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Antsirabe, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog


A travel blog entry by m-and-c

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... call of 'pousse pousse' every time we walked into town. We hit the road and headed off to do a circuit of the lakes around Antsirabe. The first one we arrived at was set into the crater of a dormant volcano about 20kms away (7kms of which was tarmac road ...

Pousse - Pousse, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

Pousse - Pousse

A travel blog entry by timshazz


... before we gave him a deposit and signed off on it. The food at Arches was yet another delicious experience. Losing weight in Madagascar did not appear to be an easy option. We chatted with an American father and daughter over a few drinks. Kerry had been ...

Madagascar Encompassed, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

Madagascar Encompassed

A travel blog entry by annaelise


Hello Everyone! Sorry to have been so long to write.I a, here in mad and it is very complicqacted to write b/c the keyboard is allbackwards here. Very frustrAting. Mad is great and I a, safe. IM with my group and they are all neat. They are from ...

Antsirabe, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog


A travel blog entry by weixiao


... to it! We visited the beautiful Lake Trivatia where 2 lovers whose parents forbade them to marry jumped together to their deaths. Madagascar's very own Romeo and Juliet! The lake is a stunning emerald blue, surrounded by fur trees. We walked around it ...

So much for a relaxing holiday, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

So much for a relaxing holiday

A travel blog entry by yvan.huppe


Up early again, same drill most mornings, packed by 8am, find ATM for money and we started our drive back to Antsirabe in order to head south. There are only a few main roads here which are drive-able, so you can only get to cities my a single road, which ...

Visiting the witch doctor, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

Visiting the witch doctor

A travel blog entry by charlotterowley

... had a variety of different things: - Lots of bottles full of water which have been collected from special places all over Madagascar - various branches from different trees. They sand the wood to make a powder, then mix this with water to treat ...

Moramanga to Antsirabe, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

Moramanga to Antsirabe

A travel blog entry by couillard


Another long journey (10 hours) that took most of the day but we did stop for pictures, pineapple tasting on the side of the road, lunch and the bank tour to find an ATM that would work with our cards. Now a little something special for my brother in ...

I arrived, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

I arrived

A travel blog entry by jessicapaige

... as you can see. And the people, though extremely poor, are some of the most generous I've encountered in my life. Antsirabe looks much different than I remember. It's really progressed under the new government here. There are new shops and resturants ...

From Mauritius to Madagascar, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

From Mauritius to Madagascar

A travel blog entry by domjonna


... We got up bright and early yesterday morning and said goodbye to Mauritius, at last for a couple of weeks, and flew off to Antananarivo, Madagascar. We arrived in Tana, as it's called, in time for lunch and a walk in the afternoon sun. Our stay in Tana ...

fourth entry, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

fourth entry

A travel blog entry by jessicapaige

Hi! This morning I went with a local peace corps volunteer to the local association that takes in 15 homeless kids and feed another 30 (when they have enough money for food that is). They are so generous and I feel so lucky that my friend Josh put me in ...

famhidana, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog


A travel blog entry by vmarchal


J'ai eu de la chance. A peine arrivé, j'apprends que se déroule une cérémonie de retournement des morts. J'en profite aussi pour organiser un tour vers la côte. Cela permet de partager les coûts de 4*4 et de la pirogue. ...

second entry, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

second entry

A travel blog entry by jessicapaige

Hi everyone! It's easter monday here and everybody is mitsangasgana, which means "walking around". The town is very busy, everyone walking, though not to any particular place. I've decided to avoid the crowd and catch up on some e-mail! Work at the ...

Second Last Car Ride, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

Second Last Car Ride

A travel blog entry by couillard


... last big car ride will be from Antsirabe to Tana (the Capital) staying at Sakamanga to enjoy the pool for our last day in Madagascar. Francois and I will fly out to Ile Maurice and the Seychelles and the girls are on their own in South Africa. We will go ...

SOUTHERN ROUTE, ANTSIRABE, Madagascar travel blog


A travel blog entry by sgaudun

Actually had an enjoyable 4 hour ride in an uncrowded minibus(EG 15 instead of  23) from Antananarivo to Antsirabe.  The scenery was beautiful with rolling hills and rice paddies.   Arranging river trip ...

Antsirabe,balade dans la campagne des hautesterres, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

Antsirabe,balade dans la campagne des hautesterres

A travel blog entry by mikadiena


Après notre journée de repos à Morondava, on reprend la route. Et on avait bien fait de se poser, car le trajet de taxi-brousse de 12h pour remonter n'était pas de tout repos. Dans notre petit van chargé avec 20 personnes et l'équivalent en ...

6 DAY RIVER TRIP AHEAD, ANTSIRABE, Madagascar travel blog


A travel blog entry by sgaudun

Wonderful comfortable weather.  Just booked a 6 day river trip westward to the coast and the town of Morondava, therefore communication should be nil for awhile.  After that I will likely fly to Tulear.  Half the island cling to ...

Of Brousses and Pousses, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

Of Brousses and Pousses

A travel blog entry by jessicagordon

... have to wait another two days to see him again. We're staying in the Diamont, the hotel where the PCVs always stay in Antsirabe, and it's interesting.  Caitlin and I decided to splurge on a $14 room instead of the fairly nasty $6 room, right below ...

Leaving Tana for greener pastures...!, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

Leaving Tana for greener pastures...!

A travel blog entry by martinc123


... -brousses, etc... Once in Antsirabe, we went to Joseph's shop where his crew works semi-precious / precious stones found in Madagascar; of course I was welcomed has any good "VAZA" (foreigner / tourist in Malagasy) to his place and automatically became ...

Antsirabe, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog


A travel blog entry by christinageorge


Taxi-brousse to ...

Antsirabe, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog


A travel blog entry by christinageorge


Rented ...

Route vers Antsirabe (RN7), Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

Route vers Antsirabe (RN7)

A travel blog entry by bibi078


... : vallées des hautes terres et rizières à perte de vue. Sur la route, nous visitons une fabrique de casseroles.  A Antsirabe, nous visitons un atelier de cornes de zébu, un atelier de miniatures et de broderie ainsi qu'une taillerie de pierres ...

Den makalösa indrin, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

Den makalösa indrin

A travel blog entry by svefredrik


... Aja sätter oss i Mercedesbussen och far tillbaks mot Tana för att ta vägen söderut. Nästa stopp blir Antsirabe för en övernattning. Mycket tegelstenar tillverkas runt Tana, längs med vattendrag och risodlingar. Överallt ser man tegeltravar och ...

Escaliers et courbes, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

Escaliers et courbes

A travel blog entry by maa3


... question:  même si les Potugais et les Anglais sont passés par ici, ce sont les Français qui ont colonisé Madagascar.Question d' aujourd'hui: le "caca de pigeon" est:une croquette de beurreUn délice naturel séché et comestibleUne croquette à ...

Escapade à vélo, Betafo, Madagascar travel blog

Escapade à vélo

A travel blog entry by kangourou1


... réparation . ici tout se fait et se pense , se vie , Mora Mora , qui veut dire , cool/tranquille. Il faut vivre à Madagascar un certain temps pour bien comprendre ce que cela signifie ... Plus tu  intègres vite cette notion , une façon ...

Newsletter de novembre: DEPUIS LA RENTREE..., Ambohijanahary, Ampéfy, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

Newsletter de novembre: DEPUIS LA RENTREE...

A travel blog entry by mymi_laville


... ;Tonga soa ») au lieu de « donne-moi l’argent ». C’est quand même plus sympa à vivre ! :D Antsirabe, c’est la ville des pousse-pousses, des vieilles maisons coloniales, du maïs et des pommes de terre, de la ...

Beggars, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog


A travel blog entry by scoubi

Lot's of street kids here. Don't walk in the street with food in your hand or you'll get all of them around ...

A long drive, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

A long drive

A travel blog entry by dayfamily


... drive, even the kids didn't complain too much. The roads here are terrible, unbelievable really that the main route through Madagascar has only 1.5 lanes. We were told by our driver that there has been no road work since the political uprising in 2009. ...

South to Antsirabe, Antsirabe , Madagascar travel blog

South to Antsirabe

A travel blog entry by sueblueginger


... the ornately carved balconies and shutters on the houses - this town is at the centre of the woodcarving industry in Madagascar. We were temped to start buying the exquisite marquetry boxes in the artisan shops on the roadside but decided to wait ...

Hi from Nosy Be Madagscar, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

Hi from Nosy Be Madagscar

A travel blog entry by mlerch


... who was the butler on the Adams family. I cracked up (got that one right also). Friday February 19th and today we dock in Madagascar The place is Nosy Be We arrive at noon and it is 89 and very very humid. Our morning is the usual coffee in ...

Learning in Mutuality, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

Learning in Mutuality

A travel blog entry by annaguthrie


... explore?!  Then it dawned on me.  Hey, I am supposed to be out here practicing Malagasy!  And I am in Madagascar to build relationships!  I don’t need to wait until I arrive in my host-community to do either of these ...

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