From Toronto to Seremban

A travel blog entry by bbordignon


... and after a 1.5 layover at Hong Kong Airport, only a 3.5 hour flight remained to our destination in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Krish’s nephew, Vijay, received us at the airport and his hospitality immediately shone through with a stopover at his house ...

Moto GP Race, Nilai, Malaysia travel blog

Moto GP Race

A travel blog entry by jinx44


... pit lane, we were able to get on our bus relatively quick (about an hour, which isn’t bad for the organization here in Malaysia. Other destinations had to wait around 3 hours!) and head back once again to the hotel. We did wander around the town of ...

Seremban Rest Day, Seremban, Malaysia travel blog

Seremban Rest Day

A travel blog entry by bbordignon


Our first full day in Malaysia. All the kids slept well, and by 8:00 am we were ready to explore our surroundings.  We learned from the front gate security guard that the complex we are staying in (Le Renaissance) was built approximately 20 years ...

First Time, Seremban, Malaysia travel blog

First Time

A travel blog entry by _ziera_

Hai.. Hahha...First time wat blog.. x tau nk tulis ape.. hhah.. ...

love and carring, Seremban, Malaysia travel blog

love and carring

A travel blog entry by amaninaadam

harini hari yang sedih dan gembira kerana kawan aku cuba nak rampas kawan baik aku.Itu untuk berita sedih.berita gembira ialah aku meluahkan segala yang terbuku dalam hati dekat fazlin,boleh dikatakan dia kawan baik aku.aku suruh dia bagi pendapat ...

Nilai 3, Malaysia Nelay, Malaysia travel blog

Nilai 3

A travel blog entry by kadavert


Vandaag geen verplichtingen. Het plan: rond tien uur opstaan en dan ergens heen rijden. De uitvoering: rond half een klopt Mark op onze deur ondat hij de camera nodig heeft die in mijn tas zit. Hij, Niek en Karen hebben zich al aan het zwembad ...

Day 4 - Completion of Road Trip, Bandar Seri Putra, Malaysia travel blog

Day 4 - Completion of Road Trip

A travel blog entry by kpubalan

Reached home at 6.30pm which then marks completion of our Peninsula Road Trip. The trip promises great experience and meeting nice people and exploring new places. Thanks to my riding buddy Magan for the support ...

Perjalanan harian, Seremban, Malaysia travel blog

Perjalanan harian

A travel blog entry by masrimansor

Perigkat pertama mencuba untuk mengisi log perjalanan harian hari ini. pdaa tengahari tadi telah ke Hospital Putrjaya untuk menziarahi bapa kepada seorang staff di IPS dan juga merupakan orang lama jabatan pertanian di Serdang iaitu En Abd Rahman ...

Port Dickson, Seremban, Malaysia travel blog

Port Dickson

A travel blog entry by bradandbecs


Only a few things to say about this town...there's a reason why it wasn't featured in our guide. DON"T ...

KL in a day (or half), Nilai, Malaysia travel blog

KL in a day (or half)

A travel blog entry by nobes

I have the most amazing sleep in my 'pod' and simply could not get myself out of bed at 1000, so dosed off and woke up next at 1330! What! I was determined to get the most out of what I had left, so instantly got my butt into gear and ventured back out ...

Where's the Durian?, Kampung Pantai, Seremban, Malaysia travel blog

Where's the Durian?

A travel blog entry by lepakqueen


... durian tree but no durians of course. After the walk, we decided with more swimming before checking out for a lunch time trail of Seremban favourites. The Hakka noodle stall was not ready yet so looked for the loh see fun (rat's tail noodles ), got to ...

Bonar Breakfast, Seremban, Malaysia travel blog

Bonar Breakfast

A travel blog entry by bonarbreakfast

Hidangan ringan khusus untuk pengunjung Lake Garden Seremban, Seremban di Gerai Biso Bonar Corner berdekatan di Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Sembilan pada hari Sabtu dan Ahad jam 8 pagi hingga 12 tengahri. Soto, laksa, mee, kuihmuih dan minuman untuk ...

Welcome to the world!, Seremban, Malaysia travel blog

Welcome to the world!

A travel blog entry by shkwek

I was born here and lived here for more than 20 years, until I went to US for grad school in ...

Petronas Towers and the Simon Party, Seremban, Malaysia travel blog

Petronas Towers and the Simon Party

A travel blog entry by bbordignon


... to have been included in this private family party.  The Simon family, and their friends and acquaintances here in Malaysia, have welcomed us with open arms. It is a great feeling.  More family visits and some site seeing planned for ...

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